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  1. Could the Red River Battle winner play for the National Championship again?
  2. Is Nebraska A Legitimate Top 10 Team?
  3. Should Longhorns Be Independent?
  4. Are Traditional Rivarlies Important?
  5. Play Callers
  6. Paying College Football Players
  7. College Playoffs How Many Teams?
  8. Will college football ever have a proper playoff?
  9. Who has the greatest chance of winning the Heisman next season?
  10. What will the Florida Gators record be next season?
  11. Who will be the participants in the BCS Nat'l Champ Game this year??
  12. The influence college coaches have on the pro careers of their former players
  13. Pete Carroll..How much is on him
  14. Titans suing Lane Kiffin for coaching hire
  15. Masoli to Ole Miss?
  16. Joe Paterno: How long?
  17. Lane Kiffin on the Petros and money show
  18. BYU, the MWC, and the WAC
  19. Big Ten divisions
  20. Top college QBs??? Who will they be this year...
  21. Chances Boise St. Plays for Nat'L Championship
  22. Arizona playing at Toledo?
  23. How will Brian Kelly fare with Notre Dame?
  24. Week 1 of College Football
  25. Thoughts on Tommy Tuberville's first game at Texas Tech
  26. Reggie Bush may have Heisman revoked
  27. Week 2 Gameday Thread
  28. Buckeyes win over 'Canes 36-24
  29. Better team OKLAHOMA or OHIO STATE??
  30. My New Favourite Team
  31. Boise NEEDS this game...
  32. Boise, BCS and the Case for RPI
  33. NCAA Athletes need a Union
  34. Florida vs Bama....I'm Ready!!
  35. When should the first poll come out ?
  36. Matt Millen Calling Michigan vs. Michigan State is a Huge Slap in the Face
  37. Gamecoks knock off #1 Alabama
  38. Agents in College Football
  39. Fire Coach Meyer!
  40. ND Student Dies In Video Tower Collapse
  41. Should Notre Dame play their Game Against Tulsa Tomorrow?
  42. Dear Lou Holtz,
  43. Cam Newton!!!
  44. Why FBI?
  45. Big 12 trying to screw Nebraska?
  46. BCS Bowl Games!
  47. College Bowl Pick'em
  48. Urban Meyer Steps Down (Again) at University of Florida
  49. do you think a couple Buckeyes might come out early?
  50. The Curious Case of Terrelle Pryor
  51. The vaunted SEC is killing me in my bowl pool
  52. Big East defeats Big Ten in D1A Semi-finals
  53. Why Weis leave KC and go to FL?
  54. A Debate - The NCAA prohibition on Agents
  55. Harbaugh's Stiff Arms.....now TWICE
  56. Major Myth - College Coaches Walking out on Contracts
  57. Univ of Michigan - Making the Lions Management Look Better Every Day
  58. Will Luck Come out in 2012 NFL DRAFT?
  59. WHICH Harbaugh to Michigan? You Heard It HERE First...
  60. Will Andrew's Luck run out?
  61. Should the Auburn/Oregon winner face TCU for the National Championship?
  62. Will conditioning decide the National Championship?
  63. This Must be Shared With the Entire World
  64. Stafon Johnson Suing USC Over '09 Accident
  65. Anyone here planning to watch the Senior Bowl (3 PM today)?
  66. National Signing Day makes me ill
  67. Two Super Bowl MVPs Get Into It
  68. Who Needs The Scouting Combine?
  69. Seahawks assistant loses college job after online protest
  70. The Sweater Vest is a Cheater?
  71. Sex Sells - College Football recruiting at the BCS schools.
  72. NCAA No Longer Allowing Colleges To Use Recruiting Websites
  73. NCAA Bans Friendship
  74. 9 of the 11 committee members deciding the fate of the Fiesta Bowl dot dot dot
