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Turk Schonert
10-30-2010, 09:38 PM
Green Bay @ NY Jets *NYJ - Teams that don't run the ball well, have a difficult time beating the Jets
Denver @ San Francisco *Den - I threw a dart and it hit Denver
Jacksonville @ Dallas *Dal - Cowboys have to win a home game sometime, Kitna with a week of practice will be OK, plus, Jags defense isn't very good
Washington @ Detroit *Was - These are the games that the Skins have to win if they want to get to the playoffs. Detroit's 'D' gives up a lot of yards & points
Carolina @ St Louis *Rams - Ram's have played inspired, solid football at home
Miami @ Cincinnati *Miami - Dolphins have played well (3-0) on the road, Ronnie Brown has his best game of the season
Buffalo @ Kansas City *KC - Chiefs run game and special teams will outscore Bills offense. Bills 'D' giving up 33 points a game
Tennessee @ San Diego *Tenn - Chargers can't get out of their own way
Seattle @ Oakland *Oak - Important game for Raiders if they want to win the West
Tampa Bay @ Arizona *Ariz - Cardinals win a close game
Minnesota @ New England *NE - Belichick will not let Moss have a big day, Patriots tough at home
Pittsburgh @ New Orleans *Pitt - Saints were just hammered at home by the Browns, don't see them getting that much better in one week to beat the Steelers
Houston @ Indy *Indy - Manning is tough at home, Colts 'D' won't let Foster run wild this time. With the crowd noise ... Indy's defensive ends are hard to block

Previous Week Results Wins - 9 Losses - 5

Season Results Wins - 61 Losses - 43 (59%)

10-31-2010, 12:47 AM
I should have trusted Turk. I thought he forgot about us so I did my own picks :)

Looks like I only disagree on the Lions, Bucs and Saints. And to be honest I'm only picking the Saints on a hunch.

Oh wait, Turk picked Oakland. Hrrmmm...

10-31-2010, 08:53 AM
Jets - I hate to pick them, and I hope they lose, but I think they are better today.
Denver vs Niners - Tie. Yes, I'm picking a tie. I'm almost ensured to lose this game, but the idea of two putrid teams playing to a tie three days after Goddell said 'I want a team in London as fast as possible' is worth a mark in the loss column :)
Cowboys - Only cause they are at home.
Lions - I don't trust the skins
Rams - Bradford's for real
Dolphins - They're on the road :)
Chiefs - KC needs to win. They have to beat the bad teams to be legit
Pats - Immobile Favre starting? When he goes out Tjack? I think we're ok.
Steelers - *cry* I hate picking them. Please, Brees and Company, give me a loss here!

Last Week 7-7
Season 50-35

10-31-2010, 11:51 AM
Green Bay @ NY Jets *NJJ - Yuk! I just threw up a little. Come on Clay baby, make me a loser.
Denver @ San Francisco *Den - Denver sucks but Niners are still worse. Is that a legitimate reason?
Jacksonville @ Dallas *Jax - Schizo enough to do it.
Washington @ Detroit *Was - Already picked this game as my upset.
Carolina @ St Louis *Rams - I think I believe in Bradford.
Miami @ Cincinnati *Miami - Haven't seen Bengals do anything yet when they need to.
Buffalo @ Kansas City *KC - Still wondering about this team, but KC brings more balance.
Tennessee @ San Diego *Tenn - This one I'm not sure about at all.
Seattle @ Oakland *Sea - Oakland's schizo enough to lose after last week's blow up of Denver
Tampa Bay @ Arizona *TB - Neither team moves me so I'll go with the 'best'. Ha!
Minnesota @ New England *NE - No Favre jokes. Just my team doing what they do.
Pittsburgh @ New Orleans *Pitt - Pitt's the best. No reason to bail on that now.
Houston @ Indy *Indy - If this were being played in Houston, I'd have picked them. For now, it's Manning at home.

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