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12-06-2015, 03:09 PM
We have the reeling Eagles next. We are at home and for once are not in a prime time slot. The weather will not be a factor. It might get down into the 40s, maybe even high 30s, during the game, but there will be no precipitation.

Notable Pats inactive are Julian Edelmann, Rob Gronkowski, Dominqiue Easley, and Dont'a Hightower. Jamie Collins is finally back.

Notable Eagle inactives are Miles Austin and Ryan Matthews.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman have the call. Pete Morelli is the ref.

Go Pats!

12-06-2015, 05:52 PM
Eagles P1: Start at the 17. 9 plays and a punt. They used Sproles a lot, he was productive. Butler and Chung both had a pass defended.

Pats P1: Start at the 17. 5 plays and a punt. Barwin had a sack on the drive.

Eagles P2: Start at the 20 after a block in the back on Philly. Slater hurt on the play. Three and out.

Pats P2: Start at the 20. Four plays and a punt. Curry with a sack. The running game is working, the passing game isn't. Why are we going empty??

Eagles P3: Start at the 43. Three and out.

Pats P3: Start at the 20. We get a drive and it also finishes the first. Blount leads with a 4 yard run, then Brady finds LaFell for 8 and Martin for 19. A 1 yard Blount run and an incomplete pass to Bolden give us 3rd and 9. Danny comes though, with a catch and lunge for 10 and the first down. Brady throws away the next pass. On 2nd and 10, he escapes pressure, throws a duck, and Chandler makes the catch. He rumbles to the 6! Bolden get 1 to end the quarter and give us second and goal from the 5.

To start the second, Brady finds White for the 5 yard TD. 7-0 Pats. 14:57 in the half.

Eagles P4: Start at the 19. 5 plays and a punt.

Pats P4: Start at the 19. The drive starts poorly. Blount is given the ball and is blown up for a loss of 5. On second and 15, Brady goes deep to a double covered Martin. However, both Eagles had thier back to the play, and one hooked Martin as he came back for the ball. No catch, but a very easy 42 yard DPI.

Blount got the next three touches and he gained 9 yards. Brady find Dola for 11, and then TB12 kept it on 3rd and 1, and got 2. Blount rumbled for 10 more yards, and we finish the drive with an 11 yard TD pass to a wide open Dola. 14-0 Pats. 7:47 in the half.

Eagles P5: Start at the 41 after a pooch kickoff. They take advantage of the pooch decision. Bradford finds Matthews for 6, but Murray gives it all back on a blown up sweet. But, on the next play, Bradford finds Matthews for 20. Sproles gets 11, and a 12 yard Celek catch gets them to out 11. Verneh gets two touches for 6, and Bradford finishes the drive with a 5 yard TD pass to Celek. 14-7 Pats. 4:04 left.

Pats P5: Start at the 9 after a block in the back on Ebner. Three and out.

Eagles P6: Start at the 44. The Eagles get us to the warning. The drive starts with a 16 yard screen pass for Sproles. On the next play, Chung pressures Bradford, and the pass is almost picked (and is knocked down), by Mayo. Nink drops Sproles for a loss of 3, and that sets up a 3rd and 13 after the warning.

Bradford finds Sproles for 5 to give them 4th and 8. We take a timeout. They punt.

Pats P6: Start at the 13. Bolden gets the first 2 carries. He gets 20 yards and after second carry we use TO #2. On the play play, Brady slips and is touched down (sacked) by Graham for a loss of three. Cox is hurt on the play, and that means Philly loses it's first timeout. White runs for 8, then Brady misses Chandler. We punt with 18 second left. It's blocked, and they get a TD.

14-14. :08 left in the half. Special teams plays are hurting us today.

Pats P7: Start at the 25. We take a knee and go to the locker room.

The half ended in a disappointing way, but there's a lot of time to go, and we've played well overall.

Patrick Sullivan
12-06-2015, 06:02 PM
Brenneman/Davis have the call.

Pete Morelli looks like a dead man walking.

