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09-22-2013, 04:06 PM
We started slow, but the D held, and Brady, Bolden and the rookies stepped up!

We're at home and on Fox. The broadcast team is Kevin Burkhardt and John Lynch. I hate games on Fox since my local Fox doesn't broadcast in HD, so the game doesn't look as good. Jeff Tripplete is the ref.

Pats P1: Start at the 20. We run pass plays every down. A screen to Bolden, in his first game of the year gets 12, and Gary Gibson of the Bucs is hurt. However, it south from there. Brady misses Boyce on a bada throw, hits Julian for 8, then is sacked on 3rd and 2. We punt.

Bucs P1: Start at the 30. Martin runs for 3, then Freeman hits Williams twice for a total of 36. The first of the two was for 28 yards, but Williams openly pushed off Denard, which was not called. The the Bucs go into the tank. Martin gets 3 to pick up a first, but after a great playfake, Freeman overthrows Williams. Nicks is called for False Start, then Jackson drops a 2nd and 15 pass. Martin cathes one for 12, which leads to 4th and 3. The FG, 38 yards, is missed.

Pats P2: Start at the 28. Another 5 play drive. 3 runs, one each for Ridley, Blount, and and Bolden. Two passes, one complete to Dobson, and one miss to Bolden. The miss was defended by Barron.

Broadcast error #1: Burkhardt called Blount an 'ex-Patriot' after he runs for 4 for the Pats. He meant 'ex-Buccaneer'

Bucs P2: Start at the 12. It looks like the Bucs will three and out, when Ninkovitch and Jones sack Freeman on 1st down, and then Martin gets held to 4, for third and 8. But Jackson makes a great catch to get the first down. Martin goes for 2, then Freeman finds Williams for 13. An overthrow of Martin, followed by Martin running for 7, leads to a 3rd and 3, again Jackson with a good catch for 4. Freeman goes incomplete on a busted play that he gets back when we are called for 12 men on D. Martin runs for 1, then Freeman overthrows Williams. However, in a typical Jeff Triplette call, Arrington is called for PI. Freeman throws into a gaggle in the endzone, incomplete, Martin goes for 3, then Freeman misses Wright in the endzone. They get a 30 yard FG. 3-0 Bucs

Broadcast error 2: Lynch talks throught the penalty call on the 12 man on D. When the ref is talking, if you are in the booth: STFU! Burkhardt bales him out by telling us what was called when Lynch shuts up.

Pats P3: Start at the 18 after Blount brings it out of the endzone. We three and out, with a Brady sack by Clayborn on first messing up the drive.

Bucs P3: Start at the 45 after a good return. Mayo ends the first with a sack of Freeman. The second starts off with a 5 yard Martin run, and a 12 yard Williams catch. Williams gets hurt, is out for two plays. Freeman goes deep to Martin who drops it. James runs for 5. Kelly puts pressure on Freeman, who throws it away. On 4th and 5, the Bucs go for it. Incomplete to Williams. While Denard does hold, it's inside the 5 yard zone where it's legal and the no call is correct.

Pats P4: Start at the 34. We start off with back to back Ridley runs, and then a 13 yard play to Dobson on 3rd down. On the next play, we see a rare Brady error. The Bucs bite on playaction, and both Thompkins and Edleman are wide open inside the 15! But, Tom goes to a double covered Sudfeld and the pass misses. Rdile goes for 6, and Bolden picks up 2 on a direct snap on 3rd and 4. We go for it on 4th and Dobson picks it up with a 5 yard catch. A screem to Julian gets 2, then Ridley makes a nice spin move at the LOS, and gets 9. Brady hits Edelman for 4, then Thompkins for 16 and a TD! 7-3 Pats!

Broadcast Error 3: At the start of the drive, Burkhardt says the Pats are leading 3-0

Bucs P4: Start at the 20. The drive starts great for them with a 22 yard pass to Paige. Denard is called for illegal contact, with is declined. 4 runs in a row, 3 to Martin and a scramble by Freeman, net 20 yards and a 3rd and 1. A deep pass to Jackson is dropped. Martin gets stuffed on 4th and 1.

