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10-15-2012, 09:29 AM
Good article about the Bills in today's Toronto Star.


This was all so gut-churning to watch — and I say this as someone who cares about the Bills the way you might root for a favourite niece’s under-7 soccer team — it required several stiff drinks afterward. This is why they tailgate so hard in Orchard Park — they’re drinking to forget something that hasn’t even happened yet.

10-15-2012, 10:34 AM
That awesome pull-quote perfectly sums up what being a Bills fan is all about!

Possible improvement by D, and I'm hoping Fitz is thinking too much about his new mechanics and will eventually get a bit more accurate as the rest of the O looks not too bad. 6th seed still within sight! Woo-hoo!

10-15-2012, 01:31 PM
This is from Bill Barnwell at GRANTLND:

Chan Gailey and the Bills might have had the worst decision-making day of all. Gailey's first rough decision was a play call that saw him — protecting a three-point lead with an effective running game deep in the fourth quarter — bring in Brad Smith to launch a bomb into the end zone out of the Wildcat. While announcers constantly talk about how Smith can throw whenever he comes into the game, he simply hasn't been an effective deep thrower at the pro level... Smith's ill-advised pass went straight into the hands of a waiting Peterson and gave the Cardinals a free shot at a drive for the win.

After Gailey's unconscionable timeout before the 61-yarder, he stayed out of the way until overtime. There, he made another baffling series of decisions. The Bills won the coin toss and threw the ball four times to start their drive, producing two incomplete passes, a seven-yard completion, and a 21-yard DPI. Then, on second down, they remembered that they were allowed to run the ball and handed it off to C.J. Spiller for 17 yards, producing a first-and-10 on the Arizona 35-yard line. With the Cardinals blitzing up the A-gaps on most every play, the running game averaging five yards per carry, and the proposition of adding even a few yards of field position representing enormous value, what did the Bills do? Why, they went with an empty backfield and threw three more incomplete passes, with one of the passes dropped by rookie T.J. Graham. That stuck them with fourth-and-10 from the 35-yard line on the opening drive of overtime, when you can't even end the game in OT with a field goal anymore, and they chose to … punt. Punting from inside your opposition's 40-yard line in a dome should be cause for immediate firing, regardless of the circumstances. Gailey's decision was bailed out when John Skelton forced a throw and created an interception for Jairus Byrd, but remember: A ball on the 35-yard line represents a 52-yard field goal. If you don't have enough confidence in your kicker to hit from 52 yards out in a dome, you need a new kicker. Judging from his decisions, the Bills might also want to add a new coach to the shopping list.

Bring on the Titans!