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10-08-2012, 12:46 PM
OK, This sucked. As the man in the movie once said, I am trying real hard to be the shepherd.

Thoughts on what I did see, as I had a glitch in my DVR.

1. Only a holding penalty prevented a long gain on third down. Set the tone for the day right there, along with the holding penalty negating a punt return TD.

2. On the radio it seemed Spiller was getting more time than Freddie. Not good against this D. He can't outrun the LBS the way he can most others.

3. Spiller was also trying to pick up blitzers with his hip. HELLO!!! Problem there. Nice that he is trying, but his shoulder isn't up to it just yet.

4. This defense stinks. Sometimes. Frustrating. Aaron Williams is a liability, and there is no other way to paint it. The coaches may love him, but they are wrong.

5. Missing David Nelson in a big way.

6. That fumble at the end of the second quarter was it.

7. The Fitz interception to Culliver? That had a whole lot of f**k it written all over it. That was a rookie or last couple years Favre feel to it.

8. Two more o-linemen hurt? There went the depth.

9. Shaw Powell is no more consistent than Brian Moorman, but he takes far longer to kick the ball and will get one blocked soon.

10. I missed the fourth quarter entirely.

11. Apparently Jairus Byrd got injured again.

In the end, it was nice to see them keep up for a half. It was terrible to see them fold. I hated the zone crap when Jauron ran it, and I hate it now. The corners on the roster aren't good at it. I will drag out a thingy on my beef with the coaching later this week.