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12-14-2014, 04:13 PM
If we win this game, we win the divsion and are very close to locking up a first round bye. Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower are back! Go Pats!

Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts have the call. Bill Vinovich is the ref.

Dolphins P1: Start at the 20. They come out gamely. After leading the game off with a 50 yards pass to Wallace, they get 7 yards on the next three plays. They go for the FG, but Collins blocks it, and Arrington takes it to the house. 7-0 Pats!

Dolphins P2: Start at the 20. 8 plays and a punt. They were driving nicely, but it was derailed by a face mask on James of Miami.

Pats P1: Start at the 20. We waste a chance. The first 5 plays are a 1 yard loss by Vereen, and 4 for Edelman. (3 catches for 37 and a 6 yard run). On play 6, however, Trusnik bats the ball in the air and picks it himself. Miami ball.

Dolphins P3: Start at the 34. They take advantage, sort of. The drive starts with a false start on Pouncey. Tannehill replies with a 22 yard pass to Clay. 2 runs (1 each for Thomas and Miller) get 12. The next play is a throwaway, but Jamie Collins is called for holding. Tannehill finds Clay for 7, and then runs for 13. They have first and goal, but gain just 3 yards over the next three plays and settle for the 24 yard FG. 7-3 Pats.

Pats P2: Start at the 20. The drive takes us into the second quarter. 9 plays and a punt. Someone tell networks not to tell 2 week old stories that have no bearing on the game they're covering. Thanks.

Dolphins P4: Start at the 10. They start nice. Browner gets his weekly PI (and it was a good call). Miller had 2 runs for 15, then Tannehill finds Clay for 18. Then the wheels fall off. Miller runs for 1, they get called for False start, Thomas runs for 0, and then Tannehill sails a pass that Harmon picks.

Pats P3: Start at the Miami 8. We don't squander! Blount gets 5, we miss a screen to LaFell, and Shane get the last 3 for the TD. 14-3 Pats.

Dolphins P5: Start at the 27. Again they squander. After they start with a 1 yard run for Wallace, they go to the air with passes of 6 to Wallace and 5 to Landry. On the Landry play, Arrington is hurt. Tannehill goes back to Landry and misses. Browner is called for PI. It should have been illegal contact, and so Miami got 20 extra yards. Miller runs for 7, then Hightower drops him for a 6 yard loss! On 3rd and 9, Williams beats Collins, but drops a TD and they settle for a 53 yard FG. 14-6 Pats.
1st and 10: Wallace, 1

Pats P4: Start at the 17. 6 plays and a punt.

Dolphins P6: Start at the 12. 8 plays and a punt.

Pats P5: Start at the 15. We three and out. They use all three timeouts.

Dolphins P7: Start at the Pats 32 after a great return by Landry with 11 seconds left. Tannehill goes to Wallace. It's initially called incomplete, but on review it was overturned. I think the call is wrong. Wallace's bottom hits the ground first, half in and half oob. IMO, it's not a TD. Vinovich's crew has 52 yards and 10 points of iffy calls for Miami. 14-13 Pats

Pats P6: We just kneel and end the half.

We need to pick up the play and Vino's crew needs to step it up some. But in the end, we've been outplayed, and we still lead.

Pats P7: Start at the 21. We start good. We lead with a 34 yard catch for Gronk after playaction. The next two plays, a pass and a run, go to Gray for 12. Brady finds LaFell for 14 (on a pass that, for fairness, may have hit the ground). Gray gets dropped for a loss of 1, and then Minitron drops a pass giving us 3rd and 11. Brady, however, runs for 17 and the conversion. Blount finishes with a 3 yard TD run. 21-13 Pats.

Dolphins P7: Start at the 20. 3 and out!

Pats P8: Start at the 36. We keep moving. After Brady misses Tyms deep, and a Hooman drop get negated by Illegal contact on Wilson, we get rolling. Two runs for Gray net 19, and 2 catches for Minitron get 14. Brady runs for 2, and then misses Gronk twice. On 3rd and 10, Lafell gets 5, and we settle for the FG. 24-13 Pats.

Dolphins P8: Start at the 20. 1 play! Chung with a pick off a tip!

Pats P9: Start at the Miami 27! 1 play! Gronk! TD!!!! 31-13 Pats.

Dolphins P9: Start at the 20. Three and out.

Pats P10: Start at the Miami 47. Three plays! Gray runs for 6. Gronk has a 35 yard catch and Edelman finishes it with the 6 yard TD. 38-13 Pats.

Dolphins P10: Start at the 20. The drive takes us into the 4th. 15 plays and a turnover on downs. They failed 3 3rd down tries and made the first 2 4th downs. 4th and 18 was too much, and we get it back.

Pats P11: Start at the 15. We drive it down the field. We start with 5 passes (LaFell 2-26, Blount 1-5, Vereen 0-1, Minitron 1-28), then go the ground with Gray and Blount for 3. A batted pass, a Blount 3 yarder and a miss to Gronk leads to a FG. 41-13 Pats.

Dolphins P11: Start at the 40 after OOB kickoff. All passes for Miami. (Clay 1-6, Wallace 2-11, Sims, 1 target, Matthews 1 drop, Landry 2-32, 1 incomplete, and 2 throwaway, 1 dropped snap, 1 sack by Nink and Collins, 1 sack by Hightower and Jones) 14 plays. No points. Turnover on downs.

Pats P12: Start at the 34. A few Gray runs brings us to the end of the game!

Third downs:

Dolphins: 3 for 16
Pats: 8 for 13

Division Champs! Again!!! WHOOOOOOOO!

12-14-2014, 04:46 PM
An excellent win all around.

How about our only division rival I don't hate spanking the Pack today? Wow. Go Bills!