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11-23-2014, 04:22 PM
Welcome back #29!!! A win today would be great, as we are @Packers and @SD the next two weeks. A couple weeks back, BB said we wouldn't even come home till after SD. We're going to Cali after the Packer game and staying on the West Coast for the week.

Buck and Aikman have the call. Not shocking, they'd either have this game, or Zona and Seattle. I don't mind Buck, and Troy can be good, but he can be terrible. I hope for good.

Tony Corente with the call.

Lions P1: Start at the 20. This drive was all about Tate. They start with a well blocked screen to Tate that gets 24. After a 4 yard Bell run, and a throwaway, Tate beats Revis for 17 and a first down. Two Bell runs gets 4, then Revis wins on the throw to Tate. The pass defense leads to a 48 yard FG. 3-0 Lions.

Side note: Joe Buck already has more play by play calls than Al Michaels had in Pats/Colts last Sunday night. It would be nice if, every so often, Al would actually do the play calls.

Pats P1: Start at the 20. Three and out. Key play was a hands to the face on Vollmer on a 3rd down conversion to Gronk. The call was iffy.

Lions P2: Start at the 45. Three and out. Ayers with a 3rd down sack! How did the Titans not use this guy??

Pats P2: Start at the 14. Three and out. Lions dline was awesome this drive.

Lions P3: Start at the 21. The Pats punt snap was terrible, it one hopped to Allen, and then he nailed the punt. Three and out. Nink sacked Stafford on first down for a loss of 8 and that messed them up.

Pats P3: Start at the 36. We can throw! We lead with 15 to LaFell, then Brady misses Vereen. Back to back to Julian get 14, LaFell gets 12, then Julian gets 14 to give us a first down and goal at the 8. Vereen ran for 5, Minitron with a drop, and Wright finishes it off with the TD. 7-3 Pats.

Lions P4: Start at the 20. The drive started with 4 Bell runs for a total of 15 yards. That gave the Lions a 3rd and 6. On that play, Stafford was amazing. He got away from 2 sacks, almost ran, stopped one step shy of the LoS and hit Megatron for 15 and a first. Great play. That ended the first quarter. On the next play, Tate beats McCourty and gets 42. That sets up first and goal at the 7. On first, Stafford throws it away. However Chung is called for holding, correctly, giving them a first and goal at the 3. Bell runs for 1, Revis defends a pass to Megatron, and Fauria drops a TD. Prater almost misses the FG, and at the end of it all, it's 7-6 Pats.

Pats P4: Start at the Lions 22! Danny Amendola took the kickoff back 81 yards!!! A 16 yard pass to Lafell, an offsides on Suh, and a 3 yard TD by BLOUNT gets us the 14-6 lead.

Lions P5: Start at the 20. Crazy drive. They start off with a 5 yard run by Bell and 12 yard catch by Ross gets a first down. But two plays to Bell lose a net of 2, and Nink gets a sack on Satfford. Drive over. Except Collins is called for holding. Tate gets 12 on an end around. Collins gets called for offisides. After that, they get 1 from Bell and 2 misses to Tate and punt.

Pats P5: Start at the 7. We move the ball nicely. A 2 yard Blount run comes between passes of 16 and 10 to Edelman. Brady then finds LaFell for 13. The next three passes are a miss to Gronk, 4 to Shane, and 7 to Julian. Vereen has a 4 yard run, then passes to Gronk and Shane get 31 and a first a goal at the 5. Shane loses 3 on first, we miss LaFell on second, but TB12 finds Wright for TD2 and the 21-6 lead.

Lions P6: Start at the 20. 8 plays. The Lions had catches of 18 to Riddick and 13 to Fuller as the only decent plays on the drive. Prater misses a 53 yard FG.

Pats P6: Start at the 43. I expected us to kneel, but we go to Julian for a big play that gets called back by holding on Solder. Lafell has an 8 yard catch, then a false start, giving us 2nd and 17. Then Gronk arrives, 2 catches, 47 yards and we end the half with a 35 yard FG, and a 24-6 lead.

Halftime. Corrente's calling a tight game but an accurate one.

Pats P7: Start at the 20. We squander. After a 10 play drive got us a first a goal, Ihedibo picks Brady inside the 5.

Lions P7: Start at the 7. 6 plays and a punt. Arrington hurt on the possession.

Pats P8: Start at the 25. Strange drive. It looks like it'll be a 3 and out, as we miss LaFell deep on 3rd down, but Vaughn is called for holding. After shane gets stuffed on a run, we find him for a 12 yard screen. Blount gets 23 on the ground. When then go to a clearly held Gronk. Instead of a first down, Corente crew calls an imaginary OPI on Gronk, as well as the correct hold on Levy. We miss Edelman on 2nd, and LaFell comes up short on 3rd, so we settle for the 43 yard FG. 27-6 Pats.

Lions P8: Start at the 21. Three and out.

Pats P9: Start at the 21 after a block in the back on Chung erases a 71 yard TD punt return by Edelman. 3 and out.

Lions P9: Start at the 35. 11 play drive that takes us into the 4th. They have two big plays, both on 3rd down. A 10 yard Stafford run and a 14 yard catch by Megatron. However, after burning a timeout they choose as FG on 4th and 15. 27-9 Pats.

Pats P10: Start at the 20. Three and out.

Lions P10: Start at the 31. 12 play drive. 3 good plays, all passes. (14 to tate, 16 to Ebron on 4th and 6, and 13 to Ross). It ends when Stafford runs on 4th and 10, and slides 1 yard shy of the first.

Pats P11: Start at the 16. 8 plays and a punt.

Lions P11: Start at the 16. Two plays. 12 yard catch for Megatron, and then a Logan Ryan pick. Pressure caused the pick.

Pats P12: Start at the 34. 4 Blount runs for 39 yards. On 4th and 3, Brady finds LaFell for 16 and a first and goal. Blount gets 8 on 3 carries, and then we go to kick the Fg, but they headbutt the long snapper and we get a first down. So we hand it to Blount! TD!!!! 34-9 Pats.

Thank you Steelers!!!!!!

Lions P12: Start at the 20. 8 plays and game!

Quote of the Year: "So let that be a lesson kids. Act your way off one team and get signed by a better one." Joe Buck, talking about Blount.