View Full Version : I expect the Bills to beat the poop out of the Vikings.

10-18-2014, 09:05 AM
1. If the Lions got 8 sacks, the Bills should get 12.
2. Seriously, Jerry Hughes is half again as good as Ziggy Ansah, and faster, against a suddenly sluggish Matt Kalil.
3. Buffalo's DTs didn't perform as thunderously well as I expected last week, but should correct that this week, because I really want them to, and because despite his obvious talents, Bridgewater isn't Tom Brady yet, and is less likely to succeed against a lot of pressure.
4. If Duke Williams plays instead of Aaron Williams, I will be disproportionately angry, but only by a small margin.
5. If D. Williams plays, Bridgewater will have some success.
6. Buffalo will play a lot of zone, hoping to sucker the rookie into some interceptions. They will get 2.
7. Buffalo should run for 300 yards. They will probably get cutesy early and **** that up on me, but they will still run wild.
8. I mean it, Buffalo will run for more than 200 yards, though it should be 300. With Floyd half hurt, MInnesota doesn't have enough in the middle to take advantage of the Buffalo Guard situation.
9. I don't ant to be seen as blowing off the Vikings, but Buffalo should win this game. I don't have to do the prep or bring the intensity that the players do, so I am not gonna fake it. I think the Bills have talent advantages almost everywhere.
10. 34-13, Bills.

10-18-2014, 08:15 PM
I think the Bills will win too.

10-18-2014, 11:36 PM

Mark Kelso is the BIlls radio analyst and he does a weekly film study (about 4 minutes or so; ) this week he is focused on trying to get through to Hackett:


There is an inherent weakness in one of the Vikings' favored defensive formations, and he makes a good case for doing the obvious thing whenever you see it. Also, he appears to use coffee eye drops, but don't let that put you off.

I have tried to find ways and reasons to be anxious about this game. I just can't drum up that kind of energy.

10-18-2014, 11:40 PM
I guess it's Cordarelle Patterson. Could kill in the return game, but Buffalo has been good at forcing fair catches and kicking it through the end zone. As a receiver, he will probably have three or four really big plays, but it won't be enough.

10-19-2014, 01:48 PM
I'm so depressed about these Bills. The coaching staff has to go, Spiller is a huge negative, now Jackson's injured, they fumble non-stop, using a top pick for a WR is a joke and trading up an unforgivable sin. They are dead for 3 years.

10-19-2014, 03:18 PM
Just saw my favorite penalty. Guy runs out of bounds on a punt then reaches down and grabs a wobbling ball that has already stopped advancing. 5 of the stupidest yards in football!

10-19-2014, 04:27 PM
Quickie bbecause that is all I cab do right now:

Fred Jackson was clearly concluded after 73 hit him in the head with his helmet. You could see it in every movement until his groin pull.

Disappointing pass rush all day for Buffalo.

I like Buffalo's qb right now.

I can no decide whether the nearly one hour s uckfest was the fault of the coaches or Orton losing the cop mustache.

I am actually happy about the win. The negative stuff was a way to suck you into the 'stache joke.

Still thi kink we got outcoached but happy with the win.

10-19-2014, 08:02 PM
A couple free minutes, so I will do some negative cause it's fast, easy, and fun.

1. Buffalo has been fumbling the ball when threatening. They drive, they give it away. Functionally a six minute punt. Gotta stop that.
2.. I thought rookie LG Cyril Richardson was a good draft pick, but he isn't playing so good right now; on the Bills' last drive, for example, he personally gave up two sacks.
3. Love the fact Orton throws farther than the first down marker whenever possible on third or fourth and really frickin' long. On that last drive, he converted 4th and 20, third and 12, second or third and 20.
4. OK that was positive.
5. Still think Hackett is an idiot.
6. Now the officials. I have never been on Hochuli's side, and that intentional grounding penalty he invented with :37 left in the game was crap. Orton unloaded the ball to the outside before Chandler broke to the inside AND the rusher was an easy four steps away when he threw it. Not under the kind of pressure IG was designed to reward.
7a. On the Hogan catch with :20 left inside the 1 yard line, the ball was spotted at the 2. Dude landed, FOUR FEET IN FRONT OF THE OFFICIAL RESPONSIBLE FOR SPOTTING THE BALL very clearly just inside the 1.
7b. Why on earth did the guy responsible for spotting the ball run out to the 10 yard line before veering back to the 1, er, 2? Could've cost them a play had the touchdown fallen incomplete.

