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  1. NFL marketing
  2. The goal of color commentary
  3. Facebook
  4. Biggest Hitters.
  5. Team Planes
  6. College Rivalries?
  7. When did it change for you, Cris?
  8. December 21st 1986 Bengals 52 Jets 21
  9. Life after the NFL/Business in the NFL
  10. All-22...
  11. impending lockout
  12. Great show!
  13. Question on breaking down game tape
  14. The Spread Offense
  15. NFL Players and Fantasy Football
  16. resting players to "avoid" injury at the end of the year
  17. The USFL
  18. Cris showing off
  19. Can we maybe look forward to a guest section?
  20. How to watch a game
  21. Thanks Chris!
  22. Play now pay later
  23. Leave it all on the field
  24. Tampa Bay Bandits
  25. A few questions Mr. Collinsworth
  26. Sunday Night Football Schedule
  27. Do you carry the pads?
  28. In Season schedule for a broadcaster
  29. Film Breakdown
  30. FPL Gear?
  31. proscan fund
  32. Eliminating the only tedious play in the game...
  33. The dangling punter
  34. QB Passer Ratings record
  35. Fawcett Stadium
  36. Now that you've watched some Bills tape...
  37. Hey Chris
  38. Stephen McGee
  39. A question for Mr. Collinsworth
  40. Replacement Players
  41. Mental Composition of Football Players
  42. More BS Report Cris?
  43. When Cris played,what did teams do?they danced
  44. Practice vs Games
  45. NFL Route Running question for Cris
  46. Cris: Opinions on the Bengals offensive philosophy for this year?
  47. 49ers vs. Vikings
  48. Hey Cris, any input on the Bryant decision?
  49. Injuries - Who is responsible?
  50. Inside the NFL radio ad...steamy
  51. Cris, do you still get butterlflies?
  52. Seahawks reasons for hope?
  53. Predictions?
  54. Explain this to me Chris
  55. Here's something you'll enjoy keping track of during Manning Bowl 2
  56. Cris was right
  57. Cris: What is wrong with Carson Palmer, and will it get better?
  58. Show Carson some love
  59. Question for Cris about WR's
  60. Q for Cris about Dallas Tennessee Game
  61. Explain the plan to me Chris
  62. Thank you Cris!
  63. Collinsworth is trending on Twitter..
  64. Helmet to Helmet
  65. Carson Palmer
  66. What's your thoughts on the media and fans saying when someone should retire
  67. Cris on PFT Live
  68. What do the Bungles do now?
  69. Pittsburgh, green bay, & washington defensive formations
  70. Pittsburgh, Green Bay, and Washington Coverages
  71. 3-4 Over/Under front defense
  72. NFL Goal Line Defenses
  73. Cover 5 and 8 in 3-4?
  74. Is it possible for a 3-4 defense to align in an over alignment?
  75. Dick LeBeau 3-4 both 1 and 2 gap schemes?
  76. Pittsburgh, Green Bay, and Washington Goal Line Personnel
  77. Chris? Can you help?
  78. What in the world will the Bengals do at QB?
  79. What type of 4-3 defense was Jim Johnson's Eagles defenses?
  80. Did Jim Johnson's Eagles defenses use any 3-4, or elephant defense
  81. Were Jim Johnson's Eagles Defenses a Pure 4-3, or a 3-4/4-3 Hybrid Defense?
  82. It's been tough but we have a nickname for Andy Dalton
  83. Fast forward to free agency
  84. I'm surprised you think Brown will trade Palmer
  85. Can you tocuh on a few Bengal questions Chris?
  86. Are the eagles an exception?
  87. Broadcasting question for Cris