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09-20-2015, 11:48 AM
I'm trying out something new. I'm going to give a synopsis, along with injury reports, refs, and announcers before kickoff, and then update at the half and post game with the write up. Go Pats!!

It's our road opener. A Rex game which means coach trash talk from one side. The Bills have been trolling us. It's already fun. With a win, we get off to a good start, and notch our first division win. With a loss, the Bills grow more legit, with back to back wins over playoff teams from last year.

For the second week, the interior of the line will be rookie heavy, but we will have Stork back at center. The Steelers did not exploit that. Can the Bills? Our guys will be tested, and we'll see how they handle it.

60 and partly sunny means weather should not be a factor.

Easley is out for us. Goodwin out for them, and Shady is listed as questionable. However, Shaefter says that Shady will play, and Shady is not on the inactives list. For inactives, other than Goodwin, the only notable name is EJ Manuel. For us, other than Easley, the notable names are Ryan Wendell and Nate Ebner.

Ron Torbert is the ref for the game. Last week, he had Panthers and Jags and his crew threw an NFL low 6 flags for the game.

Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots have the call.

09-20-2015, 02:44 PM
It turns out that Rich Gannon, not Solomon Wilcots is with Kevin Harlan. So much for the accuracy of CBS' website!!!

We're 26-3 over the last 29 against the Bills and 9-1 in our last 10 vs Rex. So, I'm confident. But this should be a good game. No guarantees.

We win the toss and defer.

Bills P1: Start at the 20. The Bills start out strong. They lead with the running game. Shady gets 4, Taylor breaks contain for 23, then Shady gets 15. They go to the air next. Watkins makes a juggling catch for 11, before an under pressure Taylor missed Williams. The Bills go back to the ground. Shady gets 2 carries for 12, and then Williams runs for 2. After a 10 yard bootleg pass to Hogan gets the Bills to the 2, Williams punches it in. 7-0 Bills. 10:00 left in the first.

Pats P1: Start at the 20. Three and out. We burn a timeout on 3rd and 8. Not a good drive, the crowd is into it. It's really awesome to hear a Bills crowd so loud.

Bills P2: Start at the 28. Three and out.

Pats P2: Start at the 38. Nothing but passes. First Dobson for 16. Then the Bills cover Gronk with a LB and no help. We get 36. First and goal. After Gronk is called for a false start, we have first and goal at the 15. Brady has nobody open and goes down on his own at the 15. He finds Jules with the next two passes, one goes for 7, the other for 8 and the TD. 7-7. 4:04 left in the first.

Bills P3: Start at the 10 after holding on a Percy Harvin return. Three and out. We just miss a saftey on a 3rd down Jamie Collins sack. The Bills then get a delay and punt from the 6 inch line. After the return, they get called for a 2 personal fouls.

Pats P3: Start at the Bills 13. We capitalize on the Bills ST errors. Brady finds Jules for 7, and the Lewis gets in on our first running play of the day. 14-7 Pats. 0:58 left. After the XP, the Bills are called for taunting. The Bills now have 5 penalties on Special Teams. That one unit has totally undone all the energy at Rich Stadium.

Bills P4: Start at the 20. Two Shady runs get a net of zero. The first quarter ends. And Then...

Interception! Malcom Bulter.

Pats P4: Start at the Bills 30. We take advantage. After Brady finds Lewis for 16 on a swing, he goes to Dobson for 7. Lewis gets 5 on the ground for a first and goal at the 2. Brady goes to Jules and it's off Julian's hands, but on second down, he finds Gronk for the 2 yard TD. 21-7 Pats. 13:14 left in the half.

Bills P5: Start at the 20. Three and out! 3rd down sack for Chandler Jones!!!! And then....

Running into the kicker, Rufus Johnson. However, thanks to the sack, it was 4th and more than 10, so the five yard call keeps it 4th down. On the re-punt, they get a much better kick.

Pats P5; Start at the 42. We start with a dagger shot. However, Hughes makes a great play onthe ball so it falls incomplete. Brady finds Jules for 10 and the first down. On the next play Brady finds Lewis for 8.

And then...

Fumble. Recovered by Graham. He returns the ball to the Pats 33.

And then...

After the play personal foul, Bills. Back the ball up 15 yards.

Bills P6: Start at the Pats 48. Three and out.

