View Full Version : Jermichael Finley injury. Lemonade?

10-15-2010, 03:23 PM
Two things became apparent as you watched Green Bay's not quite in sync offense. Jermichael Finley was Aaron Rodgers favorite target/security blanket, and Greg Jenning was not getting his touches. So it occured to me when Finley went down, not likely to return till near the playoffs, could this be a blessing in disguise? No one could doubt Finley's contribution, but is it possible that the desire to get the ball to the big man took away from the perfomance of one of the NFL's top wideouts?
Perhaps the refocus of the offense without Jermichael's presence will get Jennings rolling, and bring back ARod's greatest weapon, the long ball. While it seems counterintuitive to think that taking away a great receiving threat could in any way help a team, it's possible this is just what the Packers need to kickstart the O and start putting up points. There has been no problem moving the ball, but finishing drives has not been a strong suit.
I don't know if Finley was drawing the doubles that were expected before the season, but since he's been open a bunch, I doubt it. One thing's for sure, Rodgers has not been connecting on the long ball, and he has one of the best in the game. You may not have noticed because he does everything else so well. Personally, I'm more concerned about injuries to the defense than to losing Finley.
This lemon might just make some fine lemonade. I'll take mine neat, whiskey back.

10-16-2010, 12:24 AM
I had the same thoughts. I think Finley is a beast, but having him out will force a shift in the game plan and we might start getting back to where we were. I don't blame Rodgers for looking for him all the time, but too much attention isn't good either.