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07-07-2010, 08:49 PM
AFC WEST (Predictions in parenthesis)

RAIDERS (6-10)
I have never trusted the Raiders. Ever. 2010 is no different. Tom Cable has done nothing. Al Davis is barely breathing. JaMarcus Russell is listening to 3-6 Mafia somewhere. Before anyone gets started and calls me a Raider Hater, I root for teams like the Raiders, because I feel their fans deserve better, just as much as I feel their pain. Despite their defense being good against the pass, much in part due to the highest paid DB ever (Asomugha), they were in the bottom 3rd in the other big team offensive and defensive stats. The biggest move in the offseason was acquiring Jason Campbell. I have no real beef with Campbell, I'm just trying to think this out logically. Granted, the Redskins lost a lot of close games last year (including week 3 to the Lions), but they won 4. Those 4 wins: Week 2, by 2 (9-7) @ home against STL (Record: 1-15)- - -Week 4, by 3 (16-13) @ home against TB (Record: 3-13)---Week 10, by 10 (27-17) @ home against DEN (Record: 8-8...Broncos 3rd loss in a row, Orton left game with injury at half)---Week 14, by 21 (34-13) @ Oakland (Record: 5-11). To me, Campbell isn't even a terrible quarterback. If you look at the offensive weapons he is leaving behind, and the ones he has to look forward to, you can make an argument that it is pretty even. Portis played half the year, gaining 500 yards. With Fargas gone, the Raiders will have Michael Bush and Darren McFadden splitting carries, once again, neither of whome carried for more than 600 yards, while splitting time with Fargas in '09. At WR, Campbell leaves behind veterans Santana Moss (902 yds), Antwaan Randle El (530 yds) and Fred Davis (509 yds and team leading 6TDs) to go to Oakland with the talented but unproven Darrius Heyward-Bey, 3rd year man Louis Murphy, who lead WRs with 521 yds, and Chaz Schilens, who could be a sleeper racking up 365 yds (2 TD) in the 8 games after the bye week. At TE alongside Davis is the more recognizeable Chris Cooley, who gained 332 yards receiving last year. Now in Oakland, Campbell has a top 10 TE in Zach Miller (66 Rec, 805 yds, 3 TD) as a comfort blankie. Now, with Oakland winning 5 games last year, and Washington winning 4, I know it means nothing, but I don't see Campbell making a difference. I think Oakland is a franchise that is just not ready to win, a lot needs to change, and 2010 isn't the year. Even if they manage to go 5-4 before the bye week against a very mediocre schedule, the 2nd half gets tougher, and I only see them winning 1 game (Week 14 @ Jacksonville) from there on out.

Note: Tried for first time to add an attachment...not sure how well it will work...it's a new site, so bear with everybody. It's basically a comparison of the 2009 Redskins and Raiders.

I like Josh McDaniels. I always respected Kyle Orton while he was in Chicago, albeit he destroyed our spirits. I do NOT want to hear about Tim Tebow...at all. Nope...not even then...OR THEN...DONE WITH IT! They have quite a bit of the same pieces in place, and yes, Brandon Marshall is gone...yes, Brandon Marshall had 100 Rec 3 straight years. I truly believe with Marshall gone, the team comes together more. Giving Marshall the boot leaves the Broncos with WR to work with, in Jabar Gaffney, Eddie Royal, and yes, still in the league Brandon Stokely, entering his 13th season. Rookie Demaryius Thomas out of Georgia Tech reportedly improved every day in minicamp, and he has size (6-3/225). Many people were high on Knowshon Moreno going into the 2009 season, and while he did rack up nearly 1,000 yards, he never had a 100 yard game, and in 11 games didn't record a touchdown. He should be the starter, but Correll Buckhalter, who's been in the NFL for over a decade, mostly with the Eagles, compliments Moreno nicely, and is very capable of starting if Moreno falls off, especially with a solid O-Line, some of whom should step up coming off of injuries, and a very good blocking TE in former Patriot Daniel Graham, who's entering his 4th year as a Bronco. The Denver Defense looks to revamp, as the D-Line struggled. They replace Nolan with Don Martindale, then GM Brian Xanders invested in veterans Jamal Williams (Chargers), Justin Bannan (Ravens), and Jarvis Green (Patriots). Pro-Bowl vets Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey stabilize the secondary. With a lot of pieces in place, and an improved D-Line, look for improvements on the field, but not so much with the record. Until, and if, Tim Tebow is completely groomed by Josh McDaniels, which will take a couplle years, the Broncos will be a good team, but not contenders. The first 2 and last 2 games of the year may decide if the Broncos make the playoffs as I feel all 4 are MUST win and SHOULD win games. Weeks 1 & 2 (@ Jac, host SEA) and 16 &17 (host both HOU (home-field advantage) and SD (may be sitting starters)) may decide if they get into the playoffs, but I see them losing 1 of those games, which places them at 9-7. Of course, Any Given Sunday applies every year in the NFL, but as I see it, the Broncos miss the playoffs.

