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Turk Schonert
12-21-2010, 10:57 AM
Top 10 Week #16

1. New England - Had a close call, but still put up 31 points against a good defensive team
2. Atlanta - Least hyped 12-2 team that I can remember. Best game this week vs Saints on Mon night
3. Philly - WoW ... no other superlatives necessary
4. Baltimore/Pittsburgh - Both teams should win out. Steelers could be scary in playoffs with Polamalu, Aaron Smith and Todd Heap back in the lineup. Ravens pass defense, Steelers O Line are concerns
5. New Orleans Saints - Lost a close game outdoors, in cold weather, against a good team. Could travel down that same road in first round of playoffs (Philly/Chicago)
6. Chicago Bears - Had a nice bounce back game against the Vikings, but they will get a good test this week vs Jets. If they win out, they get the #2 seed and a bye
7. NY Giants - What was impressive ... was the way they completely dominated the Eagles for 52 1/2 minutes
8. San Diego - Dangerous team if they can make the playoffs, will become huge Raider fans in week #17
9. NY Jets - Huge win in Pittsburgh! Now, lets not pound our chests, but rather, just go back to work and get ready for ... Da Bears
10. Kansas City - I was surprised by their convincing win in St Louis. Control their own destiny, week #17 will be a brawl vs Oakland

*** Jacksonville & Green Bay dropped out of the top 10 from last week, Peyton is lurking!

Bottom 5

5. San Francisco - Hard to believe that a 5-9 team can still be only 1 game out of first. I should probably list NFC West in this spot
4. Cleveland - Losing to Cincinnati won't do any favors for Mangini
3. Cincinnati - A brief reprieve from losing makes the Christmas week a little warmer ... it has been chilly
2. Carolina/Arizona - Hard to determine who's worse, they would probably split home games and tie on a neutral field
1. Denver - Defense left with McDaniels and are now playing with replacement players, Tebow's energy and passion at least helped the offense show some life

12-21-2010, 01:50 PM
Gonna mix it up this time. First I'll post by Expected wins, and then by my stat based Power Rankings.

Top 12 Week #16

1. New England - That is an indecently good O-Line. They even Punt return?
2. Atlanta - Taking care of business!
3. Philly - No lead is safe...
4. Pittsburgh - Time to start healing
5. Ravens - Defense doesn't look so old when it doesn't have to play 82 snaps...
6. New Orleans Saints - At some point the playoff Brees will show up again.
7. Chicago Bears - Fist team to clinch a division.
7. NY Jets - Not facing Polamalu means the luck is changing...
8. Kansas City - 2 Home games left. If you want to win your Division, take care of business.
9. NY Giants - Big test of veteran leadership. If they concentrate for 60 minutes, they can beat anybody.
10. Colts - Won a playoff game in week 15.
11. Chargers - Don't think the Broncos will lay down for you in week 17..
12. Rams - Ack...

Bottom 5

5. Washington - Unleash the Dragon!
29. Arizona - The putrid West keeps you alive..
30. Denver - And the day after x-mas, the tebow started his fist home game.
31. Cincinnati - Who would have thunk it...less 85 and TO, a W...
32. Carolina - Worst Offense I have ever seen.

12-21-2010, 01:54 PM
Now, some stat based rankings, based on general effectiveness on both sides of the ball

1 New England Patriots
2 San Diego Chargers
3 Pittsburgh Steelers
4 Green Bay Packers
5 Atlanta Falcons
6 Philadelphia Eagles
7 New York Giants
8 Kansas City Chiefs
9 Baltimore Ravens
10 Chicago Bears
11 New Orleans Saints
12 New York Jets
13 Tennessee Titans
14 Indianapolis Colts
15 Cleveland Browns
16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
17 Oakland Raiders
18 Miami Dolphins
19 Dallas Cowboys
20 Houston Texans
21 St. Louis Rams
22 Detroit Lions
23 San Francisco 49ers
24 Washington Redskins
25 Seattle Seahawks
26 Jacksonville Jaguars
27 Buffalo Bills
28 Cincinnati Bengals
29 Minnesota Vikings
30 Arizona Cardinals
31 Denver Broncos
32 Carolina Panthers

This is something I'm still working on though, but it takes into account general effectiveness (YPA, Scoring, Field Position, Turnover differential and dominance in the trenches)

12-21-2010, 09:07 PM
Have to keep in mind that 3 of the 49ers wins are against the NFC West. That drops them below Cleveland.