Pats P5: Start at the 38. Brady hits Dobson for 9, and Blount gets the first. Brady misses Dobson on a bad throw. Dobson nearly makes an amazing catch. False start on Julian gives us 2nd and 15. Brady goes deep to Bolden, who stops running on what could have been a TD. However, David contact Edleman down the field, illegal contact gives us a first down. Ridley and Blount pick up 5 on 2 runs, then Brady goes deep to Dobson. The pass is incomplete, but a PI on Banks gives us another first. Ridley runs for 1, then catches a pass for 8 and a half, adn Brady picks up the first on a sneak. We miss on first and goal when Foster tips a pass away from Bolden, but Thompkins gets a 5 yard TD on 2nd and goal. 14-3 Pats

Bucs P5: Start at the 20. There are 47 seconds left when the possession starts. Martin runs for 5, then Freeman throws deep, incomplete. Not sure who the target was. A 6 yard pass to Wright gets the first, and Tampa calls it's second timeout with :17 left. However, Freeman tosses a pick to Talib with :11 left.

Pats P6: Start at the Bucs 43. Brady hits Bolden and Revis makes the tacklet at the 40. We call timeout 2, and after they see how we line up, they call timout 3. :06 left. Brady scrambles for 4, on a draw, and calls timeout #3 with :03 left. Steven nails a 53 yarder, and we go into the half up 17-3


Bucs P6: Start at the 20. It starts off well with a 12 yard hookup to Jackson. However, it goes sour fast. Martin breaks a tackle three yards deep by Mayo and ends up picking up 2 yards. Freeman gets sacked by Kelly and Jones, and missed Ogletree on 3rd and 15.

Pats P7: Start at the 29. Thompkins drops the first pass of the drive, but on the next play Bolden runs for 46. Blount gets 1 on an ugly play that is disrupted by McCoy. Edelman catches a 3 yard pass, then Canon false starts. On 3rd and 11, Thompinks makes a 20 yard catch. On first and goal from the 6, Brady makes a bad throw to Dobson, then a bad screen to Thompkins. He throws a pick on 3rd and 6, Barron gets the pick in the endzone.

Bucs P7: Start at the 20. 3 and out. Vincent Jackson might be hurt. He's on the sidelines in a baseball cap.

Pats P8: Start at the 36. It's the Hooman drive! He starts out with a 15 yard catch. Ridley gets 2, then back to backs to Dobson get 13. Ridley loses 3, with David blowing up the play, and Brady takes a 6 yard sack by Spence. On 3rd and 19, he dumps off a pass to Hooman. Barron hits him immediately, but Hooman breaks the tackle and picks up 16! Steven nails the 46 yard FG. 20-3 Pats.

Bucs P8: Start at the 20. Long empty drive for Tampa, It starts out with Chandler Jones jumping, giving Tampa a 1st and 5. Martin gets 1, Freeman hits Lorig for 1, and Williams for 4. Martin runs twice for 20, then Freeman ends the third with a little pass to Byham. To start the 4th, Freeman hits Ogletree for 14 and Martin for 7. Martin runs for 2 on 2nd and 3, but it gets called back by holding on Zoots. Freeman thows 3 incomplete passes in a row to give the ball back to the Pats.

Pats P9: Start at the 34. the drive starts off with a sweet screen to Bolden that gets 17. Blount gets nothing, then Brady finds Julian for 11. Blount loses 2, then Edleman gets 11, and Ridley gets the first, as he runs, twice, for 6 total. Brady misses Thompkins, finds Bolden for 7 on 3rd and 8, and we nail a 33 yard FG to make it 23-3.

Bucs P9: Start at the 20. Three and out.

Pats P10: Start at the 29, after a fair catch and holding on us. Carr of the Bucs hurt. For us, it's a time killing drive. 10 plays, 8 of which are runs to Blount. Dobson and Edelman each get a catch. McCoy of Tampa is hurt at the end of the drive. Tampa uses 2 timeouts.

Bucs P10: Start at the 6. This drive starts off great for them. Martin goes for 9, then Ogletree catches a pass for 20, Paige gets one for 31, and Leonard gets one for 17. At the two minute warning, the Bucs are at the 17. However, they toss 4 straight incomplete passes to: Ogletree, Williams, Paige, and no one.

Pats P11: Victory formation X3.


Pats: 67
Bucs: 69

3rd/4th down:
Pats: 8 for 16
Bucs: 6 for 19

3-0! The rookies looked much better, and Bolden is back. Gronk should be back for Atlanta. Don't count us out yet, baby!