Pats P6: Start at the 12. We gamble and lose. After Brady goes to Williams, the 4th TE, for 15, he goes for the dagger to Jules. Again. however, a defender knocks it away. This time it's Rambo. We hadn the ball to Jules on jet sweep for 12. Brady missed Gronk, then Lewis runs for 3. We find Jules for 6, and keep the offense out on 4th and 1. The play goes wrong, however and we turn it over on downs on an incomplete pass.

Bills P7: Start at the Pats 48. They start with a 22 yard catch for Shady which comes back on Illegal formation. Taylor throws to Williams on 1st and 15. It goes off his hands, but Watkins catches it for 4. They go deep on the next play, to Harvin. They miss, but get a legit PI on Fletcher for a first and goal at the 9. The next play Taylor finds Clay for the 9 yard TD. They miss the XP and Butler is called for taunting after the attempt. 21-13 Pats. 5:10 left

Pats P7: Start at the 20. Ugly drive. We start with a 1 yard screen to Cadet. TB goes deep to Gronk, who almost makes a great catch, but it was incomplete. Brady is sacked by Dareus on 3rd down, but Darby is called for holding. 5 yards, auto first down. We give the ball to Bolden, but a hold on Klein gives us 1st and 20. After Jules has a drop, Brady finds Lewis on back to back pass plays for 47 yards. But, two one yard Bolden plays, and a Gronk drop makes us settle for a 46 yard FG. 24-13 Pats, 2:18 left in the half.

Bills P8: Start at the 20. Bills try a push. A 12 yard Shady runs gets the game to the two minute warning. Back to back passes to Watkins (9) and Brown (2), get a first down. Shady runs for 2, and after a 4 yard scramble by Taylor the Bills call timeout #1. They give the ball to Harvin on a sweep. They get 6 and the first. They use timeout #2. But, then, we step up. Chandler gets his second sack, an eight yard sack. After a 4 yard dumpoff to Clay, they go deep on 3rd and 14.

And then...

Interception! Duron Harmon!

Pats P8: One play, kneel.

Halftime. 24-13 Pats.

One of the keys to the game is the way the Bills are overly aggressive. The penalities are killing them, and most of them are dumb, post play, fouls, or special teams fould.

On the flip side, it's already 8 possessions for each time. 13ish games tend to be Pats win dicey, since it means a lot of 3 and outs, or turnovers. Hopefully, we start the second half with a long touchdown drive.

09-20-2015, 04:43 PM
Pats P9: Start at the 20. Strange opening drive. We lead with an incomplete pass to Lewis, then a hold by Andrews (the rookie center) on 2nd and 10. That gives us a second and 20. A screen to Jules gets 19. On 3rd and 1 we go five wide, and Andrews false starts. That gives us 3rd and 6, they put a LB on Gronk. Gronk is held for 5 yards (no flag), breaks free from the hold and gets 27. We go back to Gronk on sidelines, and it's incomplete, and Darby looks like he hurt his arm. We stay with the air going Chandler, Dobson, Chandler for 9, 10, then 8. We hand it to Lewis for 13 and a first and goal at the 8. After a false start, we give it to Lewis again, and he takes it to the two. We go back to back 4 TE sets, and go to Chandler both times, however, we do not get the TD. We settle for the FG and the 27-13 lead with 10:02 in the 3rd.

Bills P9: Start at the 22. Another strange drive. It starts with a Taylor throw to Watkins. Watkins is called for OPI. It's the first bad call of the day. It gives 1st and 20. Shady runs for 7, then the Bills bench is called for unsportsmanlike. 2nd and 22. Shady gets 18, then Taylor finds Clay for 7 and the first down. After that, a 1 yard Shady run is negated by holding on Glenn. They go to the air to Harvin (incomplete), Shady (10), and Woods (3), then punt.

Pats P10: Start at the 15. We drive and might have driven the dagger in. We lead with a miss to Jules. On the next play, Brady misses Lewis, but the returned to the game Darby is called for holding. Dola gets 3 on a sweep, then Brady finds Dobson for 24. Lewis gets 2, and we find Gronk for 15, then Lewis gets 1. Back to back passes to Dobson get 12 and a drop. Then Jules finishes with the drive with a 22 yard TD. 34-13 Pats. 3:24 left in the 3rd.

On the play, Aaron Williams, of the Bills, is hurt. We're not sure what the injury is, but it led to a very long delay and an ambulance on the field. They brought out a stretcher, so it could be some sort of neck or back injury.

After a few minutes, CBS passed along it is a neck injury. No other details known.

