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09-11-2016, 08:18 PM
Pats vs Cards.

Opening day! Arizona! While I expect us to lose, even if we do, we are not in a bad position. The rest of the AFC East lost, so, our worst case scenario is a tie for first. It would be nice if we win, but it's not something I expect.

We're missing Gronk, Cannon, and Solder. They have no significant inactives.

09-11-2016, 09:12 PM
Wow, the new Sunday Night Football theme song sucks. The old one was awesome. Why change something that wasn't broken?? Great job, NBC.

First Quarter

Cards possession 1 starts at the 25. 5 plays and a punt. Good start for the defense. Arizona is called for delay before the punt. It was a deliberate choice, by them, to delay.

Pats possession 1 starts at the 26. We start out looking shaky but it turns good. Jimmy overthrows Hogan and Jules gets stopped for zero on a jet sweep. But, Jules is Jules and gets an 11 yard catch on 3rd and 10. Blount has a short run that gets called back by holding on Karras. We have 1st and 19. Jimmy finds Jules for 20. Blount for 2, and then Jimmy to Jules for 8. First down. Blount gets 6, and the Jimmy goes deep to Hogan for a 37 yard TD! 7-0 Pats. 7:34 left.

Cards possession 2 starts at the 11. Palmer finds Floyd for 39, then they three and out.

Pats possession 2 starts at the 8. We keep rolling. Jimmy finds White for 21 to give us room to work. Blount gets 1, and Jimmy one hops a ball to White for 3rd and 9. But, #90 on the Cards jumps offsides, and White 5 on the 3rd and 4. Blount powers for 12 to get us across the 50. Jimmy finds Jules for 3, Blount gets 2, and then Jimmy finds White for 7. Jimmy goes deep to Mitchell off playaction but thows high. We give Jules another sweep and he gets 7. On 3rd and 3, Jimmy goes to Danny, but the pass is defended by Branch. We settle for the 47 yard FG. 10-0 Pats. 1:00 left.

Cards possession 3 starts at the 19. They start off with a pass to Johnson for 26, but end the quarter with a sack by Valentine.

09-11-2016, 09:58 PM
Second Quarter:

Palmer starts the second quarter well. He finds Johnson for 7 and Nelson for 11. Johnson then gets two carries for 8 yards. On third and 2, Chris Long sacks Palmer and the Cardinals punt.

Pats possesion 3 starts at 12. Not a good drive for us. Six plays then Jimmy is stripped and the ball is recovered by Chandler Jones. After the recovery, Arizona is penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Cards possession 4 starts at the 46. They take advantage of the turnover like good teams do. Johnson runs for 5 before Palmer found Floyd for 8. Johnson had 3 carries for 13. Palmer went to Fitz for 6, and then Johnson got 2 on 3rd and 1. Palmer finds Gresham for 9, and Johnson gets stuffed on 2nd and 1, but gets 2 on 3rd down to give them 1st and goal at the 3. Palmer finished the drive with a pass to Fitz for the TD. 10-7 Pats. 4:06 left.

Evan Mathis was hurt on the drive and taken the locker room on the cart.

Pats possession 4 starts at the 26. Three and out. Al and CC spend the whole drive chatting about Deflategate after complaining that the story won't die. And as the media still tends to, they just don't get it.

Cards possession 5 starts at the 38. Three and out!

Pats possession 5 starts at the 31. We three and out on 5 plays with two penalities. Zona uses two timeouts and will get the ball back with one left.

Cards possession 6 starts at the 32 with 15 seconds left in the half. The half ends with a sack of Palmer by Long, Hightower, and Collins.

They win the second quarter, but we lead the game and are hanging tough. We have a chance.

09-11-2016, 10:43 PM
Third Quarter:

Cards injury updates: Nelson is questionable, and Mathis will return.

Pats possession six starts at the 25. We start out strong in this half! Jimmy's first pass is tipped by Campbell, but Jimmy cathces the tip and gets 3. Blount gets 1 but on 3rd down, Jimmy runs for 10 and the first down. On the next play, he finds Jules for 9. Blount runs for 11, but he get nothing on his next run. After Bennett gets his first catch of the night for 3 yards, Jimmy finds Mitchell. Mitchell makes the corner miss and the play gains 28. We have first and goal at the 8. Blount powers it in on one carry for the TD. 17-7 Pats. 10:00 left.

