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10-22-2017, 08:05 PM
Atlanta. and the Super Bowl rematch, is up next.

The weather will be clear and in the mid to low 50s.

Atlanta's inactives are C Sean Harlow, T Justin Pazstor, WRs Rick Williams and Marvin Hall, DT Antwan Rubin, LB Jordan Tripp and S Sharrod Reasman.

I hope I got all of those right. Atlanta uses a font for the inactive report and it is real strange and hard to read.

The Pats inactives are OL Cole Croston, T Cam Fleming, DL Geno Grissom, LBs Elandon Roberts and Harvey Langi and CBs Stephen Gilmour and Eric Rowe.

I hope that we play well, but with the corner situation I'm worried.

Go Pats!!!

10-22-2017, 09:07 PM
First Quarter.

Gene Steretore is the ref.

Atlanta won the toss and deferred.

Pats Possession 1. We start at the 21. It was a sloppy drive on both teams.

We started with Lewis getting nothing on the first play of game. Brady goes to Gronk on second. Trufant knocks the ball down and almost picks it. But, Trufant was also called for holding giving us a first down.

Brady went to Lewis. He got 3 but Hogan was called for holding giving the Pats a 1st and 17. Brady went back to Lewis for 6. On 2nd down, Danny drops a pass. On 3rd, Gronk gets just exactly the 11 we need to covert.

We catch the Falcons with 12 men on defense, so we had a first and 5. Lewis gets 2. He then gets nothing and Solder gets called for holding. That gave us 2nd and 13. Brady finds Danny for 5, then misses Cooks. The Falcons jump offsides on the punt. That gave us 4th and 3, so we still punted.

Falcons Possession 1. They start at the 20 with 10:54 left. Three and out!

Pats Possession 2. We start at the 32 with 9:35 left. It was fair caught at the 44 and Chung was called for holding. Good call, wrong person. It call should have been against Jones.

Three and out. A first down sack of Brady by Campbell and a second down OPI on Gronk kill the drive. The OPI was the correct call and wiped out a 47 yard catch.

Falcons Possession 2. They start at the 29 with 7:15 left. Crazy drive!

It starts off with Coleman running for 4, and Ryan finding Julio for 16.

Then they ran. Coleman for 1, Freeman for 5. Freeman blown up Flowers for a loss of 3. 4th and 7 at the Pats 48 and they go for it! Ryan ends up running for 9.

Freeman runs for 1, and then off playaction, Ryan finds Sanu for 19.

Coleman gets nothing, Ryan misses passes to Sanu and Roberts. Then Cassius Marsh blocks a 37 yard field goal attempt and they get nothing from the drive.

Pats Possesion 3. We start at the 26 with 1:05 left. We end the quarter with a 1 yard sack of Brady by Beasley and no gain by Gillisee. It'll be 3rd and 11 from the 25.

10-22-2017, 10:00 PM
Second Quarter.

Pats Possession 3. (continued). Another crazy drive. We stat the quarter with a false start on Solder. 3rd and 16. It looks grim.

Brady finds Hogan for 20!

Lewis runs up the middle for 25! He gets another carry for 4. And then...

2nd and 6. Brady rolls out, almost runs, stops, throws. Pick! Endzone! Alford. And then...

Roughing the passer. Helmet to helmet hit on Clayborn. No pick. 15 yards, first down.

Gillisee runs for 5, and Brady tosses a 'pass' to a jet sweeping Cooks who follows Gronk the 11 yards to the endzone!

Pats 7-0. 12:26 left.

Falcons Possesion 3. They start at the 18. Three and out!

Pats Possesion 4. We start at the 26 with 11:19 left. We have a good, not great, drive.

Brady starts it off by missing Gronk. Burkhead gets 9 on second down. After Atlanta calls a timeout because of lining up issues, Gillislee gets 2 and the first.

We go back to Burkead with two carries for 10 yards and a new first down. Brady misses Gronk off playaction then finds Hogan for 7. Gronk jumps offsides to give us 3rd and 8, and nakes it up for it with a 28 yard catch.

Back to back runs by Burkead get 11 and gets us to the 11. However, he gets dropped for no gain, White gets 1 on a screen pass, and Neal knocks down a 3rd down pass to Hogan. We settle for a 29 yard field goal.

Pats 10-0. 4:42 left.

Falcons Possesion 4. They start at the 25 after a touchback.

They start out hot. Freeman runs for 11 and Ryan finds Sanu for 12. Freeman ran for 5, but that came back on offsetting calls.

The Falcons seemed to lose focus after that. Coleman drops a pass. Ryan is sacked by Adam Butler. On 3rd and 20, Ryan finds Julio for 15 and we reached the two minute warning.

While we were away, fog rolled in. It looks mysterious!

After the warning, they go for it and Ryan overthrows Sanu!

Pats Possesion 5. We start at the 47 with 1:55 left.

