View Full Version : Playing a truly bad team and I think it is almost a tossup:

11-29-2012, 01:56 PM
With Maurice the Tank Engine, it would be leaning toward Jacksonville, because of item number 1.

Players are giving Chan Gailey ye olde vote of confidence. Of course this happens when they are asked about it. Not so mystical as PFT might suggest, as it is happening that they are now being asked about it.

1. I see no difference between this defense and the Jauron defense. That means that they will lay off of Henne, so once again the game will be closer than it ought.

2. Henne can take advantage of Justin Rogers, and most of his throws will be aimed at him or the RB/TE monster that Buffalo hasn't been able to stop snce Wade left town (excepting the year Dick Lebeau was here.)

3. Aaron Williams is practicing again, on a limited basis. If he plays, it just shifts the targeting systems to the LCB. Total Global Cruelty of Play doesn't change. If there is a new coaching staff next year, Rogers will definitely not make it, and Williams will either move to safety or New England (where he will play safety.)

4. Buffalo's defense can stop the Jacksonville running game, but while they will get some pressure on Henne from the Williamses (weaknesses on OL are middle and RT,) they won't maximize their advantage.

5. The Jacksonville defense is bad enough to mask the flaws in the Buffalo offense.

6. Lots of running yards Sunday. Lots, for Freddie and CJ.

7. If Jacksonville doesn't avoid Leodis on kicks, it actually will be a blowout. Their coverage teams STINK; almost as badly as Detroit's.

8. Scott Chandler will do well in the red zone.

9. Buffalo's punt coverage is looking thin right now. I don't expect a third consecutive week with a kick return for TD against, but I do expect to kick OB more.

I think this game will be taken by Buffalo, really without much difficulty compared to recent winis, and that it will be taken as a referendum by Chan and Buddy. Something like 30-20.

11-29-2012, 03:42 PM
I took the Jags in my pools. 5.5 points was moderately tempting.

Although maybe I shouldn't have - I don't think Mularkey has ever won a game in Buffalo as a head coach.

But if the Bills get a nice early lead - game over. If they play like crap early and fall behind, the crowd will turn.

And this is a game that I will watch as a two minute highlight package. I like my family enough to not need to avoid them for 3 hours of an atrocious game. may

11-30-2012, 05:30 PM
An injury update: Justin Rogers suffered a foot injury in practice this week,, and is listed as Questionable, along with Aaron Williams.

I suspect we will see some three-safety looks this week if neither can go,, which is likely better than either of those guys playing. DaNorris Searcy isn't as good as George Wilson, but he is better than the two limpers. The Giants have already had some success with similar personnel, let's see if Buffalo's defensive coaches can figure it out as well.