View Full Version : Did anyone really expect Buffalo to beat the Bengals with EJ Manuel playing QB?

10-19-2015, 10:05 AM
Dude picks up his back foot when throwing the ball. Someone somewhere, and I think it was the combination of Morrone and Hackett, ruined him.

OK, here are all the things I think are wrong in Buffalo right now, in no particular order:

1. GM has made some stupid personnel moves, leaving the team short handed in places where injury is not a stretch.
2. The defensive scheme is inherently attachable. Spread the offense out, and throw away the Fullback. With the current personnel, they need to blitz more. Why? Because a good QB can find the guy being covered by Preston Brown, Nigel Bradham, Duke Williams, or a defensive lineman dropping into coverage (which has happened way too much.) not saying they should all be cut, but they are the weak points in coverage.
3. Kicking Teams Coordinator Danny Crossman is still not very good at it. The injury to Marcus Easley has once again exposed his coverage units. The kickoff return problems are not the fault of the guy catching the ball. Marcus Thigpen was totally a fall guy.
4. The field at the Ralph has been consistent. Since its installation, three or four plays per game a Bills player with or targeted for receipt of the ball has slipped. Every frickin' game. The equipment guys have to figure out the shoes. This has been going on for a decade. Cost a touchdown against the Giants,for example.
5. Buffalo has a lot of brittle guys onthe roster. Aaron Williams, Marcus Easley, Percy Harvin, Sammy Watkins, Lesean McCoy, EJ Manuel, Marquise Goodwin, Stephon Gilmore (though not yet this year,) Leodis McKelvin, and the aging but wonderful Kyle Williams lead the list.
6. Fred Jackson's absence is I think directly responsible for the idiot penalties they have taken all year. He was THE LEADER of that team. He kept Aaron Williams and by extension the rest of the young guys focused.
7. Doug Whaley.

10-19-2015, 10:15 AM
Forgot about the offense.

8. If they are not going to throw to the Fullback, and they don't, he should not be on the field for passing plays. He generally isn't. Therefore, when he is on the field, everyone kinda knows it is probably going to be a run.
9. I did not expect Roman to be as susceptible to this as Hackett, but there is still an awful lot of tight formation stuff going on in the run game. Why is this a problem, you may ask? Because it invites eight and nine man defensive fronts, which only help the defense.
10. They are trying too hard to make every receiver interchangeable, and I am mostly talking about Marquise Goodwin. Last group of coaches did this too. I don't care how tough he is, and how capable he is of catching passes short. His body is not built for it. Don't worry about surprising people. He should, 90% of the time, be running somewhere between 40 and 60 yards downfield. Against zone coverage he will either be open or be dragging a safety and a corner with him, creating a numbers advantage elsewhere, and against man coverage he will be open at least half the time, because just about the only corner who can run with him is on the Buffalo roster.

10-19-2015, 10:29 AM
I still like Manuel and think he needs more of a chance to develop. Some things you just have to learn by playing.

10-19-2015, 11:22 AM
11. The blue pants with the blue jerseys. Get rid of that ****. Soon as you saw you knew it was gonna be a long day.