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10-26-2014, 04:05 PM
Where was the Bears D?

We have the Bears on Fox at home. Dobson out again. How can you develop guys when they don't play? Vereen's been sick this week, but he's playing. Sam Rosen and John Lynch have the call. It's very windy and there is a chance of rain as well. Brad Allen is the ref.

Bears P1: Start at the 20. 6 plays and a punt. A holding call on Bennett disrupted the drive.

Pats P1: Start at the 45. 5 plays. LaFell for 19 on a great catch. 3 Gray runs for 30 yards, and Gronk with a 4 yard TD. 7-0 Pats.

Bears P2: Start at the 20. 6 plays and a punt.

Pats P2: Start at the 27. Bad punt but a great roll. A long, 17 play, drive. Only two plays, catches by LaFell and Gronk, went for 10 or more yards (12 and 10, repsectively). 7 passes, 10 runs, and it took us to the end of the 1st quarter. However, the Bears stopped us on 1st and goal from the 2, 2nd and goal from the 1, and 3rd and goal from inches away. To start the 2nd quarter, we decide to go for it on 4th and goal. Gray is stopped on the play, but we had a false start, and bring out the FG team. Great job by the Bears to keep us out of the endzone, but we lead 10-0.

Bears P3: Start at the 21. Three and out!

Pats P3: Start at the 24. Danny dances too much on punt returns. We almost blow this drive. It starts off with a 17 yard catch for LaFell. 3 runs (1 Vereen, 2 White) gain 16. On a 2nd and 6 play, we miss to LaFell, but PI was called on Loius-Jean. However, it should have been holding, not DPI. After that, we find Gronk for 16, bringing us to the Bears 14. White runs for 0, then Brady fumbles the snap. White dalls on, and after a false start on Stork, we have 3rd and 19. Brady finds Gronk for 21, and 1st and goal on the 1. A fast run for Vereen gets stopped, but a play action pass gets Tim Wright the 1 yard TD. 17-0 Pats.

Bears P4: Start at the 23. Second short kickoff for us. Bears answer, with some help from the refs. Cutler finds Forte for 18. On the next play, Cutler is picked off by McCourty. But the pick is negated by a a very iffy illegal contact on Browner. Forte runs for 19. Cutler hits Jeffrey for 2, and Carey runs for barely 1, but the refs give him 3, and a first down. Cause, ya know, 3 yards and 1 yard are the same thing. On the next play, Cutler to Forte for 25 and a TD. 17-7 Pats.

Pats P4: Start at the 20. We drive on! It looks bad at first. A 6 yard Gronk catch, a hold on Stork, and a drop by Minitron gave us 3rd and 14. But the next two plays (a Gronk catch and Gray run) each gain 17. Minitron had a second drop, but TB12 finds Gronk for 25 and LaFell for 17 with a 3 yard Gray run between them. That gave us 1st and goal from the 5 at the 2 minute warning. Gray runs for 3, then Brady to Gronk for 2 and the TD! 24-7 Pats!

To be fair, I think I would have overturned the TD catch.

Bears P5: Start at the 11. Not good for them. Cutler finds Forte for 4. But, on the next play, new Patriot Ayers sacks Cutler and after the play, there is a personal foul on Long. That gave them a 3rd and 18 from the 3, and 5 yard run by Forte and a Pat timeout led to a punt.

Pats P5: Start at the Bears 10! A 43 yard return by Minitron and a hold on Chicago sets us up!
1 play! Brady to LaFell. TD! 31-7 Pats!

Thank you, Chicago, for great game managment.

Bears P6: Start at the 20. Cutler Fumbles! Ninkovitch recovers and returns it for a TD! 38-7 Pats!

Bears P7: Start at the 27. Hey, Bears, maybe you should kneel. They give Forte two runs and then throw deep and Revis gets a pick.

Halftime. We're killing them. Lots of running in the second half I hope.

Pats P6: Start at the 20. All passes. 14 for Minitron, then 2 to Wright for 14. A drop for Minitron, a 6 yard play for Wright, and a 46 yard TD for Gronk. 45-7. Now, can we run and bleed the clock?

Bears P8: Start at the 19. They start out well with two big play passes (17 to Marshall, 17 to Bennett). 3 Forte runs net 16 and a pass to him gets 4 more, then 1 more run gets 1. However, the wheel come off then. A sack by Easley and Wilfork, a 4 yard Forte catch, a miss to Marshall and a drop by Jeffery on 4th and 10 give us the ball back.

Pats P7: Start at the 26. 4 plays and a punt.

Bears P9: Start at the 19. Bears get points. 3 Forte runs for 19, 2 targets for Marshall for 7 and a miss, and 2 catches for Bennett for 57 and a TD. 45-15 after a Rosario catch for a 2 point play.

Pats P8: Start at the 20. 12 plays. 5 passes, 7 runs. We take a 27 yard FG for the 48-15 lead with 10:00 left.

Bears P10: Start at the 20. 10 plays. 6 passes, 4 runs, ends with a 10 yard TD to Jeffrey. They try and 2 and make it with a screen to Forte. 48-23, 5:16 left.

Pats P9: Start at the 39 after an onsides kick attempt. Garoppolo comes in for TB12. 7 plays, and then a FG to make it 51-23. The irony of the drive is that Lamar Houston sacks Jimmy with 3ish to play, down 25, celebrates it the same way Tulloch did and got hurt. 2:90 left.

Bears P11: Start at the 20. Clausen in for the Bears. 8 plays, turnover on down with :27 seconds left.

Pats P10: Victory!!!!!

Third Downs:
Bears: 4 of 10
Pats: 7 of 11

10-26-2014, 04:31 PM
Great win for us!