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  1. Who starts at QB?
  2. RB's, not QB's...
  3. My take on upcoming Bills season
  4. 2010 schedule
  5. Season Prediction and Buffalo's QB Selection for 2011 Draft
  6. Could the Buffalo Bills beat the Buffalo Bulls?
  7. Football Outsiders Almanac Question/Nugget - Buffalo Bills
  8. Aaron Schobel
  9. Do we have ourselves an idiot...
  10. Trent Edwards
  11. Preseason game #1
  12. Time to Eliminate Holding?
  13. Locker, Luck, or Mallett?
  14. Jairus Byrd out indefinitely.
  15. NFL suspends Shawn Nelson 4 games
  16. Still Quite a Few Seats on the Bandwagon ...
  17. A mix of the old and the new, formationwise...
  18. who do you want the bills to get
  19. Bills that bad??
  20. Lazy Man's Fantasy Football League Results
  21. Offensive Genius Update
  22. What's worse the offense or defense?
  23. Bills claim Merriman?
  24. A Scalper's Bloodbath
  25. rather lose a close game or a blow out?
  26. Do the Bills have good coaching staff?
  27. God does hate Buffalo
  28. Please don't be fooled...
  29. Offseason team needs
  30. Turn out the lights, the party's over.
  31. Ryan Fitzpatrick's beard...
  32. kyle Williams reminding anyone else of Jeff Wright?
  33. I Ended Up Cheering For The Pats Today
  34. So Shawne Merriman signed a 2 year extension...
  35. Spiller=Maybin
  36. Lockear, Mallet, Newton, Moore
  37. Trent Edwards Bills jersey for $10
  38. Cookie Gilchrist has passed...
  39. Guaranteed NOT Game Worn
  40. Bills March Into The Future With...
  41. New Uniforms in 2011
  42. '11 FippleDraft
  43. YES!! Mansfield Wrotto was resigned!
  44. What did I tell ya?
  45. Sun Is (Metaphorically) Shining
  46. What has the first round lunacy done for us?
  47. I made a comment that didn't get onto buffalobills.com
  48. heard a rumor Todd Heap will be cut...
  49. Posluszny Gone!
  50. Free Agent Shopping
  51. Drayton Florence
  52. Are we Idiots? Yes, I think we are Idiots. Brad Smith?
  53. Ooo, now we're starting to blaze old trails. Old, deadly trails.
  54. CJ is going to bust out this year!
  55. SON OF A... Boss goes to Raiders
  56. I've never visited a training camp practice
  57. Lee Evans goes to Baltimore for a FOURTH round draft pick?
  58. Notes from the preseason...
  59. End of an Error
  60. Its been awhile
  61. Further evidence that we are idiots
  62. translating: We have to get him the ball in space.
