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10-01-2012, 11:03 PM
Obviously "sane fan" does not apply to me. This was a post by a fellow named Rocket on the PD 49ers blog. He wrote it way better than I could so I'm going to copy-paste it here.

It’s kind of bizarre reading the board today. 34-0 on the road and 95% of the posts are lamenting how bad the offense played. Damn. Enjoy the win and stop obsessing over the style points.

Every game is it’s own entity. It unfolds a certain way and Coaches make decisions based on that. This type of game is a Harbaugh wet dream. This was about dominating physically and mentally and the Niners did that. The Jets came into the game near the bottom of the league in rushing defense and the Niners focused on that from start to finish.

I’m never going to understand the constant criticism of Smith even when he was a minor factor in the game throwing the ball. I mean he threw it 13 times in the first half completing 9 for 100 yards. Then the predictable 4 minute offense mindset in the second half limits him to 8 throws and still it’s all about how Smith played? He was made a non factor in this game by the playcalling. If you want to nitpick, you can look at the deep throw to Crabtree that he sailed over his head. Bad throw no doubt about it. However the two he threw to Manningham were right on the money if Manningham isn’t held by Kyle Wilson on both plays. I swear they could have called PI on Wilson about 8 times yesterday. The bottom line is, the gameplan was to run the ball and keep running the ball yesterday and Smith and the passing game were largely ignored in the second half.

Defense was great, especially Aldon who was in the backfield all afternoon and also made a nice shoe string tackle on a pass to the RB that might have picked up some good yardage had he missed it. Willis and Bowman were amazing as usual. Bowman had such good coverage on one play that the pass hit him right in the chest…unfortunately Bowman has the hands of a LB. Goldson had a really good day and a really pretty tip away of a deep ball in the second half.

Akers was off, but that is probably the first so so day he’s had since he became a Niner so I’ll cut him some slack. Andy Lee the best punter in franchise history and the league right now is a real weapon. 3 times he dropped a punt inside the 5 that died (one got knocked into the endzone by Spillman). The guy is phenomenal.

Coaching was good overall but every week I find myself wondering what Roman is doing at times. Yesterday they ran the ball about 65% of the time which was fine against a bad run defense, but some of the 3rd down play calls were puzzling. 3 times he called deep shots on 3rd down instead of just going for a 1st. Take the deep shots on 1st or 2nd; not on 3rd down. That’s about all I can find negatively about the Coaching aspect of the game. Otherwise the Niners were extremely disciplined, played a near flawless road game and came out with a dominating victory. I loved what they did with Kap. I hoped they would put a package together for him to come in and play each week and this was a great start. The kid is an amazing athlete and having him out there puts so much pressure on the edges of a defense. I don’t care that he threw into double coverage either. He put it up and gave Moss a shot to make a play and if it’s picked, it’s deep in Jet territory. More and more they can now give Kap opportunities to not only run the ball but throw off of bootlegs and playaction.

Overall, an ugly blue collar ass kicking which is the way Harbaugh likes it I think. Every week I read posts wondering why the offense doesn’t open up, and why haven’t they gelled etc. and I’ll keep saying it: This is the offense these guys run. Period. Not always this slanted toward the run but it’s always going to be about 50/50 and the passes will be about picking up 1st downs moreso than trying to get a quick strike TD. If you don’t believe me look up the games at Stanford while Harbaugh and Roman were there. Luck was second fiddle to the running game. Toby Gerhart nearly had 2000 yards rushing his senior year. The rushing attempts always dwarfed the passing attempts. This is the offense they run. Accept it or don’t but that’s the way it is. We’ve seen examples of the offense being able to go to a fast paced pass oriented gameplan when it calls for it. They just choose to keep that in the golf bag for when they really need it instead of making it a focal point. Not nearly as entertaining to watch, but again you can’t argue with the results.

Continuing to criticize Smith every week is beyond old for me. He’s never going to be a franchise QB, but in this offense he doesn’t have to be. He’s got to play selfless football and give the team a chance to win and he does. He rarely screws up and gives a defense a short field and he’s not selfishly playing to get stats. He’s a blue collar QB for a blue collar HC who likes to run the ball and dominate the LOS. So far it’s led to a 16-4 regular season record so until it loses more than it wins I’m going to accept it and enjoy being an upper echelon team again.

10-02-2012, 05:13 PM
Bravo...well said...especially the final sentence.
The way I see it is this...the Niners have so many weapons on offense that they would be silly to try and force a certain style. Instead they play to exploit the other teams weakness or what the defense is choosing to leave exposed to exploiting. Luckily they have the personel (sp?) to do that.
I'm loving the Kaeper. I keep thinking back to that final pre-season game against the Super Chargers when he was throwing balls on a rope while sprinting around the backfield elluding defenders. Me thinks his future be bright.