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11-28-2010, 12:37 AM
Who else watches this show? I watched last season when it was hosted by Brian Billick, but this year I think they've mostly gotten the formula down. I wasn't a fan of Billick as the host because he added nothing to the material. He was only a host for the sake of having a host. This season they've removed any narrative or host and it's all clips from NFL Films broken up into titled segments. They have a weekly episode that mics up various players and coaches during the week's action.

This season they've added whole episodes of single people on a second night. This is a great addition to the series to me. So far I've seen Bill Parcells, Mike Singletary, Brian Billick, Andy Reid, Ray Lewis, Steve Mariucci, Steve Young, John Randle, Rex Ryan, Chad Ochocinco, and next week is Terrell Owens. I really enjoy the ones about individual people. The Parcells and Singletary ones are a couple of my favorites so far.

I also see this week they have one just from the Thanksgiving night game Bengals-Jets. It comes on I think Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 10:30pm ET on NFL Network.

If you've seen it, what are some of your favorite moments or episodes? Who would you like to see an episode about? I would like to see the Belichick and Jeff Fisher episodes, and for Patrick Willis and Jared Allen to be done at some point. Willis has been miced up for a segment on the Week 10 episode, but I'd like to hear more from him and have his own episode.

11-28-2010, 02:30 AM
I haven't seen that one yet - I'll have to watch out for it. Unfortunately, outside of Sunday my wife owns the television :)