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09-22-2014, 06:37 PM
1. Preston Brown made 11 tackles for Buffalo. In large part because he was targeted. San Diego used him in the passing game.
2. Buffalo doesn't generate a pass rush against good offensive lines because Schwantz has all the imagination of an idiot.
3. San Diego made effective use of receiver picks from the second play of the game until the fourth quarter. Too long for a single tactic to be repeatedly effective. I blame both the coaches and the players for that.
4. Stephon Gilmore is not all he has been cracked up to be. He is above average,but not great. This is the fourth year in a row that he has been pegged in the preseason as a breakout performer waiting to happen. It hasn't. He is fine, but not great.
5. Hackett still doesn't know how to use multiple backs. Buffalo's rushing game is predictable based on personnel combined with down and distance. Three surprises a game is not good enough for a professional offense.
6. I am still not talking about the quarterbacks.
7. I love Cordy Glenn, but on one first quarter play, Freeney made him look silly, with a spin move that pushed him eight yards back and to the left.
8. Buffalo does not use its personnel well.
9. I just discovered at the iPad autocorrect is responsible for some misuses of its versus it's.
10. Seriously, Marquise Goodwin has been effectively benched and they still refuse to put Jackson and Spiller on the field at the same time.

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09-22-2014, 09:34 PM
have accidentally deleted the next ten things twice now. Last try.

11. Hackett has zero imagination. His tendency to run the fastest guy in the city (ln the rare occasion he and his good hands hit the field) on short and intermediate routes between the hashmarks provides no advantage to anyone. He weighs 170 pounds. Try to preserve his body. Run him deep after telling them you're running him deep and most DBs still can't catch him.
12. Schwantz has the imagination of an idiot who has smoked too much dope. Of cours,e he is an idiot, so there's a competitive advantage for him there.
13. The Bills website is spending some time bemoaning the excessive penalties. To a certain extent, vis a vis the pick plays, they would be correct in complaining about a disparity in enforcement, but their wailing about just one holding call negating a 29 yard run? Silly when you actually see the play and realize the hold is what prevented him from losing two yards.
14. Buffalo didn't block any punts thanks to a rookie mistake in his second game blocking for punts, didn't return any kickoffs for touchdowns thank to a teamwide reliance on The Other Guy to make a play, didn't receive any gifts of boneheaded throws back over the middle late, or a woefully inaccurate passer. This is what you will more often than not see when they meet a playoff caliber team.
15. Morrone didn't challenge any four yard completions on first and ten in the first quarter, which was nice, though he did cite the other team's QB stats when defenidng his own QBs accuracy.
16. Speaking of, Manuel's misses tend to be BIG misses. Like Todd Collins as a rookie misses. His hits? A third of them require the receiver to make acrobatic catches, even on dump-offs, flares, and slants. He is just not pro-accurate.
17. The performance of Phillip Rivers did more than anything else to demonstrate how far Manuel lags in terms of accuracy and decision-making under pressure, to say notghing odf simple pocket presence.

18. From the Chargers website (nobody has been cruel enough to post the safety/intentional gorunding so far:)

Three Manuel sacks. (http://www.chargers.com/multimedia/videos/Chargers-Sack-EJ-Manuel-Three-Times/591cd756-1244-4ddf-a32d-682331ac4d08)

19. This ****ty game was kind of predictable.
20. Buffalo is four guys away form being a competitive playoff team, not just a playoff contender. INterestingly enough, only one of them wears pads.

**** these guys:


09-23-2014, 10:48 AM
Good recaps. What worries me most is Manuel and the wild inaccuracy of his shot-put throwing motion. You are so right about the acrobatic catches, even on short passes. It's most likely that it means he will NEVER be a playoff-calibre QB in this league. I can't believe how old-school and behind the times young Doug Marrone is.

09-23-2014, 12:01 PM
A couple Morrone nuggets form Jerry Sullivan. I am thoroughly embarrassed I missed them, but in my defense i was at a party.

1. first half, 4th and 6 form Chargers 48. SD, up 7-0, is flagged for two penalties on Buffalo's punt. Offsides gives Buffalo the ball 4th and 1 at the San Diego 43. Holding during the return gives San Diego the ball at their 9. Buffalo gives SD the ball, Morrone later argues that he was confident that his defense would stop them and that Buffalo would then get favorable field position. He made no reference to how the defense would have fared should the Bills have failed to get one yard.

2. After the Safety with 3:23 left in the game, Buffalo down 12, that there was a heck of an onside kick. Went all the way to the back of the end zone. Once again, giving the ball away.

**** that guy.