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  1. New Round of Fact or Crap
  2. SI feature on all-time numbers
  3. Strange timing of the 18-game schedule
  4. Brett Favre Gets New Contract
  5. Favorite NFL Player?
  6. Defenseless receiver
  7. Bruce Smith trivia
  8. Building Blocks
  9. Wine Cellar Team
  10. Who *really* sucks?
  11. A way to make 18 games work
  12. Ndamukong Suh makes his presence felt
  13. spreadsheet
  14. Useless receiver trivia
  15. It's Getting Close To "TURK TIME"
  16. "Inside The NFL" 2010 Season Premieres September 8, 10 PM EST on Showtime!
  17. Who falls on the sword for Antonio Bryants signing?
  18. NFL Responds To Potential Slow Down of Play
  19. Long Snappers...are they REALLY that important?
  20. John Clayton's QB ranking
  21. Polishguy Watches Old Games and Writes About Them
  22. "It's the Quarterback, Stupid"
  23. Best NFL Films
  24. FRED JACKSON, what is his role in Bills offense this year?
  25. Build Your Optimum QB
  26. Lift the blackout rules, please
  27. Division Rankings
  28. Starting Fresh - Head Coach
  29. Bubble players:
  30. Veteran Cuts?
  31. 2010 Predictions
  32. Sage Rosenfels traded to the Giants
  33. Darius Reynaud traded to the Giants
  34. T.J. Houshmandzadeh
  35. Denver Fans:
  36. Players your team cut that could have value
  37. Alex Gibbs Resigns in Seattle
  38. Pro Bowl----What's Not To Love?
  39. Antonio Bryant fiasco
  40. Icing the Kicker
  41. Is Brad Childress' Focus Misplaced?
  42. NFL Films The Top 100 Players of All-Time
  43. New Seahawks FO has balls
  44. Jets/Revis agree to terms
  45. NFL National Games schedule on FPL Calendar
  46. Bye Weeks (why weeks 4 thru 10?
  47. Onion Sports 2010 NFL Team-By-Team Guide
  48. Power Rankings- What's the Point?
  49. Podcasts updates
  50. Did anyone hear the Dolphins want Carl Peterson?
  51. Something I don't understand...
  52. Ray Lewis Old Spice Ad
  53. Talking loud, saying nothing.
  54. Around The Table - NFLN
  55. Week One Locks
  56. Cheap Mike Brown kills his own wallet again.
  57. Opening Day feels like Christmas for Grown-ups.
  58. Join is in the chat for the game!
  59. Brady and Belichick...best head coach QB duo ever?
  60. Did he really just say that ?!?
  61. Good Union Man?
  62. Players Demonstrate Solidarity
  63. What is the point of a color commentator?
  64. Last minute thoughts
  65. Bengals, Ravens, Jets = All My Children, Guiding Light, General Hospital
  66. My 4 year old made my day
  67. You asked for it, and you finally got it, Eagles fans
  68. Road Futility
  69. Alex Barron
  70. Eagles played 2 players AFTER they got concussions
  71. Talking about football
  72. Just Some Week 1 Thoughts
  73. Jay Glazer Reports Ryan Grant Out For the Season
  74. It official, Ryan Grant's season is over.
  75. Inez Sainz, Just curious what other people think?
  76. Reggie Bush to Give Back Heisman.
  77. Hypothetically......
  78. I finally understand what NFL families go through.
  79. If you like to laugh check out bangcartoon.com
  80. NFL Game Rewind
  81. Black Eyed Peas to play at Half Time during the Super Bowl
  82. Vincent Jackson ramp-up time?
  83. Philip Rivers meltdown?
  84. Must Win Game 2
  85. Want to make some money? Check out my week 2 picks...
  86. He's Baaaaack, Part Deux
  87. Referee consistency
  88. 4 new faces behind center!?
  89. My Week 2 Sunday Observations
  90. What is more important than resiliency?
  91. 65.2 - Can anyone can top it??