  63. We just signed Kirk Morrison.
  64. Predicting the roster...
  65. Week 1 bold predictions...
  66. The New Turf is claiming victims
  67. Current thoughts at ths point in the season
  68. It'll be a while before I stop talking about how good Fred Jackson is
  69. So we stink again
  70. Week 6.
  71. Shawne Merriman May Not Make The Ring Of Honor
  72. Game plan!
  73. Looking to excuse Fitz, I am!
  74. More things Buffalo isn't good enough to overcome:
  75. Now Freddie is done for the year
  76. CBS Commentators: Bills vs Titans
  77. I have begun looking ahead and want Von Miller again.
  78. Aaron Maybin?
  79. Five and two, er... eleven...
  80. Dave Rayner must be one hell of a guy
  81. With Johnson signed who should Bills target?
  82. Just Bought a Pair of Season's Tickets
  83. First thoughts about 2012 opponents:
  84. **** Bills Fans Say
  85. I disagree with Buddy, and I hope I am wrong.
  86. Buffalo Rumblings is planning to review all 16 games from 2011
  87. Bills sign Fred Jackson to extension
  88. Vince Young?
  89. Rookie tour of Buffalo - can you spot the kicker?
  90. Ticket Prices Slashed...
  91. Darryl Talley said this of David Nelson last year
  92. The team I prefer has made no headlines this summer, and I like it.
  93. Barring injury or surprise waiver addition:
  94. What must change?
  95. Wrong again. Bills release Merriman.
  96. Still can't stop them on third down.
  97. Here We Go Again
  98. Newsy informaton and some opinions about Buffalo that may come in handy:
  99. Emotions...
  100. Bills Release Moorman
  101. mkocs and I break down Sunday's game a little bit
  102. Previewing Sunday's game, with AMY!
  103. It is good when one's complaints get petty:
  104. That sucked, too.
  105. Buffalo, down by the bay:
  106. What is the threshold for profanity being an acceptable Thread Title?
  107. Funny, but sadly true.
  108. Johnny White?
  109. I have seen some of the Bills-Cards game:
  110. A couple weeks late, my final thoughts on MoormanGate as it applies to philosophy:
  111. Folks are questioning too many of Gailey's decisions at Arizona
  112. Minor roster updates:
  113. Looking at Sunday's game with the not-Oilers:
  114. Sometimes being half right isn't enough:
  115. Fun With Mario Williams
  116. Dave Wannstedt is an idiot.
  117. This week I am unlikely to see the game
  118. This other guy noticed it too
  119. Doing something over and over again and expecting a different result
  120. Guest analysis included: Lowest ratings of the year tonight?
  121. Who do you like to play poker against?
  122. digging into the reason Fitz looks like somebody kicked his dog:
