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09-30-2013, 12:03 AM
OMG, that was tense. We lose Vince, we lose Dobson, we lose Dennard before the last play of the game. We almost squander a win. But we don't. 4-0. No Gronk, No Danny, no 40 minute shower snowglobe guy getting his legs eaten by gators. But, we win! Oh, Walt Coleman sucks. Gonzo is awesome and Talib is my hero!

Falcons P1: Start at the 20. Falcons run a pretty solid drive, mostly passing. There were a total of three runs, for 11 yards. However, the rest of the plays were passes. 2 catches by Gonzo for 29, 2 to White for 20, 1 to Douglas for 5, 1 to Rogers for 8, and a screen to Jones for 0. But, on 2nd and 3rd and goal from the 5, Ryan threw the ball away. The Falcons settled for a 23 yard FG and 3-0 lead. Wilfork went off hurt, and has been taken to the locker room. Bad.

Pats P1: Start at the 20. We have an ok drive. Ridley gets 5, and then pass to Devlin gets 15. Babineaux jumps giving us a first and 5. But Franks, in for Samuel, defends a pass to Dobson, then Ridley gets four. Brady picks up the first, but it's called by back an illegal shift on Bolden, then Thompkins drops the 3rd and 6 play. We punt.

Falcons P2: Start at the 25, after a touchback and Illegal Formation on the Pats. Falcons had a 5 play three and out. Two plays were called back by holding, and then face mask, by Sam Baker. Atlanta also used a time out on the drive.

Pats P2: Start at the 25. Coleman did not call Fair catch interference when Julian was laid out by a Falcon! Al and Cris did a great job in trying to cover for Coleman's error, but it was a terrible non call It was an interesting drive for us. Except for the first play, a 24 yard Ridley screen, the rest of the drive was runs. Ridley, Bolden, and Blount combined for 9 carries, for 50 yards, then Brady ends it with a 1 yard pass to Mulligan for a TD to give us the 7-3 lead. The first quarter ended during the drive.

Falcons P3: Start at the 26. The Falcons start and end with misses. Snelling starts the drive with a drop, then Ryan hits Gonzo twice for 22, plus a 15 yarder face mask on Hightower. Snelling ran for 2, then Colocco? caught a 4 yarder. Sam Baker was hurt on the play A pass to Julio got the first down, and then a second pass to him missed. Rogers ran for 6, and on 3rd down, Douglass converted, getting the Falcons to the 15. A miss to White, and then a stuffing of Snelling gave Atlanta to 3rd and 10. Snelling gets 8, Mike Smith chooses to go for it, correctly, and Ryan overthrows White.

Pats P3: Start at the 8. This is Blount and Thompkins drive. Brady hits Thompkins for 7, then Blount gets a 4 yarder for the first down. The Brady does a double play fake and we pick up 49 on a deep pass to Thompkins, aided by an amazing catch. However, after a 2 yard Blount run, Brady overthrows Thompkins twice, so we settle for a barely made 48 yard FG and the 10-3 lead.

Falcons P4: Start at the 20. Rogers, Snelling and Gonzo for them. Back to back passes to Gonzo net 25, then Rogers has a 5 yard run and a 22 yard pass. Snelling runs three times for 12 total, and each team takes a timeout, then a 21 yard TD for Gonzo ends the drive. Hightower made an error on the play. 10-10.

Pats P4: Start at the 20
1st and 10: Kneel.


Pats P5: Start at the 20. Three and out. A Mankins hold on first and 10 killed the drive.

Falcons P5: Start at the 42. After Ryan hits Rogers for 12, the Falcons stall, A 3 yard run for Rogers then Talib defends a pass to Jones, and Jones drops a 3rd and 7 pass. They punt.

