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  1. What teams are using unique schemes on Defense?
  2. UFL potential?
  3. Lions, Browns, Jaguars or Texans...who gets to the Super Bowl first?
  4. The difference from when you played
  5. Why do the Bengals have a holdout almost every season?
  6. How do Announcers handle Preseason Games
  7. Bengals O-Line
  8. Training camp attire
  9. Timeouts, and how the line likes 'em...
  10. Bengals v Broncos
  11. Enforcers
  12. Big day coming up for Lap
  13. Were the bengals just outcoached?
  14. Assessing the Bengals Offense
  15. Dave's on the air for those who want to listen
  16. Could a better quality mouthpiece help lessen the severity of concussions?
  17. Hey Lap
  18. Costly Buckeye Tatoos
  19. Will Pryor now come out early?
  20. What needs to be done to get Carson back on-board?
  21. Whats the deadline?
  22. How's Dalton looking?
  23. Andre Smith
  24. Red Dragon looking smooth!
  25. Just read 10 things on Dave Lapham