View Full Version : My top QB prospects, 2016:

03-29-2016, 08:04 AM

1. Carson Palm... er, Wentz Never seen him play. Like the fact he is from ND, never gets a bad grade, and doesn't seem to care about ESPN.
2. Kirk Cous... Kevin Hogan I have actually seen him play a little. Accurate under pressure. Consistently good decision-maker. Good pocket mogility. When people look for negatives they say he has a long delivery, and that means jack.
3. Tyro... Vernon Adams. Just does it.
4. Jared Goff. No clue. Never seen him play, either. I like that he went to Cal because it means we might see more of Olivia Munn. I don't like that he went to Cal because he might be a Hippie. He might be awesome, he might not.

I don't think anybody else this year can be a successful starter in the NFL. I also think the only ones who can do it regardless of system are Hogan and Wentz. Adams' game relies on trust form coaches and administrators, and that is never a guarantee.

Patrick Sullivan
03-29-2016, 03:13 PM
If I ran a team and needed to draft a QB, I would have a hard time taking any QB in this year's first round.

03-30-2016, 06:51 AM
I would pick Wentz or Lynch.

Evan Vracar
04-02-2016, 06:33 PM
Carson Wentz is a pretty neat athlete, which helps drive a lot of his upside, in addition to showing a surprising knack for things like pre-snap diagnoses and adjustments which have been a foreign concept to most recent top quarterback prospects. Good arm, efficient release, good mobility in the pocket. Biggest concern is how he adjusts to the dramatic uptick in game speed from FCS to the NFL. Has a really bad habit of locking onto reads, and sometimes struggles with trying to force the ball.

Perhaps no senior quarterback did more for himself than Kevin Hogan did in 2015; a strong season forced a lot of people who had written him off to reconsider. Still, the big question is his arm talent. As stated, he has an elongated delivery, and a low release point which leads to a higher rate of batted balls. It also causes greater difficulty on deep throws, which is an area of weakness for Hogan. I do actually like him though as a mid-round sleeper at the position.

Biggest strength for Vernon Adams is obviously his mobility, but the odds are stacked against him. He measures a hair under 5'11" and to be that short and be successful at a high level you need to possess an elite skill. Russell Wilson has elite arm strength, Drew Brees has elite accuracy, Vernon Adams has neither. His accuracy is good up to the intermediate level, but inconsistent mechanics still hamper him even on these throws. His arm strength is only competent at best. If drafted at all, it's hard to imagine it's anytime before the sixth round.

Jared Goff is probably my personal favorite among all the quarterback prospects in this draft class. Shows surprisingly strong accuracy to all areas of the field despite not playing in a pro-style offense. Excellent release and arm speed, combined with above average arm strength and velocity. Able to read and dissect defensive coverages without much difficulty. Biggest area in need of improvement is his footwork, and he could also serve to further hone and refine his mechanics to be more consistent.

04-06-2016, 09:53 PM
Two things.

1. Vernon Adams is maybe a clone of Tyrol Taylor.
2. Saw some Wentz and Hogan tape today. They both have longer throwing motions than Dan Marino. Pretty similar, in fact. I am leaning ever more strongly toward Hogan being the QUEEN steal of the draft.

Bonus: Dakota Prescott looks an awful lot like Fitz.

04-07-2016, 12:47 PM
Paxton Lynch also has the long delivery. Slow more than long, I guess. Put a stop watch on Lynch, Wentz, and Hogan, and the time from decision to release isn't too different. Goff's release is noticeably quicker than the others. Connor Cook doesn't matter, and I don't know who the others are at this point.

Firmly in the Hogan camp at this point.

Matt Kocsan
04-07-2016, 02:29 PM
Hey, gang. Some thoughts:

(1) I like Goff, mostly. His size is fine, he's got a pretty good arm, and I'm not scared of spread offense. I like that he was a three-year starter and, I don't know, it might be good that he didn't come out of a football factory like Alabama or Ohio State and it's a little easier to see him when he's playing as opposed to the team around him. I kind of wonder if you could do something with him like what's happened with Drew Brees, where a guy comes out of the spread, you teach him a bit more of the pro-style, and then you open things up for him again.

(2) I don't know what to do with Wentz. I just noted it might be a positive that Goff didn't come out of a powerhouse program, but he did play in the Pac-12, so I know what I was watching a bit more there. North Dakota State has won five straight FCS national championships, so it kind of works in the reverse at that level. His numbers under pressure look pretty terrible (like 70% completion percentage without pressure versus 40% with), but then that's exactly what Derek Carr was like at Fresno State, but he is not terrible. Of course, he has some serious receivers to throw to, and Wentz may not. He's big, and allegedly he's smart, if you believe those leaked Wonderlic scores, but it's not like he's far outpacing Goff in either category or Goff is completely inadequate. Shrug.

(3) Paxton Lynch I'm probably underselling when I see a big guy, who is toolsy. I ddon't really like the finer points so much, but I understand his appeal. Still, does anyone else feel like when you're looking at a quarterback who is taller than 6'6", it's like he's too big? Shrug. Also, Brian was more into Memphis last year than I was during Tailgating.

(4) Connor Cook gets a great, big 'ehhhhhhhhhhhh?' from me. Way too much of Michigan State's offense was him chucking the ball toward Aaron Burbridge on the sidelines and expecting him to do something awesome for me to be really comfortable with that guy.

(5) I don't get and haven't gotten the Christian Hackenberg interest for the last two years. I understand Franklin's system was less than ideal for him, but that said, I just don't really like him. It's just one example, but he had a clean pocket and one-on-one coverage on a deep ball against Michigan State on their first possession of the game, and just missed horribly and tossed an interception.

(6) The perfect outcome for Cardale Jones is to get drafted by Arizona, sit on the bench for like three years, and hang out with Bruce Arians constantly.

(7) I think that if I imagine Kevin Hogan playing for, say, Arizona State instead of Stanford, my opinion about him changes fairly dramatically.

(8) Where and if Trevone Boykin is drafted is a really interesting question, and so is what position the team taking him will actually want him to play. He's not blazing fast and he's not a big guy at all, so maybe I'm making something out of nothing here, but his agility is off-the-charts good, and I kind of wonder if someone like an Andy Reid would want to try to do something with that.

(9) Can I interest anyone in a slightly use Dak Prescott?