Cards possession seven starts at the 25. 6 plays and a punt. Butler with a great pass defense and Logan Ryan nearly had a pick.

Pats possession seven starts at the 28. Two plays. Jimmy finds Mitchell for 5, then Blount fumbles. Cardinals ball.

Cards possession eight starts at the Pats 33. Again, they take advantage. Palmer finds Gresham for 15. He misses Johnson, then finds Fitz for 14. They had first and goal at the 4, and two carries by Johnson punches it in. 17-14 Pats, 4:29 left.

Both Cardinals TDs came off of our turnovers. If we lose, we caused it ourselves. We're giving them short fields and they are taking advantage.

Pats possession 8 starts at the 25. We use the rest of the third. Blount runs for 3, and Jules runs his third sweep of the night for 9 and the first down. Jimmy finds Hogan for 5, Blount gets nothing, and Jimmy finds Bennett who makes a dive for the first. Blount gets one more, and the quarter ends with a 6 yard catch by Jules.

It'll be 3rd and 3 to start the 4th.

The third quarter was a tie. Whoever wins the fourth wins the game.

Go Pats!

09-11-2016, 11:33 PM
Fourth Quarter:

Frosty Rucker has been taken to the locker room for x-rays.

The fourth starts off crazy. Jimmy throws behind Hogan on 3rd and 4. But Minter is called for roughing. I think it was a good call, but I did see Cam take worse hits with no calls on Thursday.

After Blount gets nothing and Bennett makes a six yard catch to bring up 3rd and four the crazy starts. On the first play, Jimmy throws to Danny. Danny is pushed down in the endzone by Brance. However, while the call is made on Branch, Cannon is called for holding. Offsetting and both were easy calls.

On the second 3rd and 4, Jimmy rolls out and finds Jules for 8 and the first. But, it comes back on holding on Bennett. CC does not agree with the call.

On 3rd and 14, Jimmy has to throw the ball away. We make the 53 yard FG.

20-14 Pats, 12:35 left.

Cards possession 9 starts at the 21. Cards answer. Palmer goes to the air. He finds Johnson for 5 and Ellington for 12. He then goes to Floyd. It's incomplete, but Butler is called for a hold. Johnson gets a carry, then, and he should have been tackled in the backfield. However, he escapes and ends up getting 45.

After Arizona spends a time out, they to go Floyd twice and Butler defends both passes. A third pass to Floyd, not against Butler, get 11 and the first. Palmer finds Fitz for the 1 yard TD to cap the drive. 21-20 Cards. 9:46 left.

Pats possession 9 starts at the 25. We have an up and down drive. It starts with Chandler Jones sacking Jimmy and Jimmy throwing early and missing White. But on 3rd and 15, he extends the play and finds Danny for a gain of 32 yards!

On the next play, Hogan misses a block and Blount is dropped for a loss of six. Passes to Danny (for 13) and White (for 4), gets another first down.

Blount gets stopped for a loss of 1, and then Jimmy misses Bennett. On 3rd and 11, Blount gets 13! After a delay of game on is, JImmy finds White and Danny (for 7 and 3). The Cards use timeouts 2 and 3. They are out. Jimmy fails to get the first on a scramble, and we take the 32 yard FG. 23-21 Pats. 3:44 left.

Cards possession 10 starts at the 9 after a return to the 18 and a hold on Branch.

They are in all throw mode. Before the 2:00 warning, Palmer goes to Brown (8), Fitz (20), Brown (inc, almost picked by Coleman), Fitz (14), tip incomplete, Johnson (3), Fitz (11).

Two minutes to play. If we can get a turnover, we win.

They run for a gain of zero with Johnson, we call our first timeout. They throw, Coleman picks it out of bounds, and Watford is called for a hold. 2nd and 20. They try a screen and lose 4 yards.

3rd and 24! We call timeout #2 with 1:10 left.

Palmer to Brown for about 20 yards put them back in FG range and they have to try a 47 yard FG. We used timeout 3.

The kick is Missed!

We win!


We Win!!

No Brady! No Gronk! No Nink!

OMG, We win!

Patrick Sullivan
09-11-2016, 11:40 PM
Goddammit if Jimmy Garoppolo ain't a pair of specs away from looking like Clark Freakin' Kent.