More positive to come (and by that I mean Anthony Barr,) but I am getting the stink eye right now.

10-20-2014, 11:51 PM
Hijacking the thread, Scott, to let you know you need to clear your inbox to receive Upset Special stuff. Thx.

10-21-2014, 12:09 AM
Seriously, Anthony Barr and Jerick McKinnon look like fantastically talented young players.

1. I am done with Hackett for this game after this:
I liked the fact he occasionally went to an empty backfield, or even four wides. Long overdue. Would've been even better if they had run from four wides on occasion, but it's a start. I didn't like the fact he rarely took advantage of the structural weakness in the Minnesota base defense, repeatedly choosing instead to run right at three stacked defensive linemen being supported by two linebackers and a safety. I also didn't like the fact that he once again chose to throw the rare screen when nobody was going to be surprised. Also, using Chris Gragg (Third TE) as your fourth receiver instead of Mike Williams (or Marquise Goodwin if he's healthy enough to play) is a little silly.
2. Minnesota figured out how to make Buffalo's kicking teams a factor, and by that I mean capitalize on their weakness. First, don't fair catch anything if you can help it. Second, don't kick it to Buffalo in a fair catchy place. I had largely forgotten about him, but Crossman is still the kicking teams coordinator.
2a. Kid punter looked good again.
3. I really like the way Orton throws. Not just with Authoritay, but also past the first down markers.
4. EJ Manuel on the sideline during the last drive. I had never seen him sop excited and animated. Reminded me of Mark Sanchez after getting his shoulder wrecked. He was really into being a good teammate and helpmate on the sideline (and largely disregarded by Geno Smith, but that I mention only because it makes em smile.) If Manuel is naturally an excited guy, he can be that way while still being in control of a huddle. Trying to be calm because it's the way he thinks he shold be will lead to failure due to self doubt borne of cognitive dissonance and lack of faith from hi teammates. Relaxed and calm are not mutually required. He seems really happy to not be The Man right now. Maybe his perspective will change with some bench time. Be yourself, young dude, and only then may you flourish. I still think you are not accurate enough, but maybe that will improve enough with confidence.
5. Sammy Watkins seriously has top five hands. Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, and who else?
6. Scott Chandler still seems to drop one every game, but his confidence in Orton's passing is helping out a lot. Same for Chris Hogan and Robert Woods.
7. Anthony Dixon is competent. That is good. I liked his blitz pickups. Not quite on Freddie's level, but better than CJ (who has, quite honestly, improved to the point of no longer being below average.)
8. Buffalo still has some serious run blocking problems. I think it's largely a combination of skill set/scheme mismatch and head coach micromanaging getting in their heads.
9. Cordy Glenn has had a rough couple of weeks.
10. Please play more single-high man, Schwantz. Your CBs and SS's do best in that situation.
11. Minnesota got a lot of rushing yards for two reasons. Firs,t McKinnon really is good. Second, they spread the formation, stretched the play, then sealed the DE and cut inside him more than most seem to try. It is THE way to beat the Schwantz scheme effectively and consistently. Not sure why more don' do it. I guess it might require deviating from What They Try To Do.
12. Cordarelle Patterson, injured, is astonishingly dangerous. I understand kicking the ball fifteen yards downfield on the last kickoff, and I was still nervous when he got it in his hands.

Thanks for the win. Next week the Jets. Go Bills.