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12-13-2010, 05:24 PM
We are in! First team to clinch a playoff spot! The division and overall 1 seed are not yet locked in, but, we are in the playoffs.

It's very hard to not feel overly confident about going all the way, since we've beat the Chargers, Colts, Ravens, Steelers, and Bears and split with the Jets.

I didn't expect the Bears game to be so, well, easy. But, when the other team decides that it's optional to cover Welker and Branch, it does make things go smooth.

Balance: Run 35 plays, pass 44 plays. Brady was sacked three times, and 2 of Brady's incompletions were to targets that CBS didn't bother to even say who Brady was throwing in the direction of.

Recieving information:

Welker: 13 target, 8 catch
Hernandez: 4 target, 2 catch
Woodhead: 3 target, 2 catch
Branch: 10 target, 8 catch, TD, 1 drop
Gronk: 6 target, 5 catch, 1 TD
Green Ellis: 2 target, 1 catch, 1 negated by penalty
Tate: 2 target, 2 catch. Tate had a Moss like catch, it was great to see.

11-2, and the playoffs in a reloading year. If we didn't win at all for the rest of this year, I'd still consider it a positive season.

Let's go Pats! Get another ring.

12-14-2010, 07:18 AM
11-2, and the playoffs in a reloading year. If we didn't win at all for the rest of this year, I'd still consider it a positive season.

No you wouldn't. ;) They've already raised your expectactions.

Pats played great, and they walloped my Bears. At least we rallied in the second half to stop the bleeding. Peanut Tillman was the goat of the game, who continually slipped and left Branch o Welker open.

I'm just glad we got all the built up screwups out in one big wallop, and that the score will be out there as a reminder when we meet again in Dallas :D

BTW, how many beats did your heart skip after both dropped Ints, Amy?

12-14-2010, 12:35 PM
I didn't miss a beat at all. Brady'll throw picks. I'd rather he toss one or two when we're up 30 then in the playoffs.

12-14-2010, 11:33 PM
No way the Bears make it to Dallas.

I'll give a longer excerpt of my Patriot-ic contemplations once Finals week is over (FRIDAY CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH), these are the teams that can beat the Patriots right now (if the Pats play an above-average game):
1. New Orleans -- Patriots defense will struggle to contain Brees, and the explosive Bush might be too much. I'd put the line at pick'em right now, on neutral.
2. Baltimore -- Only because of last playoff's debacle, but seriously. If Joe Flacco wasn't the quarterback of that team, I'd really be worried. I'm only semi-worried as of now. Line in NE: Pats -4.5
3. New York Giants -- because they will get pressure on Brady, and score some points. On a neutral field: Pats -4.5
4. San Diego --Playing above-average defense, and Rivers leads a vaunted passing attack that will score enough to keep it close. In NE: Pats -5.5
5. Green Bay -- In the Super Bowl, with a healthier team, this team is built to beat the Pats. They won't this week, but in the Super Bowl, this team might scare me the most. Pats -6.5, and I'd take the Pack with 6.5 points very quickly.