  75. Timeline of Tatoo Gate
  76. BCS fines Fiesta Bowl a paltry $1 million
  77. Jim Tressell Unemployed
  78. Who replaces Tressel? Is anyone else vulnerable?
  79. Rutgers coach Greg Schiano wants to eliminate kickoffs
  80. My favorite college football scandal isn't in Ohio, Tennessee, California or Texas..
  81. Top Conference once again
  82. College football is a mess right now.
  83. Cheating 101
  84. NCAA goes to court
  85. Who wins the NC game?
  86. Heisman Contenders
  87. The Birth of a New Powerhouse?
  88. July 31st always a sad day for Razorback Fans
  89. Epic Radio Rants
  90. Why I'm not excited about college football this year
  91. Rumor - NBC Sports could take Notre Dame to Versus
  92. What's in it for the SEC?
  93. Would BC Be Eyed For Cancer Payments?
  94. NCAA Living Scholars
  95. If you're bored, turn on ESPN...
  96. College Football Week 1 Picks...
  97. Is (TEAM A) that good, or is (TEAM B) Overrated?
  98. Maryland's new uniforms
  99. What Happens with the Longhorn Television Network?
  100. Texas A&M: what makes America great is that institutions are free to ignore contracts
  101. College Week 2 Picks-
  102. College Week 3 Picks-
  103. A QB to keep your eye on
  104. Dramatic changes to College Football coming
  105. College Week 4 Picks-
  106. Denard Robinson
  107. Gkjhsdftrr lkterrmnvxcvmnb BVkjhsdfjtwer
  108. College Week 5 Picks-
  109. Your Official Week 6 College Football Selections...
  110. NCAA suspends Ohio St.'s Posey for 5 more games
  111. CF Week 7 Picks-
  112. PSU and Urban Meyer
  113. So if the BCS Gets It Right...Why are the Bengals 4-2?
  114. Classic ESPN College Football Theme
  115. JoePa
  116. What will the BCS Poll look like later today?
  117. West Virginia has joined the Big 12
  118. Who will be running College Football in 50 years?
  119. CF Week 9 Picks-
  120. No passing allowed!Doing it the Army way.
  121. CF Week 10 Picks-
  122. Penn State Scandal
  123. CF Week 11 Picks...
  124. College Football - An Amateur Enterprise??
  125. New look SEC
  126. Boise State needs to join the Big East
  127. 2011 College Football - Lame O
  128. CF Week 12 Picks...
  129. Better job: Ohio State or Penn State?
  130. The Mandate of the BCS
  131. What is wrong with College Fooball?
  132. BSC will get the worst press yet
  133. CF Week 13 Picks...
  134. Ohio State vs. Michigan-The Greatest Rivalry In Sports
  135. Urban Meyer to OSU is done
  136. Rick Neuheisel
  137. Mike Leach to Washington State?
  138. Bernie Fine
  139. Whoopsie - The NCAA Conference Championships
  140. Conference Championships
  141. Bowl Games
  142. Official Football Pros College Bowl Pick 'em..
  143. BCS Fallacies - Oft Repeated
  144. Obama Delivers - Govt forces College Football Playoffs
  145. The Ohio State fans are one of a kind
  146. College Coaching Carousel
  147. +1 is Coming SOON
  148. Heisman Trophy
  149. The Delaney +1 Plan - A Very Possible Nightmare
  150. Craig James gets ripped a new one
  151. If you're bored, turn on ESPN2 for the Division III National Championship
  152. New Mexica | Idaho Potato | New Orleans Bowl today
  153. Pac 12 and Big 10 to play oodles of football games in 2017
  154. Bowl Matches Tonight
  155. Real Bad Headlines
  156. New Year's Day After Bowl By the Book Spectacular...
  157. The Ever-Changing Penn State Coaching Search. Or is it?...
  158. Dear Major College Football - YAWN...
  159. Good News - Bowl Attendance dips to 30 year low.
  160. "I Like the Old Bowl Ways" - Adventures in Bad Journalism with SI.com