Bills P10: Start at the 20. 3 and out on 3 sacks. Branch, Collins, Chandler. There were fumbles on the first two sacks, Bills got them both back.

Pats P11: Start at the 45. 5 plays. 4 incomplete passes and a 23 yard play by Gronk. We go for a 50 yard FG. It's good. 37-13. 28 seconds left.

Why didn't we start to run here? Let Blount or Bolden have some touches, burn clock.

Bills P11: Start at the 20. They start off with a focus on Williams. One pass for 11, then two runs for 13. We got to Taylor for sack #8 on the next play (Collins and Silaga shared it), but they stike with a 20 yard pass for Harvin. After a high pass misses Clay, Shady runs for 5, and Taylor run for 4 more. They lined up on 4th and 1, and we called timeout #1. Williams got 2 and the first down. On the next play, they find Woods for a 32 yard TD. They go for two. The conversion attempt fails. 37-19 Pats. 11:42

Pats P12: Start at the 20. We keep throwing. We miss Gronk, then find Dobson (14), Lewis (16), Chandler (5). We go deep to Jules, and get 22, but it comes back on OPI on Dobson. So we had second and 15. Back to the air to Jules (6) and Lewis (8). That gave us 4th and inches. We lined up in a heavy set, with Blount on the field. But, before the snap, we call timeout #2. We playaction to Blount, go for the TD, and miss Jules. Bills ball. 8:10 left.

Bills P12: Start at the 38. The Bills are not quitting. They lead with a 13 yard run for Shady. They find Harvin for 5, but it comes back because of hands to the face on Henderson. Shady gets 6, Taylor finds Watkins for 10, and then Taylor gets 5 and the first down. The next play, they find Harvin. He gets about 20, is stripped by Bradley Fletcher, but Watkins recovers. That gives them 1st and 10 at the 11. Shady gets 4, and after a timeout by the Bills, Taylor runs it it. TD. 2 point is failed. 37-25, Pats. 5:27 left.

Pats P13: Start at the Bills 43 after the failed onsides. The Bills were called for offsides (declined), illegal block before the ball went 10 yards (declined), and a kickoff out of bounds. We blow it though. After we find Gronk for 8. And then...

Dareus strips Brady, Brown recovers.

Bills P13: Start at the 50. Taylor finds Woods for 25, then Watkins for 25 and a TD. 37-32 Pats. 4:16 left.

Pats P14: Start at the 20. It's time for the offense to go win it. We lead with back to back passes to Jules for 6 each. Bills take timeout #2 after the second. Brady goes deep to Lewis, and misses, but Bradham is called for PI. 22 yard gain. We then find Dola for 29, and Dobson for six. Bills call timeout #3. Blount gets nothing on 2nd and four and we reach the two minute warning. Blount gets 4. That gives us 4th and 1. We choose to take the FG. 25 yard try is good. 40-32 Pats. 1:15 left.

Bills P14: Start at the 20. Tyler throws high, it goes off Watkins hands and Logan Ryan with the gane winning pick.

Pats kneel it out.

It was a sloppy game and we go cocky in the 4th, but we win.

The Oline has played very well. One sack of Brady today.

09-20-2015, 06:31 PM
One quibble. I dont know if the call you singled out as the first bad one was in fact the first bad one because the broadcast director needs to be fired. Limited replays of key calls and way too many shots of crowd and average wings.

09-20-2015, 06:36 PM
I t looked like they targeted Bradham, Darby, and Duke Williams whenever possible.

Also, the late Amendola catch was stupidly spectacular

I saw five horse**** calls, but that was mostly before the comeback.

New England won with their brains. Both out coaching and out-signing Buffalo. McCoy does nothing Lewis didn't do, and keeps other guys off the roster due to cap hit. And no, I am not ready to let it go.

Charles Clay on the first pickand on the last pick Sammy Watkins demonstrated some pretty good alligator arms. The receivers will quickly tire of reaching for balls over the middle. Taylor has to keep them down.

09-20-2015, 08:16 PM
One quibble. I dont know if the call you singled out as the first bad one was in fact the first bad one because the broadcast director needs to be fired. Limited replays of key calls and way too many shots of crowd and average wings.

From what I saw, the refs did a good job. The call I thought was wrong was the OPI on Watkins. That should have been a catch, but I didn't see any other bad calls. Now, it might have been that the CBS crew didn't give us enough replay's.

Both teams played sloppily, there were a lot of bonehead penalties. The Bills ST miscue's really hurt them.