View Full Version : when do you know an undrafted free agent makes the team?

08-18-2010, 11:13 AM
Buffalo entered the OTA and Training Camp season with one lock (Lee Evans), two likelies (Roscoe Parrish and Steve Johnson), one fairly likely (James Hardy, 2nd rounder two years ago, injury-prone and ineffective), and six or seven other guys at wide receiver.

Among the other guys we have an undraftted free agent named David Nelson. 6'5", 215, good hands, no mustache. Basically James Hardy's body, but with a better football head, it seems. Nelson injured his ankle/achilles in practice yesterday. He seems upbeat, but what I find interesting was a Freudian slip by HC Chan Gailey 'We hope to have him back by the first game...'

I'm going to assume it was a slip, and not a boilerplate response to an injury related timeline question.

To you, good sir, I pose the question - how soon into camp do you know a guy like Phil is going to make the team, or at least be a serious contender? When it happens, how do you change the way you handle them? Do they get more one on one coaching during practice? Meetings? After practice?