View Full Version : Final thoughts, Buffaolo 2014 Draft:

05-11-2014, 12:12 PM
1. Way overpaid for Watkins. He will be solid but not reach his potential with Manuel/Hackett. The next QB/OC combo might do him better. If not, he will be good on another team in 2019. AI don't think his ceiling is as high as others seem to. Potentially another solid secondary receiving option here.
2. Kouandjio is a lousy pass blocker against speed. It isn't 1950.
3. Preston Brown. I have trouble separating his selection from the decision to pass on Chris Borland. Brown will play on the kicking teams. He may very well excel there. He will not be a serious positive contributor as a linebacker. I think they made this choice so they wouldn't have to play Borland over Spikes.
4. Ross Cockrell. Loved it. Big, smart, athletic, some skills, tremendous character by reputation. Will knock Ron Brooks off roster.
5. Cyril Richardson Loved it. Thought he would be long gone. Should knock Chris WIl;liams to the bench. Probably won't until new coaching staff comes in 2015.
7a. Randell Johnson, LB. I have no idea who this guy is.
7b. Seantrel henderson, OL. Given the spot, IO like the pick. He is apparently a giant douchebag, probably also an *******. One thing about this staff, when they get a cheap rookie ******* and he doesn't straighten out fast, they do not appear to hesitate cutting him loose. As I don't like ******* son my team, this works for me. Probably obviously better than Kouandjio by August.

Add-on: The Bryce Brown trade. This is aimed at Fred Jackson, because these guys are morons.

Without the Brown trade, which is wholly unnecessary because you can find any number of fumble-prone RBs who can't decide to cut upfield in free agency, I would give it a C. I think the back half will be more useful than the front half. Add that trade, and **** you, Bills. F.

05-12-2014, 09:55 AM
Apparently they are planning to use Preston Brown at SLB. He only has to unseat Keith Rivers. Still won't manage it. Another Nigel Bradham, easy to manipulate and force out of position. Really built, though, which apparently is nice.

Also, Manny Lawson is going to be forced to play DE before he gets cut the week before the season starts, because they are now being truthful in describing the defensive switch under Schwartz as completely different than the really successful thing they were running under Pettine, and which Jim O'Neal could very likely have continued to run in Pettine's place.