Just sayin'.

12-06-2015, 07:36 PM
Brenneman/Davis have the call.

Pete Morelli looks like a dead man walking.

Just sayin'.

Yeah. The site I used to show me the commentators got it wrong. Morelli had a good game, IMO.

12-06-2015, 07:40 PM
Cox is back, he cleared concussion protocol. Slater is also back.

Pats P8: Start at the 20. 6 plays and a punt.

Eagles P7: Start at the 6. Three and out.

Pats P9: Start at the Eagles 46. Terrible drive. We go to the air to start off. Brady goes to Chandler (6) and Martin (7). Then he goes to Danny. Danny takes it to the 5, fumbles, Eagles get it back. The refs rule it incomplete. I think it was the wrong call. We go back to Danny for 8, and then White for 27 giving us first and goal at the 1. White gets dropped for a loss of 4, Brady misses Dola. He goes back to Dola and then...

Interception. Malcolm Jenkins. 99 yard TD return. 21-14 Eagles. 7:26 left in the third.

Pats P10: Start at the 20. 7 plays and a punt.

Sproles takes the punt 83 yards for a TD. 28-14 Eagles. 4:18 left in the third.

Pats P11: Start at the 18. Blount runs twice for 7. Then we run trickery. Direct snap to White, White hands to Danny, Danny throws to Brady for 36. On the next play, LaFell cuts his route short and Maxwell picks Brady in the endzone.

Eagles P8: Start at the 20. They give Sproles three carries for 13, then Barner a carry for 5 to run out the third.

The fourth starts with a 3rd and 3. They go to Barner twice for 7, then throw to him for 5 more. On 3rd and 3, we stop them, but Butler is called for PI. It's a good call. Collins tips a pass incomplete, then Murray gets two carries for 20. Sproles runs for 5. We call timeout #1 before a 3rd and 2. After the timeout, they find Matthews for an 8 yard TD. 35-14 Eagles. 11:09 left.

Pats P12: Start at the 17. Three and out.

Eagles P9: Start at the 34. Three and out.

Pats P13: Start at the 29. We don't go all out hurry up but we do get a drive. Every play is a pass. Brady goes to Chandler (11), White (inc), Martin (19), LaFell (inc), White (2 for 27), Chandler (14 TD). 35-21 Eagles. 5:27 left.

We onsides kick and recover!

Pats P14: Start at the 44. We stay in the air! Martin (inc), White (11, then inc). Kline was hurt. Chandler (inc), White (-2, 25 (on 4th and 12), 9), LaFell (11). Then Brady keeps it for the 1 yard TD! 35-28 Eagles. 3:00 left.

Eagles P10: Start at the Pats 46. Bradford runs for nothing, and the Sproles gets dropped for a loss. We use our last two timeouts. On 3rd and 11, Bradford finds Cooper for 14. A 1 yard Sproles run got the game to the 2:00 warning.

After the warning, Sproles runs for 4. Philly calls TO with 1:13 left and a 3rd and 5. On the next play, Barner gets 2 and fumbles. We recover!

Pats P15: Start at the 25. 1:02 left.
1st and 10: Brady to Lafell, inc. :56
2nd and 10: Brady to White, inc, :50
3rd and 10: Brady to White, 12 :43
1st adn 10: Spike: 34
2nd and 10: Brady to LaFell, drop. :31
3rd and 10: Brady to Dola, inc. :26
4th and 10: Brady to Martin, inc. Game

Eagles P11: Kneel for the win.

I want to start off my giving full credit to the Eagles. We made too many mistakes, and they took advantage. They deserved to win.

On the other hand, last week I was mad. This week I am not. We did not play well. They had a punt return, punt block return, and interception return for TDs. Take one of those away (or if LaFell runs the right route on Brady's second pick), it's a tie, and we fought back in and never quit.

if it was the Super Bowl, this would be a terrible loss. But it's not. We're fine and it's not likely you'll ever see our special teams play that poorly again.

Don't think we're out of it!

Go Pats!!