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01-18-2015, 07:35 PM
Doing this one by quarters.

Wow! I hope Packers and Seahawks used up the weekends drama quota. I want a nice, easy, Pats win! I really hope we don't choke like Green Bay did. Sorry Packers fans, honestly and truly.

Nantz and Simms on the call for the last time this season.

The rain is pouring down as the game starts. We won the toss and deferred.

Colts start with the ball at 21. Cribbs took the ball from 8 deep. It might not be wise for him to do that all night long. Herron leads off with a one yard run up the middle. Luck misses Allen. Luck overthrows Wayne to lead to a 3rd and out. 14:10 left in the first.

Our first possession starts at the 44 after a 21 yard return by Minitron. Brady leads off with a quick 6 yard pass to Vereen. We hand to Blount up the middle and he gets 1. We have 3rd and 3. Brady misses Minitron high and we punt. 12:37 left.

Cribbs fumbles the punt! Pats recover the ball! It went off his facemask and Fleming recovered the muff.

We take over at the Colts 26 yard line. Again, we start out with a 5 yard pass. This time it goes to Minitron. Blount powers up the middle for 8. We're at the 13. Blount gets another carry for 2. Brady hits Minitron for almost 8. 3rd and inches at the 3. Nantz and Simms already being anti Patriot. Blount gets almost to the endzone but his knee comes down short. First and goal, inside the one. One more play, one more foot. TD! LaGarette Blount!

7-0 Pats. 10:15 left in the first.

The Colts second possession starts at the 20. They start solid with a nice pitch for Herron. He gets 12. Herron gets just one on his next touch. 2nd and 9. Luck has to scramble under pressure from Nink. He gets 6 to set up 3rd and 3. Revis shaken up on the play. Not sure how. He looks ok, but has to sit out at least one play. Luck finds Herron for just less than 3, but Browner is called for holding. First down Indy. On the gift first down, Luck finds Allen for 6. Herron gets 4 for a new first down. Herron for 5 more. Nink blows up a screen with a perfect tip. 3rd and 5. Revis back in. Luck converts with a 7 yard pass to Fleener. Herron drops a pass on a play where there was clear (and missed) hands to the face by a Colts lineman on Chandler Jones. Herron with a second drop on a deep sideline pass. 3rd and 10. Luck misses Wayne on 3rd down.

Adam lines up for 51 yard FG and he misses badly. 7-0 Pats. 4:50 left.

Amy note #1: CBS did not show the Browner hold on replay. Typically, CBS shows all calls, and when they don't, it's often an imaginary call. I'm not calling it a bad call, I'm just curious.

Our third possession starts at the 41. We start with a Minitron sweep. He gets 11 and fumbles but the ball pops out of bounds. No biggie. We pull out the Raven formation, run a screen and LaFell drops it. On the next play, we go deep for Verreen! 30 yard catch! Also, there was a non called hold on the Colts on the play. We get nothing on first and 10 from the 17. Blount gets stopped easily. Colts call timeout with 2:51 left in the quarter.

After the timeout, Brady goes to Minitron, but Julian drops the ball. Julian makes up for it with an 11 yard catch on 3rd down. 1st and goal! Blount gets 4 on first down. 2nd and goal from the 1. We fool them with motion (Hooman went wide to the right, then Wright went left into a run block position outside the tackle) and finish the drive with a 1 yard TD pass to James Develin!

14-0 Pats. 1:20 left.

The Colts get the ball for the third time at the 20. Cribbs takes a knee this time. They lead with a 5 yard Herron run up the middle. Luck finds Herron on a delay for 8 yards and a first down. They go 5 wide and Nink knocks the ball down and almost picks it! Luck overthrows Nicks to end the first.

01-18-2015, 08:27 PM
The second quarter starts with the Colts facing a 3rd and 10. Luck throws under pressure and misses. Devin delivers a hit after the miss, but he had a shot at the ball. Colts punt with 14:53 left in the half.

