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08-24-2010, 08:23 PM
On last night's episode of HBO's real sports there was a story about how concussions and brain damage can lead to the deadly disease ALS, which is commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. A number of football players and boxers have fallen victim to this disease at an early age after retirement (some in their 40s or 50s).

This is not just a factor when it comes to American Football, many soccer players have fallen victim to the same disease in Europe. I'm not a physician, so I won't do this justice, but here is what I learned last night.

We now know that multiple concussions or head collisions can cause long term brain damage. In some people with that brain damage, a protein from their brain can leak directly into their spinal cord, which in essence poisons the nervous system and causes ALS

This is a breakthrough in the medical community. But you might be asking yourself: Lou Gehrig played baseball, so why would this effect soccer players? Real Sports thought the same thing about Lou and found that in his career he underwent six very serious head injuries playing baseball that knocked him out completely.

What was really sad regarding Lou was that he never rested after those injuries (we all know about his legendary playing streak). During one game, after he suffered one of those head injuries, his head was so swollen he had to wear Babe Ruth's hat.

Soccer players use their head to advance the ball or to try to score a goal. Those impacts could be on a ball that is traveling 60 miles per hour.

What can we learn from this finding?

1.Not everyone that gets concussions will get ALS.
2.If you do get a concussion, you need to get the proper rest not only physically but mentally as well.
Source:HBO real sports/Bleacherreport.com

08-24-2010, 08:44 PM
Hey Colts, I had heard about the soccer players having difficulty from years of heading the ball. Is this one of those things where they talk about a large number of smaller impacts doing damage as well as a hard blow, or do these guys literally get their bell rung heading the ball? I be plenty of guys hit the ground with their heads or get kicked or elbowed in the head as well.