View Full Version : Bengals forum doesn't show up in Recent Posts

Andy Freeland
06-06-2014, 02:31 PM
I did some intensive programming to remove this particular sub forum from the recent posts page. It involved 15 characters of code and took almost 2 minutes to complete. I'm exhausted. This seems like a pretty good solution, mainly to keep you guys from being self conscious about posting, feeling that you're overwhelming our otherwise team-agnostic board. So post away.

A good or even passable programmer would come up with a way for the posts to show up for you in recent posts but not others based on favorite team, but I'm neither good nor passable. I might take a shot at it later. If the board goes wonky, you'll know why. For now, you can get the full 'recent posts' page, including this sub forum using this link:


You can create a bookmark using the above link. I'll also look into putting on the default recent posts page.