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12-05-2012, 03:00 PM
So I am going to project the ways I would attack Buffalo and the ways I think Buffalo will try to attack what I hear is a 4-3 defense.

1. Wildcat, lots of wildcat, cause boy did that work out great last week. Must mean it is finally where it needs to be. Has nothing to do with having played a s---ty defense.

2. Buffalo will once again force the ball to Spiller, and he will once again prove to be a complementary back, gaining fewer than two yards when trying to bounce outside on at least six occasions where going straight ahead would get him four.

3. I think Buffalo WILL actually try to throw deep to there one fast receiver (I have given up my crusade to convert Spiller.) They will still also try to throw deep to their slowest (Jones) nd their gimpiest (Stevie.)

4. The Rams will try to run the ball all day, regardless of weather. When Steven Jackson's walker needs a tune-up, the next guy in will make Buffalo's LBs look small.

5. Looking at their official depth chart, St. Louis seems to have five slot receivers, which is perfect against Buffalo. I predict a lot of completions on shallow and intermediate crossing patterns in the play action vein. Also to the deep hashmarks. This is one team where the tight end doesn't appear to be a strength, so they will only get five or six first downs.

6. Greg Zeuerlein, with the wind, will drop a kickoff in the stands.

7. I think the league should award one point for a kickoff going through the uprights.

8. The Rams have very good kicking teams. If Leodis isn't in, it will be a wash. If he is, they are probably smart enough to kick away from him, making it a non-advantage.

9. Coaching matters, and I think Fisher is top 5 right now.

10. Buffalo gives strategic and tactical responsibility to Dave Wannstedt.

Ordinarily I would say it is going to be a sad day in Buffalo, given their injury problems again. I think the deciding factor will be the interior d-line of Buffalo and the interior o-line of the Rams. Whoever wins there wins the game. I have faith in Kyle, so Buffalo wins by one, 31-30.

12-05-2012, 03:11 PM
I should add, Buffalo will be playing some VERY inexperienced CBs. They promoted a practice squad player this week, and actually played a rookie and a Cardinals castoff (Ron Brooks and Crezdon Butler, respectively) last week. Brooks will be OK. Whenever they throw, I fully expect the Rams to target Brooks, Butler, and Rogers, whether they are covering the slot or the outside, and avoid Gilmore. Does Leodis play? that's the question that will determine how often they throw. If he does play, he is susceptible to double moves, so a slow pass rush will spell trouble (this is where I mentioned the interior lines being key) when the slot guys aren't getting abused. If he doesn't play, expect a very soft pass rush designed by Super Dave to protect the youngsters, and a lot of Sam Bradford discovering whether he can play in hopefully lousy weather. Into the December wind in Buffalo there are about four guys right now who can throw an effective deep ball, and they play in Boston, DC, Indianapolis, and Carolina. All of which is a precursor to my *****ing about the Toronto game next week.

12-05-2012, 03:35 PM
You'll definitely see a steady diet of Jackson. Also, expect St. Louis to be chippy and play hard, especially on defense. They take after their coach. Fisher's stock slipped during his later years in Tennessee, as the team's QB woes killed them. But I'm with you, he's excellent. He gets the most out of his guys.

12-05-2012, 03:59 PM
The loss of Eric Wood doesn't bode well...

One easy win against a bottom-feeding team has turned "no hope" into "false hope," but I guess that's better than hopelessness. The Rams looked like a real team last week and I see them grinding this one out.

Which means that the prices on stub hub should drop and I just may head down for the PSY concert:
YouTube sensation Psy of South Korea is the featured halftime performer. He’ll perform his famous song Gangnam Style.

The Toronto Sun on Monday reported that the Rogers Centre is 80-90% sold-out for the game. The stadium fits about 45,300 in its NFL configuration. It is the fifth-consecutive year the Bills are playing one of their eight regular-season home games here.

12-05-2012, 04:14 PM
They played the Grey Cup last week. Did it sell out?

12-05-2012, 04:59 PM
Oh yeah, the Grey Cup always sells out.

Here's the thing about the CFL - in Toronto, the Argos draw about 22,000 a game to the Rogers Centre which can fit 57,000 for football. And even then, a lot of the fans are there on deep discount tickets - $5 with groceries that sort of thing.

But the CFL is still huge in western Canada. So during the week of the game here there were thousands of fans from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. And even though the home town Argos were in the game, there wasn't the sort of excitement you'd get if say the Leafs were hosting a first round playoff game.

To put it in an American perspective, imagine the streets of Chicago with hundreds of out of towners in from North Dakota and Minnesota in town for an event that didn't really excite the locals.

Anyone tell you otherwise, point out that even though the hometown Argos won, and even though this city is desperate for a winning team, the victory rally may have drawn 5,000 fans.


God - I hate the CFL.