  161. Urban Meyer bans Twitter
  162. National Championship By the Book...
  163. Anyone See This?
  164. Very sad news...
  165. National Signing Day
  166. Big Ten Giving out 4 year Football Scholarships
  167. The B1G Playoff Plan
  168. Big East adds another school
  169. The NCAA vs The New York Times - Joe Nocera
  170. Progress Report - BCS Playoff. Don't count your chickens quite yet.
  171. Urban Meyer and the Circle of Trust
  172. Bo Ryan and NCAA Transfer Eligibility
  173. Who is the new Arkansas (Interim) HC? This guy...
  174. Rose Bowl EAST
  175. NCAA Violations Since 2001
  176. A League of Their Own - What's Wrong with College Football
  177. Longhorn Network
  178. Who does Jim Delany think he is?
  179. LSU Offers 8th Grader a Scholarship
  180. Why no NCAA punishment for Spanier Schultz, or Curly?
  181. College Rules Quiz
  182. What it all SHOULD be about...
  183. A Statistical Look: College teams that lose QBs drafted in the first four rounds
  184. Eddie and The Evil Ogre
  185. College Football General Thread, 2012-13
  186. Praise to Jerry, Shame to USC
  187. What if the 4 team BCS playoff was this year?
  188. BCS Championship Game 2012-13
  189. NCAA approves tougher sanctions for rule-breakers
  190. What's wrong with this quote?
  191. ESPN closing in on BCS Playoffs for 7.2 BILLION dollars.
  192. Maryland Joins the Big Ten. Rutgers to follow?
  193. Will UCLA flop?
  194. Return of the Irish
  195. BCS Busting: A Dark Horse Appears
  196. Conference Realignment Part Three?
  197. IS The NCAA The Sleaziest ORganization In Sports?
  198. Who Wins the Heisman this year?
  199. SEC Championship Live Thread: Who Ya Got?
  200. SEC Championship Live Thread: Who Ya Got?
  201. Bowl games thread
  202. Changes to the School Rules of the NCAA
  203. Changes Coming for Non-BCS Bowls
  204. Manti Te'o
  205. NCAA Mess
  206. NCAA Miami vs MLB Miami
  207. The Next Step in O-Bannon
  208. Saban pushes for a 9 game SEC schedule
  209. Might Need an IQ Test to Root for College Football
  210. On LSU RB Jeremy Hill and a System That Keeps Him Playing
  211. NCAA Will Not Renew Contract with EA
  212. More crappy bowls for me to ignore
  213. College Football General Thread, 2013-14
  214. If You Are Teddy Bridgewater......
  215. College players closer to organizing?
  216. WSJ and College Football
  217. ESPN’s David Pollack: Women don’t belong on playoff selection committee
  218. BCS Selection Committee to meet 4 times and issue 4 rankings (Top 25)
  219. Darvon needs research help - Athletic Scholarships
  220. Career Derailment 101
  221. Ex-Oregon Player Tells Ducks Fans to Go <bleep> Themselves
  222. Safety??
  223. Why the SEC Isn't As Great In Football As You Think
  224. Saban to Texas?
  225. College Bowl Mania Challenge
  226. College Football Players Attempting to Unionize
  227. College football 2014-15
  228. 2014 NFL Draft
  229. Girl becomes the first female to be offered a football scholarship at a skill positio
  230. Texas was willing to pay Nick Saban $100 million?
  231. Buckeyes Lose Braxton Miller for the Season
  232. woah!
  233. ESPN Bowl Mania Group-
  234. Release of USC Investigation Documents
  235. College Football 2015
  236. College Bowl Mania Challenge
  237. If Butch Jones really said that...
  238. 2016 College Football Week Two Open Thread
  239. 2016 CFB Week 3 Open Thread
  240. 2016 College Football Week Six Open Thread
  241. ESPN Bowl Mania
  242. Unlikely event: just turned on a college football game.
  243. Just saw four plays form college game last night.