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08-19-2013, 11:18 AM
I am over the releases of David Nelson and George Wilson, though I still think they were bad moves. I have accepted that this is today, and I am here.

To that end:

On the Nelson roster spot
It looks like the receivers in camp, though young and as such inexperienced, are talented.

Kevin Elliot was IR'ed yesterdayish, but he was one of ten guys who have shown that they can play.
Brandon Kaufman, Marcus Easley, Brad Smith when just a receiver, and Chris Hogan (though I still think his aerobatics will earn him a ruptured kidney if he keeps it up,) can all play, though none will ever be a long term starter. All could be released.
Easley has a history of being too long in the infirmary, and that could get in his way.
Demarco Sampson has shown in the brief period available to him that he is a gamer. Haven't seen much of him, but when he has been onscreen he has produced.
Da'Rick Rogers will be claimed by somebody if he is released - no way he goes to a practice squad. He is a rookie with rookie tendencies, but he was too well known to slip through waivers, which will probably get him the last receiver spot.

Question becomes - do they keep five or six? Stevie, Graham, Goodwin, and Woods are locks, barring injury. I think Rogers makes it. So among the rest, is it the veteran and very good kicking gamer Smith, Hogan, or Easley? They have been at the front of the pack and are the likeliest next candidates for a gig. I think the current staff is undecided as yet, and will let it go until September.

Wilson's spot
Da'Norris Searcy is being exposed as a mistake, I think. He makes the roster this year, but not next.
Aaron Williams is thriving in his appropriate position, which is nice.
Byrd will be in after Labor Day, I suspect.
The new guys love their new guy, Duke Williams.

Do they keep 5? If so, the recently departed Mana Silva would have been the likely choice. Now they are down to the other draft pick Meeks, Jordan Dangerfield, and TJ Heath. I think it goes to Heath in that group. If they keep five.
Meeks has been invisible.
Heath has been more reliable, I think.

Either way, I am remarkable pleased to have seen the difference between Wannstedt and Pettine.