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08-16-2010, 06:41 PM
Sure...it's the preseason...but I was fairly impressed with the efforts yesterday. I thought the Niners played well in most aspects of the game. Granted the Colts were up 10-0 for the 1st quarter (the one that means something...if anything...in the preseason) but I'm still pleasantly surprised with the defense, the running game (Good Lord is Dixon NFL ready, Cofee who?), the O-Line and the back-up QB's.

The only thing that stuck out as being not ready to make a playoff run was, unfortunately, Alex Smith. I've heard good things about his camp but there he was on Sunday looking uncomfortable under pressure, making bad throws and just not getting the job done. Two plays stick out and both came on 3rd downs in the 1st. Play #1 was 3rd and short and he got all jumpy and ended up rushing the dump off pass to the back for an incompletion. Play #2 was 3rd and long and he threw the ball to the WR who looked to be maybe 1 or 2 yards past the line of scrimage and nowhere near the 1st down marker. Play #2 I can write off as being a bad play called for him (however...at what point does he take ownership of this offense and audible to play that can get a 1st down...kinda like Manning) but play #1 makes me nervous. He seems to have the yips and does very little to inspire confidence in his ability to lead this team to the playoffs.

All the Niners need is average to good play from the QB and they win the West. I'm not sure Smith can give them that. I hope I'm wrong.

Conversely, Carr looked like a pro and contrary to the reports of having a bad camp...I've liked everything that I've seen from Nate Davis. He excelled in last year's pre-season and he looked good yesterday. I like him...for whatever THAT'S worth.

08-16-2010, 06:53 PM
Alex compiled a 7.1 passer rating. There is no sugar coating that. If he does that in the second game the coaches need to strongly consider starting Carr.

Davis continues to look good against 4th string defenses. I'd really like to see him get some action against 1st or 2nd stringers so we can get a better handle on him. He seems to have the tools, the only question is can he read defenses. Against 3rd - 4th string we really can't tell.

The 1st team D did fantastic. Minus Willis they stoned the Colts on the goal line and forced a FG. On the Colts 2nd drive most of the 2nd team had come in and they didn't look horrible. Still inconsistent on pass rush.