Our fourth possession starts at the 30. Brady runs play action and targets Gronk for the first time. Incomplete pass. On second down, Brady finds Danny for 8. We pick it up on a 3 yard pass to Minitron. Blount makes two men miss,and gets 10. We're at the Colts 49.

Minitron going to the locker room.

Blount gets the next three plays and gets 16 yards total. Brady throws low on seconds and 6. Hooman catches it, but we only get 5. 3rd and 1.

Pats take Timeout 1 with 10:02 in the half.

After the timeout, we go back to Blount! They had him stopped, but he kept going and got 2. However, we squander. On play action, Brady is picked by D'qwell Jackson at the 2. He was throwing to Gronk. 9:11 left.

Colts start possesion #4 at the 7 yard line. Luck finds Allen for 9 to start the drive off. Luck goes to Doyle, and they lose 6 yards. After the play, Vince is called for a personal foul. It was a good call. That bails the Colts out. Luck overthrows Hilton. Tipton gets 2, and that gives the Colts 3rd and 8. Luck gets away from Nink, again, and goes deep to Hilton for 36. It was an amazing catch.

Luck runs for 3 on a hurry up snap. He goes back to Hilton but that pass missed. 3rd and 7. Luck goes to Allen, it's way over his head. But, Jamie Collins is called for illegal contact. Colts bailed out again. Luck goes to Tipton, but it's high and dropped. Again, Luck escapes Nink, and he finds Fleener for 11. Luck finds Fleener for 11. He fumbles, recovered by the Pats in the endzone. It's a good call. Tipton finishes the drive with a 1 yard TD run.

14-7 Pats. 4:54 left.

Amy Note #2: CBS doesn't show us the Collins illegal contact either. No flags on the Colts yet. 3 for 25 on the Pats. All 3 have led to Colts first down. We have not seen two of them.

The Colts were offsides on the kickoff and we choose to make them rekick it. It's a huge call, and we start at the 32 instead of the 20. Julian's back. We start with a little dump off pass to Vereen for 4. Brady finds Danny, but Danny drops a first down. 3rd and 6. We ge it. 12 yards to Minitron. Blount gets the ball, gets 5, putting us on the Colts 46. He gets another touch and gets 8 more. He made two guys miss in the backfield. 9 more for Blount brings us to the two minute warning.

We're at the Colts 29 as play starts once more. Brady keeps it, gets 3, and we get the first down. Brady, under pressure, goes to Minitron. It goes off his hands and falls incomplete. Freeman called for roughing (iffy call) and we get a first down at the 13. Blount gets stopped for no gain, and Jones tried an injury flop. It didn't fool the refs (why is that not a delay on the D?). We miss Gronk in the endzone, to give us 3rd and 10 on the Colts 13.

Colts call timeout #2 with 53 seconds left.

The third down play is big, but as long as we don't turn it over, we should get points. Brady runs for 9. 4th and inches.

We call timeout #2 with :28 left in the half.

4th and inches from about the 3 yard line. Brady sneaks it, and it looks like we get it. Thanks to Develin! 1st and goal! We use timeout #3. Brady goes to Danny, incomplete. 2nd and goal. Gronk drops a TD! 3rd and goal. Colts take timeout #3 with :16 left.

3rd and goal from the 3. We go to Shane. Incomplete. We settle for the FG. 17-7 Pats. :09 left in the half.

The Colts last possession of the half starts at the 43. They kneel, wisely, and we go to the half. We won the first quarter and they won the second. We get the ball to start the second half.

Go Pats!!!

01-18-2015, 09:27 PM
Third Quarter. 30 minutes from Arizona or from heartbreak. We'll see which way it goes!

Penalties: Pats 3/25, Colts: 2/17. Each team had 5 possessions in the first half.

We start the half, and possession 6, at the 13. Danny returned it and ran into one of his own men. Bad decision to lead the half off. Brady finds LaFell for 5. It's LaFell's first catch of the game. Vereen runs for 3. On 3rd and 2, Brady finds Minitron for 22. Great play! Blount gets 41 yards on 5 carries over the next five plays. We're at the Indy 15 with a 3rd and inches. On that play, we fake the run, and play action to Nate Solder for a 15 yard TD!!!! 24-7 Pats. 10:03 left in the half.

