View Full Version : The Bills will be wearing a new memorial decal this week

12-29-2012, 05:57 PM

West Webster Fire Department. If you aren't aware, a wing nut in a suburb here ambushed firemen responding to a fire he had set. Killed two, wounded two more and an off duty policeman who was on his way to work and put his car in the line of fire. The rest of it is for a non-football discussion. If you see any close ups during highlights, that is what it refers to.

They may suck at football, and the Toronto thing is idiotic, but they are good at the humanity in Orchard Park.

As for this game between two ridiculously disappointing teams...

I have no idea who is going to show up and who is going to tank, beyond some old reliables. I will stick with question marks.

1. Marcell Dareus, Kelvin Sheppard, and CJ Spiller. I am not sold on any of them, for a variety of reasons. Dareus because he doesn't appear to be a difference maker, Sheppard because he needed to be told to grow up, and Spiller because he still cannot block anyone bigger than he is and I have no faith he can get a yard on fourth down in a tight, heavy formation.

2. Seriously wonder how strength and conditioning coaches don't get fired when 20% of their charges consistently end up on IR. Maybe it is the turf.

3. Buffalo is out of tight ends who are faster than me. Huh. Also out of WRs with better hands and route running ability than me. This could get ugly on the passing side of things.

4. I am shocked that Laron Landry hasn't shredded some tendons yet, but weird things happen all the time.

5. Sanchez will probably play well,because he remembers to look for Aaron Williams.

6. This will be a close game. It will be played sloppily on both sides, with three fights/scrubs.

7. It is gonna suck and I won't be watching, due to blackout and out of town visitors. Yay.

If Buffalo runs the ball a lot they might win. I think they are idiots, so no.

12-29-2012, 07:28 PM
Talking to a buddy of mine - a huge Bills fan. We played "What would it take to get you to go to this game?"

Free tickets, free limo, lunch, dinner, beer money $100 bucks and even then we'd require seats inside a private box.

God bless those who go to this game. But at the same time, surely they have better things to do than watch the last game of Chan Gailey's coaching career in person.