  123. Rookie QB, anyone?
  124. Fire them all, today.
  125. Playing a truly bad team and I think it is almost a tossup:
  126. From 1 pm t 4 pm I was watching Memphis!
  127. I have not seen the Rams play a down this year.
  128. Russell Salvatore bought out the tickets to ensure a sellout:
  129. The weather was nowhere near as bad as I wanted, but...
  130. bang the dead horses slowly
  131. I missed the entire game
  132. The Bills will be wearing a new memorial decal this week
  133. Thuran Thomas last week: ON LIKE A MOFO
  134. So the Bills hired a new coach...
  135. Now I am just makin' stuff up
  136. Unsurprising announcement: the Bills will be trying to lose an extra game per year
  137. Wooohooo!!! Tarvaris Jackson is coming back baby!
  138. How many words are we not allowed to say here?
  139. Wait Until Next Year
  140. Ahem
  141. Drafting
  142. Buddy Nix
  143. Wife and daughter asleep. Bored. Predicting things waaaaay prematurely.
  144. One more premature prediction:
  145. Maybe the Patriots knew what they were doing...
  146. Mario Williams Haynesworth?
  147. Lindell released, and why I don't like Chris Brown:
  148. New perspective
  149. Frustration
  150. Tuel is the presumptive starter, week 1
  151. What does the Gilmore injury mean re: final roster?
  152. Ahem. Buzzfeed.
  153. Only saw highlights:
  154. Quick thoughts, pre-game:
  155. Post Game thoughts:
  156. Two significant injuries:
  157. Weirdest development of the week: Good analysis of Spiller at Buffalo Rumblings
  158. Marrone-acle hath spoken on Offensive and Replay Challenge Philosophies:
  159. I pay too much attention. I cannot enjoy a victory.
  160. League Mandate: All teams must be on Thursday Night:
  161. I missed the second quarter.Sorry, Pruitt.
  162. Thoughts on the coming weeks, before I disappear for a while:
  163. Some Thoughts On The Bills Roster...
  164. Scott! Scott!!!
  165. Further evidence suggests that the Bills are not all there:
  166. Sorting my thoughts on the Bills:
  167. BRILLIANT! I miss those Guinness guys. Marrone apparently does, too.
  168. So Buffalo lost to the Bengals a couple days ago
  169. The Bills won?
  170. New Orleans is better than Buffalo:
  171. How Buffalo can beat Kansas City, according to me:
  172. The Return Of Aaron Maybin
  173. If the Bills ever make SNF:
  174. Thoughts on KC-Buffalo:
  175. Super-quick negative vibration-enriched followup on Steelers-Bills:
  176. I saw 3 quarters of Bills-Jets, followed by The Heat:
  177. John Bongiovi putting his hat in the ring to buy the Bills?
  178. All positive for the Falcons in Toronto:
  179. A game is almost never decided only by a bad penalty call at the end of a game.
  180. Buffalo dropped Tashard Choice and added Tony moeaki:
  181. Bills so bad, Swami's thrown in the towel
  182. Fixing the parts what ain't broke:
  183. In an effort to stay married:
  184. One of the reasons I cannot take Doug Marrone seriously:
  185. Almost done kvetching about the Bills coaching and personnel mismanagement:
  186. So Buffalo has hired Schwartz and Downing:
  187. Ralph Wilson has passed.
  188. Buffalo adds another high character guy.
  189. Buffalo had Jeremy Hill in for a visit? Last Friday it turns out.
  190. 2014 Bills Draft thoughts before driving around New England for a couple weeks:
  191. Final thoughts, Buffaolo 2014 Draft:
  192. I mis-spell Marrone's name intentionally:
  193. Once again going to guess the opening day roster in the first couple days of camp:
  194. I wonder how Sammy Watkins feels about being drafted by the Bills
  195. He currently stinks, but Cyrus Ko uandjio is big time articulate, which is nice.
  196. Prediction for the Bills, for the year:
  197. Holy poop, the Bills beat the Bears.
  198. The Bills have found their new team owner: Terry Pegula
  199. Miami played like poop
  200. I am going to try a grown-up preview of Bills-Chargers:
  201. Brief recap of Bills-Chargers:
  202. In anticipation of Bills at Texans:
  203. I am reminded of the heady days of JP Losman, Trent Edwards, and Duck Jauron. Poop.
  204. I am reminded of the heady days of JP Losman, Trent Edwards, and Duck Jauron. Poop.
  205. Bills bench Manuel, to start Orton.
  206. Kyle Orton: Best locker room interview this year? Taking no poop from local reporters
  207. Bills to visit Detroit, game should be hard-fought. No poop:
  208. New England at Buffalo, predicted:
  209. I expect the Bills to beat the poop out of the Vikings.
  210. Bills at Jets, fast:
  211. Bills appear to have beaten the poop out of the Jets.
  212. The curious case of Kyle Orton:
  213. Five days in early November could define Buffalo's season.
  214. Projecting Chiefs-Bills:
  215. Bills at Dolphins - A Game Played In The Dark
  216. Time of Death, Last Night
  217. Buffalo in 2014:
  218. Rex Ryan to the Bills?
  219. 2015 Free Agents I might like to see in Buffalo:
  220. So Buffalo's team website is saying they traded two picks for Cassell:
  221. 2015 Schedule:
  222. Guys! Guys! I just had a civil discussion about something on an official NFL website!
  223. His nickname is Shady? Imagine that.
  224. Try to predict roster as camp opens, again
  225. It's not the years, it's the miles:
  226. Buffalo just claimed the dude who laid out Gen Smith
  227. One thought from Bills first preseason game:
  228. Ryan just lost all of his local goodwill...
  229. Lost in translation?
  230. Buffalo beat Indianapolis
  231. I don't think Buffalo will be miking McCoy again
  232. Boston at Buffalo, what I think will happen
  233. I actually saw most of the Bills-Titans game
  234. Tyrod Taylor has a sprained knee?
  235. Did anyone really expect Buffalo to beat the Bengals with EJ Manuel playing QB?
  236. Doug Whaley:
  237. Buffalo's Free Bleeds uniform...
  238. Old news, but Rex Ryan isn't very good at game management.
  239. Yellow flags as symbols of confirmation bias:
  240. Buffalo's coaches are, once again, not the best at their jobs.
  241. Sooooooo... Rob Ryan is now the Assistant Head Coach of the Bills.
  242. Mo Wilkerson for Marcell Dareus?
  243. Some guys Buffalo won't or shouldnt take in first round and why
  244. I do not know whether to be excited about Buffalo selecting Shaq Lawson
  245. My take on Buffalo's first three rounds, 2016:
  246. How I think Buffalo's draft picks will fit:
  247. Why I think Doug Whaley needs to be replaced:
  248. Don't mind me
  249. Predicting the opening day roster before training camp opens, 2016
  250. Marcellus Dares suspended...