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10-01-2012, 05:07 PM
On the Chandleer Jones tackle that ended the first Bills drive: Tight end bailed on the block for no apparent reason. Jackson had an easy dozen yards otherwise. Set the tone for the rest of the day, really.

On sack of Fitz, just shy of the LOS to kill the next drive, I have to wonder at the wisdom of using a guy with a bad shoulder to pick up a blitzing linebacker. Why even put him in that position?

Similar thoughts arose as Spiller was diving into the heart of the line at the end of the first half, only to fumble the ball upon having his bad shoulder drilled.

This thought came up early, and rang true throughout the day: D-line played like poo for the most part. LBs, too.

You can run by Buffalo's safeties when they play two-deep. Gronkowski just did. Wilson was clearly trying to jump an intermediate route, but I suspect Shrek would've succeeded anyway.

So, in response to my wondering last week whether New Englands patchwork o-line could handle Buffalo's d-line. YES. Dammit.

Powell has a strong leg. Slow to get the ball off. First three punts all looked like they were THIS close to being blocked. I wouldn't be shocked to see it happen.

Lousy cover on the punt, by the way, Mr. Rogers.

I suppose also, if you are going to dump the veteran because he every once in a while shanks one, in favor of the rookie who, every once in a while shanks one, you have at least gotten younger?

That sideline interception was a horrible throw. A Buffalo radio guy has noticed something, ad he's right - Fitz is throwing with better velocity this year, and getting more oomph into it after a month, but he is too often sailing the ball. Guys have to jump too much. I fear he is going to get Chandler on the kidney transplant list.

Donald Jones running in the open field reminded me a little of Freddie Jackson, the way he set up his cuts fifteen yards ahead of making them. It was a beauty.

My father in law showed up during halftime, for his birthday party and other stuff we did. At that time Buffalo was up 21-7. Not saying anything in particular, but he might be the devil. Or at least very unlucky.

Everything else is on DVR. I will finish watching the game tomorrow.

10-01-2012, 05:18 PM
Maybe your FIL is a Pats fan?

OK, not funny. I do feel your pain. Call this The Tale of Two Halfs. You got one, we got the other. I expect to feel the wrath of Bills in our 2nd matchup.

Consolation prize: You do not suck as badly as the Jesters! :)

10-01-2012, 05:24 PM
Helps, but no, he doesn't understand football. He is from Sicily (sometimes Italy, sometimes Sicily, I suspect it's whichever is more impressive at the time) and doesn't bother with sports except occasioanlly soccer. More power to him. But he's definitely bad luck.

10-02-2012, 10:48 AM
The second half:

I had no idea you couldn't hit the quarterback low. They were likely to score anyway, but yikes, that's a bit touchy.

On the Ninkovich sack - Pears did the same thing Chandler did on the first drive - Decided he was blocking too hard and decided he should stop before someone complained or something.

This drive was the deciding moment, I think. The next pass was Fitz thinking too hard about his throw again. Had Stevie wide open for twenty on third and 17, and he sailed it out of bounds. Didn't throw it, tried to place it. Bad pass in the same style as week 1.

And the thing I said in my conversation with Amy, about being able to lose a guard and a tackle and not worry? Why did I ever say that? I feel responsible for them having lost a guard and a tackle.

Even Dierdorf questioned the punting move after the shank. Looking for consistency? Sweet, Rookies are known for that.

Justin Rogers, CB for Buffalo. is a bad tackler. He also seemed to find it inconceivable in the second half that Wes Wleker might ever run a shallow crossing pattern.

Who got drafted one pick ahead of Shrek? Torrell Troup. Why didn't they get Gronk? Concerns about his back holding up, I hear. Just blown cover by Bryan Scott.

OK, the Freddie fumble is the play that decided the game.

I may have mentioned this, but the Bills' d-line played like poo. They gave up.

The offense seemed to do the same after it was 35-21. The McCourty interception looked like last year. Kind of a f**k it approach. Stevie did him no favors by drifting under the ball (sprint to the ball, especially if it's underthrown, cause there's gonna be a guy in another color coming for it,) but still, Fitz should have run it. On the replay, seeing Spikes launch himself at Chandler's head, I got angry. At least a flag, guys. The 21K fine that's coming isn't really going to be helpful if Chandler can't go next week.

I cannot see where most of the good runs are going, because they're everywhere.

Again, Fitz is experiencing a mental charlie foxtrot on throws to his left when he is in the pocket.

Appaently I need to record the show after the game, in case the game runs long.

10-02-2012, 12:13 PM
On sack of Fitz, just shy of the LOS to kill the next drive, I have to wonder at the wisdom of using a guy with a bad shoulder to pick up a blitzing linebacker. Why even put him in that position?

I yelled at the tv on that play. Absolutely nonsensical.

Never been a Gailey fan, and lucky for him he's already matched wits with Romeo and Shurmur.

Sunday's game frightens me.