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01-10-2015, 05:18 PM
I'm doing my game report differently for this game. If people like it, I might do it for both Championship games next week, so PM me and let me know if you do, or don't. I'll post after every quarter.

4:00: Interesting inactives for us. Jonas Grey (for Malcolm Butler) and Cameron Fleming (for Josh Kline).

4:15 Nice Suggs interview. I like him, but I hope he's watching the games on TV next week.

4:35 Jacoby Jones opens the game with a nice return to the 29.

4:39: Great drive for the Ravens. 5 plays, 71 yards. Capped with a 19 yard TD to Aiken. 7-0 Ravens. Flacco is looking good right now, the passing game was crisp.

4:44: Danny fumbles the kickoff. We recover. Chris Jones fell on the ball.

4:46: Torrey Smith to the Ravens locker room. Questionable to return.

4:47: Danny with a great catch to move the chains. Ravens challenge the play. It's a very closs close call, and the Raven's win the challenge. I can't say that it was a bad call by Vinovich. We punt. Brady had 2 bad passes on that drive.

4:55 So much for questionable. Torrey Smith back in the game.

4:49: Another nice drive. 79 yard drive. Steve Smith with a 9 yard TD. 14-0 Ravens. They're outplaying us at this point.

5:07 Back to back plays to Gronk get us 55 yards and into the redzone!

5:10: We're in! On 3rd and 6, Brady keeps it and runs it in himself. 14-7 Ravens.

5:16: First quarter ends. Steve Smith is down on the field as it does. Ravens won the quarter hand down. We need to win the rest.

01-10-2015, 06:13 PM
Second Quarter.

5:19. Quarter starts with the Ravens still driving. Steve Smith on the sidelines, trying to walk his injury off. Flacco almost picked.

5;20: Steve Smith back in. Torrey Smith called for a personal foul after a second down run. Down counts, 15 yard loss.

5:23: We get a stop. They punt for the first time.

5:28: We have a nice drive that gets stalled by back to back sacks by Jernigan and Suggs. Vinovich's crew missed an on field Ravens timeout (by 41) and a kick by McPhee on a downed Brady. We punt. After a great punt, that ends up at the 9, taunting is called and bails the Ravens out.

5:36: Defense holds. Ravens punt.

5:39: Brian Stork, our center, is in the locker room. Questionable to return.

5:40: Minitron with a first down catch, a fumble, and he gets it back. Twice we've gotten our own fumbles back. Dodging bullets!

5:42: Gronk for 23 on 3rd and 8!

5:43: Vereen gets Mosely to grab him on a well overthown pass. Illegal contact called.

5:47: Amendola with a 14 yard TD to cap the drive. Amazing effort for Danny! Tie game!

5:54: 3 and out! 2 minute warning!

6:03: Daryll Smith picks Brady off. Raven ball. Gronk was the target and Brady threw a low ball. If he puts it higher. he has Gronk for 20 or so.

6:06: Terrible DPI call on Revis. It should have been OPI, if anything at all. Ball at the Pats 24.

6:09: TD, Ravens. Flacco to Daniels. Vinovich's call sets that up. 21-14, Ravens.

6:12: Halftime. We tie the second quarter. We need to win quarters or we're going home.

01-10-2015, 07:19 PM
Third Quarter.

6:27: Stork is out for the game.

6:28: Gronk clearly held on 3rd down. It's a much worse hold than Revis was called for. No flag. We punt.

6:30: Vinovich's crew has been pro-Ravens to this point. 2 iffy calls, 2 missed calls, all go in the Ravens favor. They led to 3 Pats punts and a Ravens TD.

6:34: Jamie Collins almost gets a pick on a deep pass to the fullback.

6:38: Ravens line it up on 4th and 6, call timeout. Line it up again, throw deep. PI on Browner (good call), and the catch, too. Torrey Smith called for taunting post play. 1st and 10 at the Pats 16.

6:39: Forsett TD on a swing pass. 28-14 Ravens. I think that's the dagger. It was the first second half TD scored against us since November.

6:49: During a long Pats drive, the Ravens' bench gets flagged, correctly, with Harbuagh like 20 yards into the field.

6:51: TD! Brady to Gronk. 6 yards. 28-21 Ravens. We need stops.

6:59: We call timeout before a 3rd and 11 Ravens down. Each team has 2 left.

7:00: 3 and out for Baltimore.

7:04: OMG! Brady pitch to Minitron, Minitron throws deep to Danny, 51 yard TD!!! 28-28!! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!! We never run plays like that!!!!

7:09: Devin with a pick!!!! Pats Ball at the Ravens 37.

7:12: Will Hill with a great 3rd down play leads to a 3 and out for us. We squander the pick. Grrrr.

7:13: Browner out with a knee injury. Questionable to return.

7:15: Flacco sacked, fumbles. Jamie Collins recovers, at the Ravens 2. Play negated by holding on Revis. The call is a good call this time. Grrrrr!

7:18: Third ends. We won that quarter, but we should have won it by more.

01-10-2015, 08:06 PM
4th quarter. We're 15 minutes from a huge letdown or 4 AFC Championship games in a row. We need to step it up.

7:23: Ravens convert a 4th and 1 after we make a great 3rd down stop.

7:26: Ravens have a 15 play drive that takes over 8 minutes off the clock. But we hold and they have to settle for a FG. Ravens 31-28, 10:17 left.

7:34: Vereen fumbles, Ravens recover. It looks like Shane was down. It should be overturned on review.

7:37: After review, the call is reversed. Pats have a 2nd and 1. Whoo!

7:40: Danny with an effort play to get the first down! 6:53 left.

7:42: 5 minute drive for us. We get the lead off a 19 yard TD pass to LaFell! 35-31 Pats! 5:13 left. Go D!

Brady is the all time leader in TD passes in the postseason.

7:46: The Ravens start at the 11 after a block in the back on the return.

7:48: Ravens at thier 35. 4 minutes left.

7:50: Ravens at thier 42. 3 minutes left. 3rd and 3 coming up.

7:51: Ravens call timeout. 4th and 3. Huge play!!!

7:52: We take a timeout to get a hint at what they might do. Both teams with 1 left.

7:54: They convert. They get 17 on a pass to Daniels. 3 of 3 on 4th down. 2 minutes left.
Ravens are 1 of 9 on 3rd, 3 of 3 on 4th.

7:59: We WIN! Harmon with a pick in the endzone! 1:39 left. Victory formation!!!!

Bring on the Colts. Or the Broncos! One more week!

01-10-2015, 08:18 PM
My head is spinning. My guts are reeling. My heart is soaring.

Thank you, Amy. I do not know how you do this. I've been a basket case for 4 hrs.

On to whomever, and I hope it's Indy!

01-10-2015, 09:52 PM
I was pretty much giving up at 28-14. I didn't get hope back until Minitron to Danny :) Then, at the game end, told the hubby if we win the Super Bowl, I'm getting a Harmon jersey :) Unlikely heroes.

Ravens always play hard. Much respect. I almost feel bad for them, they played better most of the game.