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09-07-2014, 04:28 PM
Even though the second half sucked, I am glad football is back.

Greg Gumbel and Trent Green are the broadcast team. Walt Anderson is the ref.

Pats P1: Start at the 20. Three and out. Brady fixated too much on Gronk on 3rd and 4. The ensuing punt is blocked.

Dolphins P1: Start at the Pats 15. 4 play drive. 2 run, 2 passes. Ends with a 4 yard TD pass to Miller. 7-0 Miami.

Pats P2: Start at the 20. 14 play drive. One explosive play, a 16 yard run by Mintron. It ends with a 2 yard Vereen TD to make it 7-7. One penalty, holding on Ellerbee (covering Gronk) called on the drive. Tim Wright led the drive off with his first catch as a Patriot.

Dolphins P2: Start at the 23. Three play drive. They started with a pair of 5 yard Moreno runs. Then a timeout was called. After the timeout, Tannehill found Wallace, but Wallace fumbled and Mayo recovered!

Pats P3: Start at the Miami 35. Sloppy drive. It starts with an under pressure Brady going incomplete to Bolden. Miami LBs Ellerbee and Misi were hurt on the play. 6 more plays netted a total of 5 yards, 2 Brady throws to a double covered Gronk, and a Facemask on Wendell. However, we get a 47 yard FG for the 10-7 lead.

Dolphins P3: Start at the 25. Landry, Miami's return guy, looks good. The drive started good for them with 27 yards in two plays befire the first end. But, after 3 more plays get 10 yards and a first, Tannehill goes deep and is picked off by Denard.

Pats P4: Start at the 6. The first two plays were incomplete passes. Then Vereen rose up with a great 11 yard run (and a great block by KT) for a first down on 3rd and 10. Two plays later, Brady hit Minitron for 45 on play action, and 5 plays later, Gronk gets his first TD of the year! 17-7 Pats.

Injury Update: Ellerbee is Questionable to return with a hip injury. Misi hurt his ankle, but no prognosis has been given.

Dolphins P4: Start at the 20. They start out good. Moreno runs for 15, then Tannehill finds Simms for 8, and Moreno gets 4 for the first. But after an incomplete pass, Miller has a great run until he meets Logan Ryan. Ryan, as he did a ton in the preseason, knocks the ball out, and Revis recovers the fumble.

Pats P5: Start at the 34. Three and out.

Dolphins P5: Start at the 25. Long drive. 13 plays, 2 penalties called against the Pats (offisdes on Easley, and Hightower on an iffy rushing the passer. But, the refs missed one on Malcolm Butler, so it balances out). Miami end up with a 38 yard FG to cut the lead to 17-10.

Pats P6: Start at the 26. 10 plays. Two big ones for us, catches of 16 for Minitron and 17 for Gronk. One against us, a holding on someone on the line, but we didn't hear the call since Gumble and Green were too busy chatting about Brady's beard. We hit a 45 yard FG, running into the kicker. We've declined and kept the points. 20-10 Pats

Dolphins P6: Start at the 20.
1st and 10: Kneel.


Dolphins P7: Start at the 28, after we had to kick because Lafell was offsides on the first kick. The drive was running and penalty filled. After Tannehill hooked up with Clay, and Clay has a massive effort driven 24 yards, they turned it to Moreno. Moreno ran for 3, then Tannehill tried to get to Wallace. He missed, but Chandler Jones was called for roughing the passer. It was a correct call. After that, we had 3 Moreno runs for 26 yards (and one false start on Smith). But, Moreno left for air, and Tannehill had 2 passers to Miller for a total of 2 yards and they settle for a 24 yard FG. 20-13 Pats.

Injury update: Misi and Ellerbee both out for the game

Pats P7: Start at the 20. We start ok, but on the 4th play of the drive Wake sacks Brady, Brady fumbles, and Delmas recovered.

Dolphins P8: Start at the Pats 34. 4 plays for them. 3 Moreno runs for 19 yards, and then a 15 yard TD pass to Wallace. 20-20.

Pats P8: Start at the 20. Three and out. On a side note, Brandon Lafell should have been called for OPI on first down.

Dolphins P9: Start at the 47. Miami's playing well. Tannehill throws it away, then Moreno runs twice for 19. After another throwaway, Tannehill finds Wallace for 16, then Miller runs for 15 more. One the next play, Miller scores a 5 yard TD which is called back by a hold on Jones. The Miller gets 11 on the next two plays (1 run and 1 pass), but a third and goal pass to Clay missed and they settle for a 22 yard FG for a 23-20 lead.

Pats P9: Start at the 20. We're shooting ourselves in the leg. We start with Ridley being stuffed for a loss of 2. KT, however, comes up big and get us 14 and a first down. Ridley breaks an 18 yard run, we're across mid field. And it comes back. Holding on Hooman. A missed screen and a sack (and Vollmer hurt on the play), leads to 3rd and 29. A Vereen run ends the 3rd.

Dolphins P10: Start at the 22. Three and out. We needed that!

Pats P10: Start at the 32. Three and out.

Dolphins P11: Start at the 11. Three and out! We get a sack by Mayo on 2nd and 3, and then Revis defends a pass to Wallace on 3rd!

Pats P11: Start at the Miami 45. *sigh* Ridley gets us 4, and then Brady to Danny for 15. However, it comes back on OPI on Lafell. Bolden gets 7, Brady misses Minitron and we punt.

Dolphins P12: Start at the 15. Game over. The drive starts with Tannehill pressured by Jones, inc pass. After the play, well after the play, Jones is called for roughing. This was a bad bad call. After that Miller ran twice for 11, Tannehill found Hartline for 14. Miller ran twice for 8, then Tannehill found Gibson for 7 and the first. Simms drops a TD, Moreno runs for 5, then Wallace has a 13 yard catch. After a Moreno run on first and goal, we hit him at the 8, he escapes, stumpble, might get a TD, maybe fumled, but Coleman's crew called TD and doesn't review. I think it was a TD, but the lack of review makes 2 hugs mistakes, on this drive, by Coleman

Pats P12: Start at the 18. Four and out. 4th down was a Wake sack and fumble.

Dolphins P13: Start at the Pats 14. Three Moreno runs and a 27 yard FG. 33-20 Miami

Pats P13: Start at the 29. 15 plays. Nothing mattered

Dolphins P14: Kneel. They win 33-20.

Third Downs:

Pats: 6 for 18
Miami: 6 for 11

We deserved to lose. Moreno smacked us around like we were an NFL girlfriend, the tackles played terrible, Brady was under pressure all day from the outside.

MVP: Cameron Wake. 2.5 sacks, 1 (maybe 2), forced fumbles.
Goat: Brandon LaFell. 4 targets. 0 cathches. He quit on one route late. He was offsides on a kickoff, giving Miami like a 12 yard field position swing, one OPI (that took us out of FG range at 23-20), and another OPI that was not called.

Ref's get a A-.

I'm excited about KT (who looks much better), Tim Wright, and Shane Vereen.