As an outsider (NFC fan, Bear Fan) to a lot of the situation, I'm sure the Chargers have 3 major questions: 1) Is Norv Turner still our coach? 2) What will be the outcome of Vincent Jackson 2.10 3) "Will we win the Super Bowl...no? Then I don't care and this season was another waste." That's how I see it at least. There's no doubt the Chargers are good. In the regular season. There's no doubt in 2010 the Chargers will be good again in 2010. They need to get over the hump, however, and 2010 could be the year. However, what has changed? The mentality is the same. The players for the most part are still there that contributed last year. The division is improved slightly, but they are still the cream of the crop. Maybe they have it too easy and that's why they have never made it. Maybe it's in their heads and they are thinking too much. All of the stats are there, and they are going to stay there. So, as for the regular season, look for another repeat performance. None of that matters though.

CHIEFS (7-9)
I loved Charlie Weis. Until he started gaining weight and losing steam at Notre Dame. Despite my hatred of him as a head coach, he is still a brilliant offensive mind who I think thrives at the coordinator position, and with Dexter McCluster as early FPL sleeper, the Chiefs will improve greatly this year. I don't look at 7-9 as a let down at all if I am a Chiefs fan. In Haley's second year, he is flanked by Scott Pioli's former Patriot favorites Romeo Crennel along with Weis. Cassel needs to not get sacked 42 times. Jamaal Charles needs to duplicate last year, where 968 of his 1120 yards came Week 10 and on, closing the season with 4 straight 100 yard games (Week 17-259 yds/2TD). Dwayne Bowe can catch the ball, but can also catch flack in the press. Assuming this recent ESPN Magazine story goes away, and he stays out of trouble (which so far seems impossible) expect Bowe to be the top contributor. In 11 games last year (suspended 4) he had somewhat of a down season, but expect him to rebound this year. Chris Chambers will also be out there, having similar numbers to Bowe under Weis. I like that the Chiefs drafted defense, going with future stud Eric Berry. He will join an up and coming Chief seondary with Flowers, Carr, and Jarad Page. Former LSU beast Glenn Dorsey has been a giant disappointment thus far, so if the Chiefs have any chance to creep into the playoffs this year, he needs to be solid and have at least 7 sacks this year, which would be a huge leap. On special teams, Dexter McCluster has a chance to be this years Hester/Cribbs. This, along with Dorsey, will need to be surprises. If the Chiefs perform up to their abilities, they can make the playoffs. Just not this year. With a relatively easy home schedule, at one of the loudest and most enthusiastic stadiums, I see them improving on their 2009 Arrowhead record (1-7). Get excited Chief fans, this is the beginning of a wonderful turnaround for this decade!

SIDENOTE: I hope my predictions come true, as it will help me look a lot more intelligent than I am. I hope everyone enjoyed all of my predictions, as it is the first time I've gotten this in depth with them. I'll try and have my power rankings up sometime this weekend for those interested. Again, thanks for reading, and I welcome all haters!

Andy Freeland
07-07-2010, 09:46 PM
Great work, as always. Have to say, not much I disagree with here. and the attachment worked perfectly (but I appreciate you pre-excusing for me). You seem a little more generous this time, 13 wins combined between the Raiders and Chiefs, I might've gone a little lower.

So when you're done and we add up the records for all your picks, with it come out to 256-256? Just wondering.

07-07-2010, 10:20 PM
haha probably not...probably way off...basically when adding everything up, I looked at scheduling, went through and thought which games the teams should win, and either added 1 or subtracted 1....If it does come out perfect, I want a bonus added onto my salary haha

07-07-2010, 10:34 PM
I just added up my West, South, and North predictions and they come out to 192-192 haha...I never did records for the East teams, so I'll do those real quick and I'll make em all add up haha...I did a small preview, but a couple people put really good ones up for the East teams, so I think I'll just leave it as is, but post my predicted records as a comment to that thread.

07-08-2010, 01:02 AM
You're doing a great job, Danny. I think this will be one of those 'up-for-grab' divisions, though. My guess is that there will be 3 or less games difference between first and last place in this division. Chargers win it at 9-7, and the Raiders bring up the rear at 7-9 along with the Chiefs. Broncos 8-8.