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Turk Schonert
12-24-2010, 12:00 PM

Carolina @ Pittsburgh *Pit - Easy one!
Dallas @ Arizona *Dal - Team is still playing hard for J. Garrett's job
New England @ Buffalo *NE - Bills will move the ball but can't match Patriots scoring
NY Jets @ Chicago *Chi - Bears defense
Baltimore @ Cleveland *Bal - Playoff teams don't lose these games, Ravens win easy
Washington @ Jacksonville *Jax - Jags in a close game, Garrard has a big day
Detroit @ Miami *Mia - They can't go 1-7 at home ... can they? If they do ... look for a new head coach next year
San Francisco @ St Louis *StL - Playoff game atmosphere ... (haven't had a good laugh like that in awhile). Football Gods, please allow the Rams to win!
Seattle @ Tampa Bay *TB - Huge game for Seahawks ... (my stomach muscles ache from all of the bent over ha,ha'ing)
Tennessee @ Kansas City *KC - Must win if KC wants to win the division, big test for their young players
Houston @ Denver *Hou - Not even Tim Tebow can rescue the Broncos this year
San Diego @ Cincinnati *SD - Whose Carson going to throw to?
NY Giants @ Green Bay *NYG - Giants 'D' will make Rodgers nervous and force a costly turnover
Indy @ Oakland *Ind - Peyton isn't going down in Oakland
Minnesota @ Philadelphia *Phi - Eagles in a romp
New Orleans @ Atlanta *NO - Just got a gut feeling about the Saints in this one. Saints want to wrap up the #5 seed so that they can get the Champ (there we go laughing again) of the NFC/NFL Worst (West)

Previous Week Results Wins - 7 Losses - 9

Season Results Wins - 134 Losses - 90 (60%)

12-24-2010, 12:42 PM
Ditto what Turk quote, except, I'm taking...
Atlanta at home over NOLA. Gonna be a great one, but not betting against Falcons at-home win streak.
SF over Rams - Troy Smith provides a(nother) little spark, and Sam Bradford struggles as defenses begin to figure him out.

Picking G-men over GB has me nervous, but I'm sticking with them anyway. (Plus, I stated as such last night in chat just to tick off SpartaChris, which is always fun!) :p

OK, Turk, you can open your eyes now.

12-24-2010, 03:56 PM
As a fan of the Browns and Bills, let me just say that the Pats and Ravens (including the spreads) were my top two picks in all my pools this week.

Somethings never change.

I also think the Falcons deflate the Saints on Monday.

And a team from the NFC West will actually win this weekend.

Take it to the bank!

12-24-2010, 04:15 PM
This week is going to be a strange one...

Carolina @ Pittsburgh *Pit - No-brainer pick of the year? No-brainer pick pf the year.
Dallas @ Arizona *Dal - Purely by default. The Cards are that bad.
New England @ Buffalo *NE - Pats never take a division game lightly
NY Jets @ Chicago *NYJ - The Bears are who we thought they were. Jets D vs. Jay Jay? J-E-T-S...
Baltimore @ Cleveland *Browns - Like I said, weird-assed week. Cam Cameron, anyone?
Washington @ Jacksonville *'Skins - No MJD makes JAX one-dimensional. The Sex-o-saurus notches his belt again.
Detroit @ Miami *DET - They can't go 1-7 at home ... can they? Yes.
San Francisco @ St Louis *San Fran - Playoff game atmosphere... And in other news, pigs can fly and the Stanley Cup Finals are being hosted in Hell this year.
Seattle @ Tampa Bay *Tie -- Like my mom always told me: "Because I said so!"
Tennessee @ Kansas City *Chiefs - Picking the Chiefs feels odd...
Houston @ Denver *Hou - Not even Tim Tebow can rescue the Broncos this year (Hallelujah!!)
San Diego @ Cincinnati *Bungles - Just kidding!!! Chargers roll.
NY Giants @ Green Bay *Packers - NYG is the sexy pick this week. They'll fold like a cheap tent at Lambeau
Indy @ Oakland *Ind - What Turk said
Minnesota @ Philadelphia *Phi - What Turk said
New Orleans @ Atlanta *NO - Brees & the boys quiet the Georgia Dome.

12-26-2010, 04:05 AM
Merry Christmas to All & To All A Good Night!


12-26-2010, 07:35 AM
My picks:

Carolina @ Pittsburgh: Steelers and a win
Dallas @ Arizona: I forgot this game was on. No pick.
New England @ Buffalo: Pats
NY Jets @ Chicago: Rexs rally on Revis Island. J-E-T-S with in win.
Baltimore @ Cleveland: Ravens win in a close one, then hope the Browns win next week.
Washington @ Jacksonville: Jags beat Grossman to keep the pressure on Indy
Detroit @ Miami: Lions!
San Francisco @ St Louis: Go Niners!
Seattle @ Tampa Bay: Bucs
Tennessee @ Kansas City: KC. RAC, Charlie, and a young motivated team drop the 'We've quit on our coach' Titans
Houston @ Denver: Broncos. I don't trust the Texans
San Diego @ Cincinnati: Bengals. With no Ocho and no TO, they remember Cedric Benson and play spoiler for SD
NY Giants @ Green Bay: Packers
Indy @ Oakland: Packers
Minnesota @ Philadelphia: Eagles
New Orleans @ Atlanta: Falcons. They don't lose at home.

Last Week 8-7
Season: 114-74

12-27-2010, 09:57 AM
Sorry, weekend at the beach for X-mas, didn't get these posted on time:

Pittsburgh Steelers (-15) over Carolina Panthers
Dallas Cowboys (-7) over Arizona Cardinals
New England Patriots (-9) over Buffalo Bills
Chicago Bears (- 1 ) over New York Jets
San Diego Chargers (-3) over Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens (-5) over Cleveland Browns
Houston Texans (-9) over Denver Broncos
Green Bay Packers (-3) over New York Giants
Washington Redskins (-1) over Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans (-6) over Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit Lions (-1) over Miami Dolphins
Indianapolis Colts (-5) over Oakland Raiders
St. Louis Rams (-2) over San Francisco 49ers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-4) over Seattle Seahawks

Atlanta Falcons (-3) over New Orleans Saints
Philadelphia Eagles (-6) over Minnesota Vikings

Until last week: 61-33
Yesterday: 10-4

Season: 71-37