Pats P6: Start at the 7. A good and bad drive. I miss the first play, since the stream comes back slow, then I see Edleman miss on 2nd and 8. Dobson gets 10 on 3rd before we get called for delay. A 17 yard pass to Thompkins keeps us moving, and after Ridley gets dropped for a 1 yard loss, Julian has back to back catches for 47 yards. Brady overthrows Thompkins, Ridley runs for 7, and Edleman gets 3 on 3rd and 3. Bolden gets us to the 4, on first and goal from the 7, then Brady goes to Thompkins. However, Trufant defends the pass, Thompkins stays with it, and has the chance for a play, and Trufant knocks it away, again! Great focus by both. On 3rd and goal, Brady misses Dobson. Dobson is both held and hurt on the play. No call. Yay! Walt Coleman rules! We take the 22 yard FG for the 13-10 lead.

Falcons P6: Start at the 20. Falcons start well with a 5 yard Snelling run, 16 yards to Julion, 8 to White, a 4 yard Snelling run. Then the wheels come off. On first and 10, Ryan is sacked for a loss of 13 by Vellano, a rookie in for the injured Wilfork. Gonzo gets 7, but a 3rd down throw to White misses. They punt.

Pats P7: Start at the 11. Edelman gets one on a pass, Blount runs for 4. On 3rd and 5, we hit Boyce for 5, but Hakim Dent is called for hands to the face and we get the first. Brady is hit as he throws and the ball sails, then Bolden gets dropped for a loss of three. The third ends, and the fourth starts with a False Start by Connoly. On 3rd and 18, we he finds Thompkins for 26! In addition, the Falcons are called for a blow to the head. The call is a bad call, and that extra yardage takes us to the Falcons 47. Blount finishes the drive with a 47 yard TD run and the 20-10 Pats lead.

Falcons P7: Start at the 20. Ryan hits Rogers for 9, then Gonzo for 11. He throws deep to White, incomplete, but Talib is called for PI and they get 38 yards. Another pass to White is incomplete, and then Rogers runs for 5. On 3rd and 5, Buchannon sacks Ryan and they settle for a 45 yard FG. 20-13 Pats.

Pats P8: Start at the 20. We start to push the dagger home. Brady to Julian for 16. Ridley for 2. Thompkins with a drop, but he makes up for it! After Julian gets 44, Thompkins makes a great catch for an 18 yard TD! 27-13 Pats

Falcons P8: Start at the 20. One play! Talib picks the ball! PATS BALL!

Pats P9: Start at the 40. Blount gets stuffed, then Boyce gets his welcome to the NFL moment with a shoetop catch that goes for 24. Blount gets 10, negated by an illegal shift. Thompkins gets 9, Blount gets 2, Brady goes for the TD on 3rd and 4 and misses Boyce. We nail the 49 yard FG for the 30-13 lead.

Falcons P9: Start at the 20. Ryan misses Jones, then hits him for 17, and Jones is hurt. He fumbles on the play, and BB challenges, but the replay system is not working! So, the ruling stands but we keep the timeout. Talib knocks a pass to White away, then a throw to Snelling misses. However, Douglas comes up big with a 40 yard catch and run. The next play, White has an 11 yard catch, called back for PI on Whte. Gonzo bails them out with back to backs for 33 and a TD. 30-20 Pats.

Falcons P10: Falcons recover an onsides kick when Sudfeld fails to handle it, they start at the 48. Douglas gets back to backs for 11. A pass to White is incomplete, but holding is called on Arrington. The next play, a back in the game Julio Jones makes a great 23 yard catch, and is not called for a push off so clear that CC was laughing. Ryan hits Gonzo for 9, then throws it away on 2nd and 1. On 3rd and 1, they miss the TD with a drop by Tololo, and they take the 25 yard FG to make it to 30-23.

Pats P10: Start at the Falcons 46 after Hooman recovers the onsides! However, we four and out. Ridley gets 8, Brady gets 1, Blount gets 0. After Atlanta takes timeout, the Booth calls for review, but the call is upheld On 4th and inches, Brady drops the ball. Falcons get it back on downs.

Falcons P11: Start at the 38. They nail a 48 yarder to Julio. It was a great catch. Then Ryan overthrows Douglas and Gonzo on first and second. Third is a dump off to Rogers, and the Falcons call timeout. On 4th and 7, they throw to the endzone, but Talib defends the throw to White!

Pats P12: Victory Formation!

3rd downs:

Atlanta 6 of 15
Pats: 8 for 15