View Full Version : Katherine Webb flashes all of AJ McCarron’s Alabama rings

Arkansas Bengal
06-23-2014, 08:50 AM
Katherine Webb flashes all of AJ McCarron’s Alabama rings (Photo)

by Dan Zinski (http://fansided.com/author/danzinski/) 2d ago

Katherine Webb could start her own pawn shop with all of fiance AJ McCarron’s rings from his time at Alabama. I don’t know, maybe that’s her intention. Maybe she took all of AJ McCarron’s rings and is currently headed for Mexico.

Do we need to put out an APB for Katherine Webb? All units, be on the look out for a former Miss Alabama carrying a butt load of Alabama rings.

Just kidding, I’m sure Katherine Webb didn’t just rob AJ McCarron and take off for the border. If she did, it would be kind of stupid to post a picture on Instagram.


It’s more likely that Katherine is trying to send a message on her future husband’s behalf. The gist of this message being, “Stop hating on my husband. Look at all the rings he won in college.”

Because being a winner in college means you will be a good quarterback in the NFL. Just look at Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy. Both big-time winners in college, both amazing, future Hall of Fame NFL quarterbacks.

Or not.
Even if the message is kind of stupid, you have to admire the loyalty. Katherine obviously loves AJ McCarron for realzies. It’s not a gold-digger thing for her. It’s long-term. It’s for life.

Katherine will stick with McCarron even if he ends up riding the pines behind Andy Dalton. You know she will. She isn’t the kind of girl who would better deal a guy.