View Full Version : Preseason Week 1 - Broncos @ Bengals - 8/15/10

Andy Freeland
08-14-2010, 02:25 PM
Broncos @ Bengals

08-17-2010, 08:00 AM
I like voting for the opposite of what actually happened. All that sports radio talk yesterday about Tebow and nothing on here? Fellas, I am disappointed. Here is what I saw. I agree with Bob Ryan that if you feel anything from that game it is predicated on whatever you already felt about Tebow. Me, he annoys me, but I acknowledge that he would be a great H-back and situational QB. I do not think he ever will be above replacement-level QB in the NFL.

He played exactly as he should have in that game. His first throw was quick and had a short windup and was thrown perfectly down the sideline about 45-50 yards in the air. The receiver dropped it. Other throws, especially ones under pressure, he would up like a 1980s baseball pitching machine and the throws were late, almost picked off and almost led to a few fumbles. With time in the pocket, he went back to the short release and made a couple nice throws. Finally, he used his athletic ability to run over a guy and score.

-Bad throws under pressure.
-Good throws with time.
-QB with H-Back ability.

We really did not learn that much, did we?