We move the ball. White runs for 5, has a 6 yard catch, then a 7 yard run. Brady goes to the air and finds Danny for 5, and Cooks for 20.

Pats take timeout 1 with :36 seconds left and a 1st and 10 at the 11.

They stop White, but Jarrett is called for hands to the face. That gave us first and goal at the 6. White runs for 3, and we call timeout 2 with :26 left.

We finish the drive with a touchdown catch by James White!!

Pats 17-0!! :21 left.

Falcons Possesion 5. They start at the 19. Three plays bring us to the half.

The good: We had a decent second quarter and we have the lead.

The bad: It's still been a sloppy game. We have not been crisp. And AL and CC need to stop talking about SB 51! They bring it up like every other play. It's really getting annoying, and there's no need for it. Do the game in front of you and not one from 8 months ago.

10-22-2017, 10:42 PM
Third Quarter.

Falcons Posssession 6. They start at the 28. They get a drive but it does not end well.

It starts well! Coleman runs for 2, Julio gets 3 on a screen, Ryan converts the first with a 14 yard scramble.

Then they go to the ground. Coleman for 6. Freeman for 4 then 22. Coleman for 3 more.

Ryan goes to the air. He overthrows Julio and the Sanu, both in the endzone.

The 36 yard field goal pings off the upright.

Still 17-0 Pats!

Pats Possesion 6. We start at the 26 with 10:35 left. We have a good drive.

It starts with Gronk jumping again. Brady goes to him and misses. He finds Hogan for 12, and then Brady keeps on a 6 yard run for the first.

Lewis runs for 2. Hogan has a drop, but a 10 yard pass to Cooks gets another first down.

After Lewis runs for 2, Brady goes to Hogan twice for 8 and 30. That gives us first and goal at the 9.

Lewis runs up the middle, twice, for 8. On 3rd and 1, Gillislee tries to bounce outside and loses three.

We settle for a 21 yard field goal.

20-0 Pats, 4:12

Falcons Possession 7. They start at the 26. They use the rest of the quarter driving.

It starts off with Freeman running for 9, and then Ryan finding Coleman for 7.

Freeman gets two runs for 18. Julio gets two catches for 30. That gave them 1st and goal at the 10.

The last play of the third quarter is Freeman getting nothing on a run.

The fourth starts with Atlanta having second and goal from the 10.

It was a fast third quarter.

10-22-2017, 11:22 PM
Fourth Quarter.

Atlanta Possession 7 (continued).

Ryan finds Sanu for 9. They have 3rd and goal at the 1.

We use a defensive timeout with 14:41 left.

We stop them!

On 3rd and goal, Ryan goes to Julio and Butler knocks it down!

On 4th, they sweep with Gabriel, and Van Noy drops him at the 6!


Pats Possession 7. We start at the 6 with 14:32 left.

We start out with Gillisee running for 3. Gronk has a 12 yard catch and Gillisee runs for 1.

Atlanta takes timeout 1 with 12:44 left.

After the timeout, we get moving. Brady finds Cooks for 26 and that gets us to the 50.

Clayborn goes offsides, so the Pats have a 1st and 5. We give the ball to Gillislee. He gets 7, 13, then 6. The last comes back on holding on Mason.

After the penalty, Brady misses Gronk, finds Burkhead for 11 and then White for 3.

We make a 38 yard field goal.

23-0 Pats. 9:15 left.

NBC does a tv timeout on both sides of the kickoff which you are not supposed to do anymore. Since the fog came in, Al and CC are just mailing in doing the game.

Atlanta Possession 8. They start at the 12.

They put a drive together. It starts with Freeman having two catches for 9 and running for 1 and the first down.

Then Ryan goes to the air. Julio for 17, Hardy for 22 then -1, Julio for 15.

Ryan ran for 12 then went back to the air. He finds Hooper for 6 and Julio for 5. They had first and goal at the 2.

We call timeout 2 with 4:13 left.

Ryan goes to Julio. Butler reads it, times it, picks it, and then Julio rips it out of his hands for the TD. Great play by both guys.

23-7 Pats. 4:09 left.

Pats Possession 8. We start at the Atlanta 49 when Danny recovers the onsides kick.

Lewis runs twice for 9. Atlanta takes timeout 2 and 3 after those runs. We take our last as well. 3:53 left. No timeouts for either team.

Brady sneaks for two and the first down.

Two more runs by Lewis brings us to the warning and ends the game!

Wow. We played so much better than I thought we would and we still didn't play great.

Good good win!


10-23-2017, 01:20 PM
Looking ahead a couple months: What do you fear offenses doing against the Pats? For Buffalo I fear traps, draws, screens, and passes down the seams.

11-18-2017, 11:55 AM

I mean, on any given Sunday any team can beat any team. But. we've fixed the communication issues, so there is nothing I really fear defensively. Or really in general.

If I had a worry, it would be the annual Tom looking bad game and/or the annual Josh getting too cute game happening in the playoffs.