View Full Version : Who's #53?

09-07-2010, 02:09 PM
There are reports that former Bucs' RB/KR Clifton Smith is headed to Green Bay for a visit and the Packers could sign him to supplement their return issues. I would certainly support the acquisition of any potential kick return threat, but of course if someone comes in, that means someone has to go, so the question is - if Clifton Smith is signed by the Packers, who gets cut?

1) Brett Swain? Swain is the #5 receiver on the roster, but I get the feeling he won that job somewhat by default. Given Finley's skill set and the abundance of TE on the roster, I get the feeling that the Packers would be comfortable cutting Swain and running with only 4 WR on the roster.

2) Nick McDonald? The undrafted free agent was the surprise 10th offensive lineman on the Packers' roster, but with everyone reasonably healthy going into Week 1 - you would expect McDonald to be inactive for the opening game and a 10th OLineman might be a luxury.

3) Quinn Johnson? I think he's less likely than the other two, but if a third halfback is added to the team, then a third fullback might get the ax.

4) Frank Zombo? I think this would be more likely if Havner was on the team instead of Crabtree, but it is possible that Zombo would be cut loose and the Pack would attempt to sneak him onto the practice squad.


09-07-2010, 02:52 PM
I think Swain is more likely to get the chop if Smith signs for the above stated reasons.