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11-02-2014, 08:01 PM
The title sums it up.

Pats v Broncos. Huge game. Dobson out, White out, Denard out, Jones out. Nantz and Simms are on the call. Snowy earlier, but just cold and windy at game time. 30-40 MPH wind gusts. Walt Anderson is the ref.

Broncos P1: Start at the 20. 3 and out!

Pats P1: Start at the 30. 6 plays and a punt.

Broncos P2: Start at the 20. Three and out. Browner with a pass defended on 3rd down.

Pats P2: Start at the Broncos 39 after interference with the chance to make a catch! We waste it. 3 plays, 8 yards. 49 yard FG is good. 3-0 Pats, but you need TDs against Manning.

Broncos P3: Start at the 20. Denver gets the lead, partly due to Payton, partly due to the refs. The drive starts off with 4 passes (2 to Hillman for 11, 2 to Sanders for 35). Thompson ran for nothing, and then D.Thomas had an 18 yard catch. After drops by Welker and Hillman bring up 3rd and 10, Browner defends the pass and is called for a very iffy DPI. On the next play Hillman scores from the 1, with not 1, but 2!!!!!!, holds being missed. Go Zebras! 7-3 Denver.

Pats P3: Start at the 22. The drive takes us into the second quarter. We start out with 4 passes (2 to Gronk for 28, 1 to Shane for 4, 1 to Minitron for 12). Two Vereen runs gained 4, and after a miss to Tyme, we had 3rd and 10. Gronk had an 11 yard catch, and a 1 yard sack by Ware ended the first quarter. After the break, we find Minitron for 7 and LaFell drops a TD. We settle for the FG. 7-6 Denver.

Broncos P4: Start at the 22. Two plays! A Welker catch for 13, and then a Ninkovitch pick!

Pats P4: Start at the Denver 34. We take advantage. Gray runs for 1, then Brady to Minitron for 10 and Gronk for 13. With first and goal, Brady tosses it away, but Denver is called for defensive holding. The next play is the TD, Brady to Minitron. 13-7 Pats.

Broncos P5: Start at the 20. 5 plays and a punt. Broncos had two flags on the offense on the drive. On the punt, Minitron takes it to the House! 84 yard return TD. 20-7 Pats.

Broncos P6: Start at the 25. They start out well with 2 Hillman runs and 3 Sanders catches (for 46). But three misses on passes (Hillman, and Welker twice) led to a FG miss off the upright!

Pats P5: Start at the 31. Three and out.

Broncos P7: Start at the 33. 8 plays and a turnever on downs! Ayers with the sack to end the drive!

Pats P6: Start at the 43. We keep up the pressure. Vereen starts with a 1 yard run, and then we miss a pass to Gronk. Talib is called for holding, and I thought that it was a bad call. After Shane runs for 3, Brady finds LaFell for 10. On the next play, Brady is correctly called for grounding. Back to back plays to Minitron and Vereen gain 45 yards. The first down play is a missed TD for Minitron, second down is a 1 yard pass to Shane, 3rd down, he goes back to Shane for the TD! 27-7 Pats.

Broncos P8: Start at the 21. Denver kneels wisely.

At the half, we've outplayed them in every phase. We can't relent now, we have to keep the pressure on. We get the ball first in the second half, and we have to stay agressive.

Pats P7: Start at the 20. 5 plays and then a pick by Robey. The offense looked shaky on the drive.

Broncos P9: Start at the 43. Manning and the Broncos score again, thanks to the refs. After started with a miss to D. Thomas and a 4 yard run by Hillman. On 3rd and 6, Manning finds D. Thomas for a 27 yard pass. Ayers was held in a headlock on the play and somehow Coleman doesn't call it. A 7 yard Hillman catch, a 1 yard Hillman run, and an 18 yard TD pass to J. Thomas finished the drive. 27-14, Pats.

Pats P8: Start at the 20. 11 plays. One big play, a 21 yarder to Danny on 3rd and 8. 2 dropped passes and a pass batted at the line. Steven nails a 45 yard FG to make it 30-14.

Broncos P10: Start at the 20. 1 play! Manning goes to Welker, it goes off Welker's hands and Browner picks it off!

Pats P9: Start at the Denver 10! 1 play! Brady to Lafell, TD! 37-14 Pats!

