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09-14-2014, 04:14 PM
Second road game in a row for us, and the second of 3 road games in the first four. Being in Minnesota's rare for us, and them being without AP is definately helpful. Dobson is back, which is good. However, even though KT played well last week and LaFell was a huge huge liablity, LaFell is active, KT inactive. I question this.

This is a big game for us. A loss puts us at 0-2 with either the Bills or Dolphins at 2-0 at the end of the day.

CBS has the game. Our broadcast team is Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts. Tony Corente is the ref.

Vikings P1: Start at the 20. Terrrible Drive. After initially getting them into a 3rd and 10, we give up back to back catches of 17 and 9 to Rudolph. We hold on 2nd and 1, then Hightowter is drawn off by a great hard count. Then we give Ellison an open release for 24 and do the same thing to Asiata the next play for 25 and a TD. Step it up Defense! 7-0 Vikings

Pats P1: Start at the 20. Three and out.

Vikings P2: Start at the 12. 6 plays. 3 penalites. 2 False starts on them (Fucso and Sullivan), Hands to the face on us (Silaga). It ends on a pick by Devin McCourty! That's the good. The bad is we've given up 2 first downs on penalties.

Pats P2: Start at the Vikings 1. Two Ridley runs gets us a TD. 7-7.

Vikings P3: Start at the 20. Three and out.

Pats P3: Start at the 30. 10 play drive that gets us a FG and 10-7 lead. But, it's sour. We were driving nicely when Ridley coverts a 2nd and 10 inside the Vikings 20, and it's called back on holding on Cannon. Two plays later on 3rd and 11, Minitron fumbles a screen. We get it back, but we have to settle for 3.

Vikings P4: Start at the 20. More good and bad. We get them to a 3rd and 10, but Revis holds and we give up our 3rd first down of the day on penalty. But, after a Cassell 13 yard scramble and a throwaway, Revis gets the pick!

Pats P4: Start at the 39. Disaster to elation. After the pick, we have a 3rd and 4. Brady finds Danny for 31, but it comes back on Dobson OPI. However, on 3rd and 14, Brady finds Minitron, who makes aguy miss, and gets 44. After a run by Bolden, and a Develin catch, back to back passes to Minitron get us in. TD! 17-7 Pats.

Vikings P5: Start at the 18. 6 plays and a punt.

Pats P5: Start at the 20. 5 plays and a punt.

Vikings P6: Start at the 19. Vikings put together a nice drive. Two Asaita plays (one pass and one run) got us to the two minute warning. However, Cassell makes two big plays after it, passes of 26 to Patterson and 12 to Wright. They run 6 more plays, and on 3rd and 6 Cassell finds Jennings for the 1st down. But, Jennings is called for OPI, and after missing Patterson on 3rd and 16, they line up for a 48 yard FG. We block it, and Chandler Jones returns it for a TD!!! 24-7 Pats.

Vikings P7: Start at the 39. They kneel.

Halftime! Don't give the lead away this time.

Pats P6: Start at the 20. 7 plays and a punt.

Vikings P8: Start at the 4. 5 plays then a pick by Logan Ryan. Fusco, of the Vikings, is hurt on the play.

Pats P7: Start at the Vikings 45. 4 plays. We make a 47 yard FG. 27-7 Pats.

Vikings P9: Start at the 32. Fusco is back. 3 and out. Hightower with the 3rd down sack!

Pats P8: Start at the 45. 14 plays that used the 3rd quarter. Very strange drive due to penalties. 3 accepted and one declined on us, 2 accepted and on declined on them. All the calls were good calls, but there was never any rhythym. We start the 4th quarter with a 27 yard FG. 30-7

Vikings P10: Start at the 20. Three and out. Chandler Jones gets a sack on second down.

Pats P9: Start at the Vikings 31. However, a first down sack by Johnson derails the drive. We three and out.

Vikings P11: Start at the 9. 6 plays and a punt.

Pats P10: Start at the 16. Three and out.

Vikings P12: Start at the 33. Two plays. Easley with a pick off a deflection. After the play, personal foul on Hightower.

Pats P11: Start at the 50. 7 plays. Nothing by runs. Smart playcalling.

Vikings P13: Start at the 19. 7 plays, 2 DPIs on us, and a sack for Hightower.

Game over.

The good. We looked great for most of the game. We execured well. Ridley, Minitron, Jones, Hightower, Mayo, were all incredible.

The bad: 4 of 14 on 3rd down. 15 accepted penalities. Lafell doing nothing. Dobson only targeted twice. 1 catch (the other was overrthrown). 5 first downs gifted to Minnesota via penalty.

In the end, it's a good win! Home for the Raiders next.

3rd Downs:

Pats: 4 for 14
Vikings: 5 for 11

Ref Grade: A