Wonder if the Chargers will be the hottest team to miss the playoffs since the '91 49ers.

12-21-2010, 10:59 PM
31. Cincinnati - Who would have thunk it...less 85 and TO, a W...

"Chad and T.O. weren't in today, so we were able to just play football," he said. "There was no 'gotta get him the ball.'"

And by "him," Benson was not referring to himself.


12-21-2010, 11:02 PM
Whoa... Benson said that? Out loud? Near microphones? That is the sickest burn I've seen a player publicly give teammates in a long time.

12-21-2010, 11:27 PM
We have risen to achieve mediocrity. I'll take it, for now. And I plan to take the Bills in the Underoo thingy - upset picks.

12-22-2010, 07:42 AM


"I'm too real to be on a reality show," he said.


I'm in love with Cendric Benson!

12-22-2010, 09:02 AM
My take on the top 12. Indy and the Rams slipped into the 12, knocking out the Jags and Seahawks, which does change the W-L of teams vs playoff teams.


Pats (6-1)
Steelers (2-4, with 3 of the losses being at home)
KC (1-1)
Colts (2-2)
Ravens (3-3)
Jets (2-3)


Falcons (3-2)
Bears (2-2)
Eagles (4-2)
Rams (0-3)
Saints (2-2)
Giants (1-3)

AFC has a slight edge in composite record, but I'd still give NFC the best current confrence call, narrowly.

So, how do they rate:

12. Rams. The NFC West has this spot locked in.
11. Giants. Blame the punter all you want, Coughlin. Your D gave up 21 points in 7:30. Epic collapse.
10. KC. Pats West don't have much battle testing, or a signature win. Still, dangerous foe in round 1, at Arrowhead.
9. Steelers. Too much talking, not enough walking. 2-4, (0-3 at home) vs the NFLs best.
8. Jets Rex and the boys got a much needed win.
7. Colts. Indy is dangerous (all the teams in the top 12 are), but they lost Collie again.
6. Saints The Ravens beat the Saints in a shootout...
5. Bears I can't put them higher.
4. Ravens
3. Eagles Vick is amazing but...
2. Falcons Ryan does not lose at home.
1. Pats 7 games of 14 vs playoff teams. 6-1 record. Like us or hate us, the Pats are good.

Turk Schonert
12-22-2010, 12:55 PM
9. Steelers. Too much talking, not enough walking. 2-4, (0-3 at home) vs the NFLs best.

The Steelers beat the Falcons at home, the Falcons are pretty good.

12-22-2010, 01:39 PM
9. Steelers. Too much talking, not enough walking. 2-4, (0-3 at home) vs the NFLs best.

The Steelers beat the Falcons at home, the Falcons are pretty good.

I don't agree with Amy's ranking looking only at playoff teams, as I much rather prefer ranking them according to their record against Winning teams.

You can see the numbers here (https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AoHZw4zTG0zDdHMxSXZob1hDTy04WGU3NzEzNlFTV FE&hl=es)

1 New England
2 Philadelphia
3 Atlanta
4 San Diego
5 Oakland
6 Baltimore
7 New Orleans
8 Kansas City
9 Chicago
10 Tennessee
11 Indianapolis
12 Pittsburgh

- In that sense, Pittsburgh isn't top 10.
- The AFC has 8 of the top 12, or 6 of the top 10.
- The Pats have beat everyone they have to beat

12-22-2010, 02:24 PM
I'm amazed that the Giants made the top ten at all. Sure they beat the Jags, but if they were to play the Chargers right now, they'd be lucky to keep it within ten points.