View Full Version : From 1 pm t 4 pm I was watching Memphis!

12-03-2012, 12:31 AM
A rousing musical focusing on the birth of Rock & Roll!. It was actually pretty awesome.

I have seen highlights of the Bills game, and am unlikely to see more, so I mostly am in a position to ask, did I come close (http://footballpros.com/showthread.php/12161-Playing-a-truly-bad-team-and-I-think-it-is-almost-a-tossup)?

From what I saw I know these things:

1. Throwing a deep ball to TJ Graham is a heckuva lot better idea than throwing one to Donald Jones. Graham has to slow down two or three steps to catch it, rather than add two or three.

2. Worst thing about the game=injuries. Johnson has been gimping all year. Wood was due, and I don't know much about the rest. I heard it was Chandler and McKelvin.

3. When the game is played in a fishbowl, you had best be able to run. Force Chan's hand, and he keeps it tidy, that way. Sometimes.

4. I love me some Freddie Jackson, although I think that is on record.

5. I don't blame Rogers for failing to catch a punt inside the ten. Oh wait, I do. I don't care how wet it is. Sprint to the ball, don't drift, and catch it. If you can't catch it get way the hell out of its way.

6. Henne threw 41 passes. There should have been more sacks. I still have no faith in you, Wannstedt.

7. Also had some fabulous barbecue afterward, at Sticky Lips. I had the Mae West with Chicken, pork, mustard slaw, and tomato-cucumber salad. My wife had ribs with cheddar chorizo grits and something else that escapes me. All delicious except the escapee, which I didn't get to. (http://stickylipsbbq.com/stickylips/)