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09-18-2016, 12:21 PM
After the win last week, we come home for three games in a row. Miami is up first. The weather is supposed to be sunny with gusts of wind.

Key inactives for us are Gronk, Hightower, and Cooper (so far, the Cards have won the Chandler Jones trade). For Miami Pouncey is inactive.

A win would get us to 2-0 without Brady and have us in good shape in the division. A loss would put us in 3rd - Miami would have the head to head, and the Jets a better division record. I know it's early to think about tiebreakers but sometimes these early season games are critically important. Miami starting at 0-2 might very well have a ripple effect for the whole season.

09-18-2016, 01:42 PM
Greg Gumble and Trent Green have the call.

First Quarter

Pats: We start at the 25. It was a good drive. 8 plays, 3 runs, 5 passes. Blount had all the runs for a total of 11 yards. Jimmy was 5 of 5. Jules had two catches for 24, including 11 on a 3rd and 9. Foster had 1 on a quick pass, Bennett got 26 on a screen, and Danny caught the 13 yard TD. 7-0 Pats, 10:53 left.

Miami: They start at the 25. On the first play, Freeny was called for holding. Following that first down, they went three and out.

Pats: We start at the 24. We strike again. 7 plays. Blount with 2 carries for 3 yards. Jimmy was 4 of 5. Hogan had 2 for 43, Jules 1 for 9. A pass to White was the miss. It was defended by Jenkins. Bennett finished the drive with a 20 yard TD. We had three 20+ yard plays that drive. 14-0 Pats. 6:22 left.

Miami: They start at the 25. Three and out.

Pats: We start at the 24. We end the quarter driving. Blount has two more carries for six yards. Jimmy is 4 of 6. He missed Hogan and Slater deep. If he would not have overthrown Slater, it would have been a TD. Jules has two more catches for 29 (including 20 yards on 3rd and 7), Danny had one for 12, Foster had 1 for 9. Alsonso should have sacked Jimmy, but Jimmy escaped. Cannon was called for holding on that play.

09-18-2016, 02:39 PM
Second Quarter:

We finish the drive. White runs for 14 and a first down. Blount loses two, then Jimmy finds Jules for 8, and Danny for a 10 yard TD! 21-0 Pats, 13:10 left.

Miami: They start at the 10. Three and out!

Pats: We start at the Miami 48. We play strangely conservative and three and out. I would have been more agressive there and gone for the kill shot.

Miami: They start at the 14. After finding Landry for 21, they go three and out. They miss the snap on 3rd and 7, and lose a ton of yards before the punt.

Pats: We start at the 31. We have our first bad drive. Six plays and then Danny fumbles after a 3rd and 9 catch for 14 and Miami recovers.

Miami. They start at the 42. We get it right back! After overthrowing Stills, Tannehill goes to Landry fumbles and Long recovers.

Arian Foster pulled his groin and is questionable to return.

Pats: We start at the 48. A good and bad drive. It started out sloppy with Jimmy throwing poorly and missing Foster and Jules. On the second play, Miami was called for a blow to the head giving us a first down. On the next play, Bennett drops a screen and Blount gets 1 on 2nd and 10. On 3rd and 9, Jimmy escapes Wake, finds Mitchell for 14 and a first down, but he gets hit by Alonso and stays down. He's taken to the locker room.

Welcome to the NFL Jacoby Brissett.

We give the next two plays to Blount who gets 5. Jules drops a 3rd and 5 pass and we settle for the 34 yard FG. 24-0 Pats. 2:48 left.

Miami: They start at the 25. Dolphins come out fast. Before the two minute warning, Ajayi runs for 8, then Tannehill has two completions. The first to Cameron for 14, and the other to Ajayi for 8.

After the warning, Tannehill throws a pick to Jamie Collins!

Pats: We start at the Miami 49. We three and out with 2 Blount runs and a drop by Jules.

Miami: They start at the 14. They take advantage. It starts with 12 men on the field on us. After that, except for one scramble, it's all passes. He misses twice to Parker, once a drop on the last play of the half (except the FG) and one defended by Butler. However, he found Ajayi for 8, Landry for 6, Cameron for 5, Simms for 14, and Landry for 25. They end the half with a FG. 24-3 Pats at the half.

We need to figure out how to run the offense if Jimmy can't come back.

09-18-2016, 03:27 PM
Third Quarter:

The defense is going to have to kick it up a notch. Go Pats!

Miami: They start at the 25. I don't know why we are not kicking off to the one like last week. They blow a chance. They start off with a holdin call on Stills. After that, Tannehill gets 3 completions in a row. (Cameron for 11, Landry for 8, Parker for 7). Ajayi runs for 1, then Parker has a 12 yard catch. On the next play, Ajayi fumbles and Flowers recovers.

Pats: We start at the 32. We take advantage. Jacoby runs playaction and he finds Bennett for a 47 yard play. A Blount no gain and a holding call on Tuney brought us back a bit. Jacoby stays cool finding Bennett for 14 and Jules for 7. After the Jules catch, McCain is called for a personal fould that gave us first and goal. Blount punched it in for a TD. 31-3 Pats. 8:44 left.

Miami: They start at the 25. Nothing but passes. Tannehill has 3 to Parker for 37, 1 to Drake for 2, one to Ajayi for 10, and one throw away. He finishes the drive with a 24 yard TD to Stills. 31-10 Pats. 5:45 left.

Pats: We start at the 25. 6 plays and a punt. One of the officials was hurt on the last play of the drive. He was not hit, he went down running to get the ball. He got up ok, it looks to be a leg injury. Just a minor one, he stays in the game.

Miami: They start at the 12. After a 5 yard run by Drake, they go back to the air. Tannehill goes 3 for 3. Parker with 1 for 4 yards and Landry two for 46.

They start the 4th at the Pats 33.

09-18-2016, 04:11 PM
Fourth Quarter:

They score quick. DPI is called on Logan Ryan that gives them a first down on the 12. Cameron catches a 12 yard TD the next play the Collins and Chung are hurt on the play.

31-17 Pats. 14:51 left.

Pats: We start at the 19. 7 plays and a punt. 10:49 left.

Miami: They start at the 26. They keep closing in. 6 passes all complete. Cameron for 7, Landry 2 for 18, Parker for 12, Ajayi for 6, Stills for 16. Ajayi had a 1 yard run, Tannehill a 6 yard scramble, Drake a 6 yard TD run. 31-24 Pats. 6:06 left.

We have two timeouts, they have three.

Pats: We start at the 25. We focus on the runnng game. Six Blount runs for 35, a Brissett sneak for 2, a throw away, and a 16 yard pass to Bennett gets us to the two minute warning.

Miami used one of it's timeouts before the warning.

After the warning, two more Blount runs lose 2 yards and Miami uses the last two timeouts.

On 3rd and 12 Blount gets 7.

We bring out Gostkowski for the 39 yard FG. He misses it with 1:05 left.

Miami: They start at the 29.
1st and 10: Tannehill to Parker to the Miami 49.
1st and 10: Ball batted by Long. :38 left.
2nd and 10: Tannehill runs to the 34.
1st and 10: Spike. :19 left
2nd and 10: Tannehill to Landry to the 30. :15 left
3rd and 6: Tannehill to Stills, incomplete. :09 left
4th and 6: Harmon with the pick in the endzone!

Game over!!!