  92. My Week 2 Thoughts
  93. Michael Vick: The Perfect Teammate????
  94. NFL's Biggest Idiot?
  95. Jason Whitlock; If the Lions Win, Will Favre Quit?
  96. Happy 40th Birthday Monday Night Football!
  97. Andy Reid names Vick starting QB
  98. So Much For Vincent Jackson Going To Minnesota
  99. Qb's really the draw?
  100. Week 2 top 5 teams
  101. Closed Door Meetings (responses from former pros requested)
  102. Concussions
  103. Simplify
  104. 1/3 of NFL owners are billionaires
  105. My Week 3 Picks
  106. Don't Forget To Join Us In Chat For Gameday!
  107. Bills Shopping Trent Edwards
  108. Here's To The Falcons
  109. Skins fans-Haynesworth right about the 3-4?
  110. Hall of Fame QB George Blanda dies at age 83
  111. Pittsburgh Favorites?
  112. Premiere Division in the NFL
  113. Week 3 Top 5
  114. First Flutie Flakes, Now OchocincO's???
  115. Don Hasselbeck; Got any cheese to go with that whine?
  116. On the football field, Mike Vick is still the same Mike Vick.
  117. 25% predictions
  118. NFl Draft and a Lockout
  119. Dwayne Jarret acting more like Jeff Jarrett...
  120. Marshawn Lynch Is A Seahawk
  121. 32 things We’ve Learned so far
  122. Quarter of the way in, what's going on?
  123. Favre to Moss?
  124. How important is the NFL to you?
  125. What would a Los Angeles Bills-led realignment look like?
  126. Why weren't more teams in on Moss
  127. How much of a distraction is gossip?
  128. Why no love for the Blogs?
  129. Brother of Haynesworth Killed in a Crash
  130. Big Running Game Does Not Equal Championships
  131. Calling out coaches
  132. Last place in the AFC
  133. Once again "Pick-Six" is off the hook
  134. Bench Favre?
  135. Coaching Matters!
  136. Reminds Me Of My Childhood
  137. Most Underrated/Overrated Players in the NFL?
  138. Ben Returns
  139. Jerome Harrison/Mike Bell traded
  140. Senators weigh in on NFL work stoppage.
  141. What rule would you change/remove?
  142. The 'We don't want you' team, 2010 edition.
  143. More Bengal bad news - Ugly Stat
  144. Hall of Famers (Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda)
  145. Dead Teams Walking (Cowboys @ Vikings)
  146. BMWs Week 6 Picks
  147. Who is the best team in the NFC?
  148. Another shade of gray.
  149. Best Fan? Or Complete Moron?
  150. Running Rating
  151. Coach on Coach Crime
  152. Where Does Bill Parcells Go Next?
  153. Lawyers, guns and money, Sterger hits the fan.
  154. NFLPA launches website dealing with 2011
  155. Mark Schlereth on Head to Head hits
  156. Win Probability graphs
  157. I knew I saved it for a reason.
  158. Sterger Won't Cooperate If Favre Pays Her Off
  159. WHERE is the NFL Naughty hits video
  160. Is this a wierd season or what?
  161. Former Chargers All-Pro Team
  162. Brad Childress in Afghanistan
  163. Moss to Vikings?
  164. The Crazy-Hot Chick theory in Football
  165. If the Playoffs started today....
  166. Player or Team?
  167. And So it Begins, the Dreaded Vote of Confidence for Jay Jay
  168. Let's Write the NFL rules.
  169. Who is the best team in the AFC?
  170. Players on IR
  171. Week 8 Picks
  172. Elite QB or Elite Defense?
  173. Meet the Press...with Randy Moss
  174. Tackles made by the kicker within the 30
  175. Vikings waive Moss!!
  176. How Randy Moss goes unclaimed-funny flash film
  177. the Moss Patriots conspiracy
  178. Moss claimed by Titans.
  179. Saints Covering Up a Serious Injury to Brees' Knee?
  180. Harrison Fined 3rd Time
  181. NFL Network's Top 100
  182. Over/Under on Anthony Gonzalez's career?
  183. The NFL Hall of Fame Voting process needs to be changed
  184. The NFL Hall of Fame Voting process needs to be fixed
  185. Suh is a kicker
  186. Dallas is terrible.
  187. Ask the Doctor
  188. How about Raiders fans?
  189. Wade, My friend Kenny has something to say
  190. Net points at week 9
  191. Who is the worst team in the NFL
  192. A look at scheduling, 9 weeks late
  193. Cowboys' woes good for the fans?
  194. This is sad.
  195. Life after the NFL.
  196. Power Rankings Might Have Some Value After All...
  197. Excessive Celebration rule is silly
  198. Worst Three Man Booth Ever
  199. NFL team with the best record in 2010?
  200. 3 - at least - and counting.
  201. Which QBs Are Holding the Ball Too Long?
  202. Defending Jerry Jones. Fire GM Mike Brown, not Jerry Jones.
  203. Who Needs a Change of Scenery?
  204. Pick a QB for your team
  205. What changes are on the horizon for the Bengals?
  206. A bit of MNF levity
  207. 49ers Victim Syndrome
  208. Mike Vick revolutionizes the quarterback position. Part II
  209. Blogs are up
  210. While I was sleeping, a Bear crept into my room.
  211. How can instant replay be "down"?
  212. Stats for your Sunday Viewing
  213. Former Army Player Has Been Activated
  214. Is Jim Schwartz onto something, or is he engaging in some sociall engineering?
  215. Deadspins 100 worst players of all time
  216. Brad Childress Fired
  217. Can Someone Explain Eli's Fumble To Me?
  218. Helmet 2 Helmet Solutions
  219. Week 12 Mathematical Predictions
  220. NFL and the Owners Fire a Shot Across the NFLPA's Bow
  221. This weeks blogs!
  222. Thanksgiving Day
  223. Chris Henry's Blessing
  224. Broncos Videotaping Scandal
  225. 30 yard penalty on lions
  226. NFL hypocrites again on hair.
  227. This Is How You get To 2-8
  228. Andre Johnson Cortland Finnegan Fight
  229. Your QB poll, part II
  230. It's gametime people. Join us in the chat.
  231. QB part 3, Now we have this baby rolling
  232. What Team could the NFL do without?
  233. Week 13 Predictions (Mathematical model)
  234. Shaun Hill is out for the year
  235. Brett Favre: Coach Killer
  236. Home field advantage...where does it matter
  237. Week 13 Stats
  238. Anybody else tired of the Steelers complaining??
  239. Chargers may be headed to L.A.
  240. Future Superstars
  241. Will Celek be fined?
  242. An Interesting Observation
  243. Brilliant ideas (or so you think) that the NFL should adopt
  244. Illuminating press conference moments...
  245. Waiting an apology....Philip Rivers is exactly who we thought he was!
  246. Don Meredith Dies
  247. Breaking News- Josh McDaniels OUT in Denver
  248. Haynesworth Suspended For 4 Games
  249. Was there ever a player who was too good for the NFL
  250. Sterger's manager calls on league to punish Favre.