Broncos P11: Start at the 28. We had to rekick when Logan Ryan was offisdes on the kickoff. It netted 13 yards for Denver. Denver has a good drive. 2 passes led it off, (13 to Hillman, 25 to Sanders). A miss to Hillman led to a PI on Collins and then Brower was called for encraochment. On the next play, Manning missed Tamme. Browner called for holding, while, somehow, for the 3rd time in the game, Ayers was in headlock thanks to the the Devner LT in front of Coleman, who did not see it. An miss to Hillman, than a 15 yard TD, to Hillman, capped the drive off. 37-21 Pats.

How the *bleep* do you not see *3* headlocks that happen, literally, right in front of you. Coleman's crew sucks. They miss real fouls and call iffy ones.

Pats P10: Start at the 20. 16 plays that carried us into the 4th. Three exploisive plays, 13 for Minitron, 14 for Danny (on 3rd and 11), 20 for Gronk. Gronk has a 1 yard TD to seal the drive. We go for two and fail. 43-21 Pats. 13:53 left.

Broncos P12: Start at the 19. Denver's kickoff teams have looked iffy all game. Denver fails! After a 41 yard pass to D. Thoman, and a 29 yarder to Sanders (with a 1 yard Hillman run in the middle), they fail four time from inside the 10. Turnover on downs.

Pats P11: Start at the 9. Three and out.

Broncos P13: Start at the 19 after a 67 yard punt and a block in the back on return. 5 plays. A 24 yard screen to Anderson, then 4 passes to Sanders get 9 yards. Turnover on downs! 8:43 left.

Pats P12: Start at the 48. Three and out. All runs. Punting with 6:30 left.

Broncos P14: Start at the 15. 10 plays. No points. 4th down stop number 4. 3:04 left.

Pats P13: Start at the 27. 6 plays. 1 pass, 5 runs. We punt back with 1:54 left. Denver has no timeouts.

Broncos P15: Start at the 20. 3 Anderson runs, and the clock runs out!

Third down:

Broncos: 4 for 11
Pats: 6 for 16

Fourth down:

Broncos: 0 for 4

Refs: F. Anderson's crew was terrible. A ton of iffy calls, a ton of missed calls. Bad job. Both teams can complain about them legitimately.

Overall, we played well. The running game went no where, LaFell was ineffective, mostly, but we kicked them in the mouth and never stopped. Great job Pats.

7-2 at the bye with a brutal schedule coming up after.

11-02-2014, 08:21 PM
Great win!

I disagree about LaFell, who I think is coming along nicely. Not perfect yet, but I'm OK with his production thus far. Gronk is sooooooooo back. Love me some Gronk! Love me some Ninkovich too.

Good team win all around.

11-03-2014, 11:28 AM
LaFell has played well, lately, yes. Yesterday, though, he was ineffective. He looks more like Spetember LaFell, who was terrible than October LaFell, who was very good.

11-03-2014, 02:04 PM
LaFell has played well, lately, yes. Yesterday, though, he was ineffective. He looks more like Spetember LaFell, who was terrible than October LaFell, who was very good.

Still kind of inconsistent, but much better than Carolina LaFell. I never felt that LaFell was all in when he was here, and that's a shame because he's clearly very talented. He'd miss easy catches, appear to nonchalant moderately difficult ones and occasionally make a play so remarkable that you could see who he might become with the right coaching and a little more effort. Sigh.

I hated that whole game, but I didn't expect anything different. I always dread seeing any of my teams go into Foxboro. It never ends well. The Broncos looked like they knew SD had already lost so they decided to take the day off. The Pats were dominant--they and Pittsburgh have some scary, scary good stuff happening on offense right now, and I'm none too happy about it. The Pats' secondary hit the Broncos' receivers super hard early on and they looked jittery all night. McCourty's hit on Welker was legal but terrifying--one of those moments that I'm sure had Pats fans in various stages of rapture (justifiably so) and me pointing at the TV and screaming "That should be illegal! That should be illegal!!"

That crowd was awesome too. If the Broncos hadn't come out on the first series all timid and afraid of the wind, they might have taken the crowd out of things a bit. You have Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas and you start out a huge road game by running Hillman up the gut?? I know Manning doesn't throw the tightest spiral in the league, but I'm still taking my chances with him at the beginning of a big road game, wind or no wind.