View Full Version : I am reminded of the heady days of JP Losman, Trent Edwards, and Duck Jauron. Poop.

09-28-2014, 07:38 PM
Average quarterback play OR coaching would have this team a comfy 3-1. 4-0 not far fetched.

1. 24th s officiating crew had really slow whistles. The Andre Johnson fumble with most crews would have been blown dead before Spikes got there to knock it loose.
2. Too many injuries on both sides. Kylel Williams, Dareus, Andre Johnson. Hope none are serious, one more than the rest.
3. I may be repeating myself here, but the Buffalo coordinators aren't very good. Buffalo's secondary is not good at zone coverage. They make them do it all the ****ing time. Hackett surprises NOBODY, ever.
4. Fred Jackson does more with no hope than most backs do with daylight. A half dozen 8+ gains in part time action, and six of them saw him evading tacklers at or behind the line.
5. Fitz was unsurprisingly shaky early. Buffalo couldn't do enough with it.
6. Helical play by MeLvin on the interception.
7. Buffalo had decent pressure for three quarters. Once Kyle Williams went down Fitz was way more patient in the pocket.
8. Fitz sucked on passes to the right Fla. Just sucked.
9. JUST Watt was selected two spots after Stephen Gilmore. I strongly suspect I will find written evidence that I would, at the time, have pe exerted Watt (and some others,) but that I was ultimately OK with the pick. Harrumph.
10. CJ Spiller runs best on stretch plays where he is allowed to find a holeand from a spread formation. Still.
12. Kid punter looked OK for a while but then turned into Shawn Powell. Might have gotten skittish from three consecutive punts out of his end zone. Or tired.
13. The ref could easily have slung an intentional grounding safety on Manuel in the fourth quarter, again.
14. Manuel still makes his receivers' jobs harder every feickin time .
15. Manuel's pocket presence is not improving all that much.
16. Buffalo's rookie offensive linemen settled down after a shaky first quarter and played pretty well considering Watt.
17. Seriously, Hackett calls a very limited number of plays, limited even more by who is on the field. Rather than plan to surprise someone I six weeks by running Frank Summers, please oh please try to use your tailback a little more interchangeably. Each will be more successful for it.
18. Winnable game.
19. I am not listening to any more pre $ conferences with the coa ch es this year.
20. Additionally my kid is starting school so we are all sick. Bastards.