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11-16-2012, 03:50 PM
I say the guy whose forehead wrinkles without his eyebrows rising. Tells you who is disagreeing with himself inside pretty reliably. This time it's Ryan Fitzpatrick during the post-game press conference talking about the second-half game-plan of not turning the ball over so the defense could win the game. Taken with the frame by frame stills, that man is not loving life right now. He is disagreeing with some of his orders, he doesn't like the play-calling, and Buddy is bugging him. Looking at the post-game locker room speechifying, Gailey is in danger of losing the team. Not there yet, and won't happen until they are eliminated from the playoffs, if that does indeed come to pass. I also found it interesting that Fiotz said that Miami brings difficult blitzes on third down, and that it's a good scheme. He has never said that about his own team's scheming. Of cours,e he plays against it every week in practice, and probably knows what works against it. Which he then sees most every Sunday. Enough of that for now.

What causes Buffalo's defense to play so well? Rookie QBs and OTs. That's what. This game should not be taken as a sign that the defense is figuring things out. It is a sign that Kyle Williams is still awesome, and that Jonathan Martin ain't really got it going on. He was lousy, and the primary reason Buffalo ever got outside pressure. Interesting side note, when you see the game in bits on nfl.com, there are three idiots talking while you read the play by play, and one of them said that last spring a bunch of NFL o-line coaches went to Stanford and put Martin and DeCastro through a "brutal" workout. DeCastro gutted it out, and Martin tapped out. I want to line up against that guy every week, and it apparently is the thing that dropped him out of the first round.

Wannstedt is going to see this game like the Browns game and believe he is doing the right things. The reality is that they beat a lousy team, not too handily.

Buffalo misses David Nelson a lot.

Good punt there in the fourth, Powell. I still hate you.

Gotta run.

11-16-2012, 05:09 PM
What causes Buffalo's defense to play so well? Rookie QBs and OTs. That's what.


Earlier in the week, Trumpet put out his list of best players at each position and he had Spikller on as a 3rd down back. Notice how Gailey went empty backfield for two consecutive 3rd & 1s, followed by Choice being in on the next 3rd down (4 yards to go I think). Later third and goal, Spiller and Fitzpatrick were nowhere to be seen as Tashard Choice lined up in the shotgun.

In a goal-to-go situation...

I thought it would be impossible for me to be more irritated with a Bills coach than I was with Jauron. I was wrong.

11-16-2012, 06:12 PM
A few more. Anyone who thinks Spiller should be a full time player is missing something. He still CANNOT block anyone bigger than he is. He is still trying to hip-check them. Until then, I like him as the second option, however good he is with the ball in his hand. Might tell ya why Freddie still splays so much.

Back to the nfl.com idiots. I have no idea who they are. I don't care. One of them said that Fitz has trouble avoiding interceptions when throwing between the hash marks. Um, that is in fact the opposite of fact. As he pointed out by listing the game-ending interceptions he has thrown this year (last week not his fault - Graham really did straighten his route to avoid contact) and last.

Bryan Scott is still playing awesome football.

Sheppard doesn't wrap up as much as I would like. Relies on impact to stop the other guy. Not conducive to sustained success.

With Aaron Williams out, Justin Rogers has become the red-headed step-child of the Buffalo secondary. Better than two thirds of Miami's throws were aimed his way, when I got to see any of the action. It has been the case all year that teams for some reason not attacking Williams have by and large gone after Rogers when available. He is an excellent kickoff returner, but not really what you need covering in the slot. I know he is in because of the McGee injury, but still, he is in. He has become the opponent's go-to guy, and it has been working. On the Byrd interception, there was no reason to go deep at that point. Buffalo was handing them eight yard completions underneath and fifteen yarders on the hashmarks, and were going to continue the practice, as demonstrated on the ensuing drive that ended in an interception largely because of what appeared to be a terrible terrible throw by Tannehill. I expect to see more of Ron Brooks soon. Similar height, better speed, more muscle.

I may have forgotten to mention that the scheme didn't beat Miami. I shudder to think what the cockeyed optimist under Wannstedt's mustache might take away from this game apart from Jonathan Martin doing a credible Mike Williams impression. Miami missed passes all night. Lots of drops, lots of bad routes, and a few inaccurate throws. They weren't pressured into most of those mistakes. It ain't you, Dave. When things go well, it is because the other team has fallen into your trap by being in the bottom third of the league's talent pool. The

There is video of the Bills locker room, post-game,

Who's that right in front, listening to Chan? Rookie punter signed mid-season, long snapper, backup tight end, a couple practice squad guys, and assistant coaches.

Williams on the other hand, he runs this team.

The most eloquent frame grab from the Fitz interview shows up when the thing is over. You will get to see the truth of his spirit after a victory while the next video loads. If anyone could tell me how to grab that, I would appreciate it muchly.

Now for my newest nitpick. This platooning DaNorris Searcy with George Wilson is stupid. An obvious attempt to justify the pick by forcing him on the field. He isn't as good as George yet, and until he is, he ought not replace the man, ya dumbasses.

11-21-2012, 10:27 AM
Great quote from Chan when he says they'll get ready for the next game - and he claims to not even know who they're playing next.