We have TD passes to a FB and a LT! Whooooo!!!

Colts start possesion #6 at the 23. Cribbs had a nice return. Nink with pressure, again, forces a bad throw and an incomplete pass. Herron gets 2. Colts have a 3rd and 8. Luck misses Hilton. 3 and out! 9:02 left.

Pats possession 7 starts at the 38. Gronk! 16 yard catch. His first of the day. We're at the Colts 46. Redding sacks Brady. First sack of the day. 2nd and 16. Brady finds LaFell for 9. 3rd and 7. The rain is crazy bad. We have a lead. Give it to Blount. Freeman, a Colt linebacker, limps off the field. Brady finds Gronk for 8 and the first down. Play action! Fake to Blount, go deep to Minitron! 22 yards! 1st and 10 at the 14. Blount gets 9. Finally a run. Brady sneaks it for 3. 1st and goal at the 1. Freeman is back in for Indy. After the play, we get called for illegal formation. 2nd down and 6 at the 11. Solder failed to report. Mental error. No biggie. Blount gets the penalty yard back. 3rd and 1. We finish! Brady to Gronk, 6 yard TD! 31-7 Pats! 3:19 left.

Colts start possession 7 at the 20. Luck finds Nicks for 15. Luck goes to Allen for 5. On second and 5, Luck goes deep to Nicks. Nicks drops it. 3rd and 5. Luck is picked by Revis!

Pats possession 8 starts at the Colts 13. One play! Blount for 13 and a TD! 38-7 Pats. 2:08 left!

Colts possession 8 starts at the 23. Luck goes to Hilton. It's incomplete, but Arrington is called for PI. 8 yard penalty. Luck goes to Moncreif, Revis knocks the ball down. Luck throws the ball away. 3rd and 10. Nink with more pressure. Incomplete pass. Colts punt. 1:33 left.

Pats possession 9 starts at the Colts 40! Great return by Minitron! We run. I hope it's all we do. Blount gets 2 on a run, then a pass to LaFell gets 3. That will end the 3rd.

We seriously won the 3rd!

01-18-2015, 10:03 PM
15 more minutes. One more game to go after it!

We start with a 3rd and 4 at the Colts 34. Brady goes to Gronk, but Gronk drops it. We stay on the field on 4th and 4. We convert! Brady to Minitron for 7! Now, please, run the ball. Blount gets the ball. 3 runs for 12 yards. Then we run a screen to LaFell. He gets 8 on the play. We go back to Blount, but he loses 3. 3rd and 5 at the Colts 10. We convert! Brady to Mimitron for 8. 1st and goal! Blount finishes! 3 yards. TD 3. 45-7 Pats! 10:05 in the game.

Bring in Gray. Bring in Jimmy. Keep guys safe for the Seahawks.

Colts start at the 20. Herron lights up a draw for 17. Luck scrambles for 11. Luck finds Allen for 10. Luck goes deep, but well overthrows Allen. Luck dumps it off to Tipton for 5. 3rd and 5. Collins picks Luck off! 7:24 left.

We start at the Colts 40. Brady is in, but Gray is taking handoffs. Gray gets 2 carries for 2 yards. We throw deep to LaFell who was mugged at the 5. No flag. We punt. 5:51 left.

The Colts start at the 9. Herron runs for 2 on 2 carries. Then a screen to Herron gets 2. 3 and out! Colts punt with 3:49 left.

We start at the 28. Brady is still in. He hands it to Gray. 1 carry, 1 yard. Brady leaves after that play. Jimmy's in! End around to Danny. 3rd and 10. Gray gets nothing. 2 minute warning.

Colts start at the 35. Herron runs for 8. Tipton gets 0. 3rd and 2. Tipton gets 3 more. That ends the game!

We're going back to the Super Bowl!!

On to the Seahawks!